My name is toby and im heidi, and here we have jason posino one of our favorite traders. Actually it is our favorite trader, so welcome to the show jason thanks, maybe thats, because im the only trader. You know, no, i think we have one more right. We have friends at least so right now were talking about uh coins that are potentially going to make all time highs in the future, so lets get into it. What do you think all right, yeah whats on your radar, jason yeah radar, lets dive straight into it. I like the no nonsense, approach well, dive straight in and ive got dot first up. I dont think this comes as any surprise to at least your followers and the guys that watch my channel as well were like dot and ill make mention that i often look at these cryptos against their btc value as well. So i think, thats really important to make sure that if you are going to risk your capital, you probably want it to at least beat bitcoin, otherwise whats the point of risking your capital. You could be in something safer, like bitcoin, so ill always do. A check of the bitcoin chart make sure that bitcoin chart is going up having finding some support some good volume coming in, and we can see the support on 50 as well and uh. You know we just weve done another video on the channel, just looking at reasons for this like support and resistance, breakouts.

So thats kind of the reason that i will be looking at a lot of these cryptos. A lot of people tend to look at the fundamentals. You know theres power chain options coming up, you guys know all about the fundamentals, but i tend to just look at the chart so thats. What well focus on today – and you know most people look at the usd chart and we can see the usd price is nearly back at old, all time highs, and if this run continues like this, you know the uptrend, i definitely think were probably going to get Somewhere around, at least that 53 bucks just to repeat this range here that we see from the july low, so basically thats the range there. And if i use a nice clean tool that all im all im saying really is that i want to see that repeat from that low, so you can see like a nice low was put in and then this is the target up here. 100 of that range. There, if the range is 10 uh, if they extend, then i want to see it come out to about 125 percent and thats a good sign for another. Another range like another leg of the move, and it could correct you know. Maybe it comes back to the old all time high, maybe a little lower. Maybe it doesnt go that far so ill find some low and then what i would do is use this bar again and then draw it out to get my next target.

So those targets could be anywhere up in the future. We just need to see where this comes in next and thats. Why i dont tend to just sell at exact target points. I want to see how the market reacts. It gives me some idea yep. If we continue up, we get to our 53 to 61. Its strong lets wait for the correction and then we see where its going to end up for the next leg. So if the legs start to get shorter, you know that moves up. Then that obviously means there are less buyers and more sellers at that point, and you probably think well, maybe my lucks coming to coming to the end. But at the moment dot looks like its in that sort of mid stage. Now weve done a first leg looks like were in this next leg, so we dont know whats going to happen in the black spaces with all of the cryptos. So we just have to start to plan for what might come the the best scenario, maybe the worst case scenario, and then maybe some scenario that happens in between everyone wants this exact price, but its just not how it works. So dot is a big one. For me and, like i said, btc looks okay too another one on our list. Well, look at rv, but well. Look at ada as well lets look at ave and the btc chart. Doesnt, look as good its been breaking down.

You can see the difference here and d5 seemed to had its seem to have had its run through the 2020 and sort of peaked out in august, but are they kept going and the rest of the space died off um? So maybe arva will come around first again, you know it. It lasted a little longer than everything else, and the only the only goodness here. So this is a bit more of a higher risk because we havent really seen the trend reversal, but some guys who look at charts. They might see like a mini, very rough inverted head and shoulders and thats usually a berry sign, and maybe it just wants to start breaking out of that. That zone there its very rough, but it could be the first signs at the moment and the way i would play that, then, is if it started to break down. You know rolled over broke beneath those lows and you go well. I was wrong. I didnt risk that much in the trade, and i can move on to to the next thing, looking at rv usd its starting to its just going sideways at the moment, and we want to see it break above these 50 levels. And that leads me on to ada, which i think will get to a new all time high eventually, but at the moment its still got this trend to finish and then break out of. Maybe we hit around that 160 to 180.

, so thats it sewn here. You can see theres some support and resistance there and again back down here, so if it did do a little bit of a dip and come back into our stronger zone above the 2.10 and then start to make its way, you know im just thinking about what Could happen next because ada has already gone on multiple runs and it seems like it needs some time to rest and recover like its done plenty of times before before it makes the next move, so its just stepping its its way out of these um these periods. After being so excited yeah, but on the btc chart its looking looking very weak, its lost a lot of value against btc at this point, but it had gone on a pretty big run from december 2020.. So it gained a lot of value against bitcoin and its only natural that you start to have some corrections. Thats it thats three of them so far. I think these will all make all time highs. Definitely dots probably the highest on the list there ada next and then in terms of a d5 play. Are they not so strong? Yet it needs to get above 360, but i mention it because it might be very very early on, but of course, the lower you are down the higher risk it is. Oh yeah lets have a look at matic because thats starting to break to recent highs again.

So thats a good sign again using all the same analysis that were looking at breaker support and resistance. Some people will be looking at this as a double top, but weve got higher lows, so its kind of like wedging at this point, ascending so thats a good sign and its starting to break higher, get above that dollar 80.. Its probably where you want to see it, consolidate and then move to new all time highs, so thats around that 270.. I dont think its going to get there in one day like its done in the past, but its at least putting in higher lows. You definitely want to see higher lows on the way up: thats an uptrend matic btc, its trying its definitely trying and its going past 29 hundred satoshis 2900 satoshis thats good thats back in the strong half of this 50 level. So thats, a good thing and grt is one that i look at with my group a lot its finally starting to make its move here. Theres a low! Well, you can see theres a higher low as well so low high low next high low next higher low. Next higher low, so the up trend is, is here and were getting faster moves to the upside, so thats, a good thing above the dollar 10 is probably the safer entry but then obviously its a higher price. What are you going to do but then again i look at grt btc chart and it has broken back above all of the previous support which it broke down, found a little higher low and then broke back above.

So this is in the early stages, but looks stronger than ave btc, so ave in general. I think just looking at that, comparing only those two i would have to put some money on grt compared with ave sure. Oh look at that all right. The purp has come up and its broken weve got an alert. Weve got alert on the on the channel, so this one is on ftx exchange and it shows as well as a coin index, its yeah its the coin index, and it has all the the coins there, not all of the 12 000, but they have a selection Which you can find on their website and as this goes up, then you can say well – were probably going into some sort of mini alt season and also going to start to move. Because the index is telling us its on an uptrend and its starting to break out so thats, where i had my alert just at the tops of both of these seven thousand two hundred twenty two. I said, seven thousand two hundred so yeah. I started to break those tops into 7 300., so it looks like well probably get a little bit of a move with the old coins as well, which of course, weve already seen some of it. But we have to see the start from some of those stronger players and then it sort of bleeds over into um into some of the other cryptos.

So the players that move first are the stronger ones and usually the weaker will move later. But the mindset of i dont know influences because thats what new investors want? Not us of course, but thats. What new investors want is that theyll say all of these coins have moved whos going to go next. These ones have to go next, because all all coins do but thats, not necessarily the case yeah. The first ones move first because theyre stronger this, the fast horse, the fastest horse that leaves the gates going to win thats, why it leaves the gates first doesnt, leave the gates last and then tries to play catch up and takes over. Of course, there is odd one that can do that, but you know it doesnt always happen. You want to swing the odds in your favor, so thats a lot of talking from me. You guys got any questions um. No, i think, actually, the fact that this alert came up at the end is perfect, perfect timing, yeah for sure um yeah. So also, i want to remind you guys that we did a video just before this, with jason talking about uh things that hes looking for for the top of these different charts. Um indications of you know what to look out for, and so for those of you who are in these altcoins and you see them doing what youre doing always reference back to that video to determine uh.

You know, maybe you want to take profits when to adjust your stop losses. If you have any and thats one of the hardest, things is to, you know, start taking money off near the top of the market. If you feel like its the top of the market, because i mean greed – is going to catch up to you and youre going to want to hold on just a little bit more, you know i felt that in 2017 2018 im like oh, this could go up Forever, but i think i should probably take some profit but look at it: yeah yeah, so basic mindset exactly yeah, so yeah anyway, if you take some off yeah, take some off that i mean not financial advice, all that sort of stuff. The way i like to play, it is take some off the table so that im not emotionally attached to it. Ive got some of my money back that i already put in and then i can let the rest right. So if it goes up another 10x great, if it drops 50 – oh well, i still made some profit yeah exactly yeah and, thank goodness, you took profit um great, well, yeah. Thank you for all the insight, and i mean most of the coins that we went over today are in our portfolio anyway, so happy to hear that news, uh and if you like this video like it, subscribe and also check out jasons video, uh, uh, youtube channel And youtube link is down below and uh yeah thanks jason appreciate it.