Todays video to be fully transparent is a sponsored video. We will be going in depth on this project and truly, if i believe it can tend to 20x lets, get straight into it. The sponsor of todays video is reward cycle simply just by an investor buying and, holding this token and joining their group slash ecosystem. They will automatically get rewarded in bnb, xrp, ada or even usdt, but what is reward cycle, and why should you be interested reward cycle, is the first token created by a dox developer for their rc elite holders group. The original holders of this previous token increased nearly by 50 last time and theyve created another token, which is primarily intended for all the members and all the new members of rc elite. Just before we get into that. What i do have to make everyone aware of is this is a pre sell reward cycle is a pre sale which is occurring in a few days. I will be going in depth on all the information very shortly. For instance, the initial market cap of this pre sale will be stated at sixty thousand dollars, but before i do gun debt for that, i have a very short video which goes in depth on this project and what it is. Then. I also want to go in depth on their tokenomics and just go in depth on the mission targets. This project wants to hit ill show this video very shortly.

It is only around 30 seconds. Long reward cycle is the first token created by a docs developer. For our holders, who we call rc elite, a previous token, increased by 50x, backed by the original holders, the reward cycle token is primarily intended for all our members in the future rc elite reward cycle offers rewards in which you simply hold and receive one or two Utility tokens such as usdt ada, xrp, ed and others pre sales soon, one thing which does make me very skeptical from an investors point of view, even though their team are transparent and we can see, we have ashford developer and founder. We have chassis, which is the marketing cell, editing developer. We have the core team lockstar motioli, and we has s verb which are both core teams. What does make me skeptical from an investors point of view? Is they have not been audited? This is one thing i always want to see from the project from an investors point of view, i need to see an audit to feel comfortable and safe, getting involved with a project. This is not the end of the world. The developers founder has been doxxed, which is ash. He has his own youtube channel. I will leave all the links in the description below i just wanted to make everyone watching this video where they have not been audited. Yet, however, is expected to come up. Decide was exactly their mission to build this team such project.

To cite it exactly, the growth of the disco group speaks volumes of how well the reward cycle is predicted to do following the success of the first token released by the members early this year. As mentioned a previous token, multiplied by 50x, backed by the original holders, the solid diamond handholders of the first token, members of the disco group and active marketing increased the original group token, with no experience the following details of his success and lesson learned, such as marketing Wallet pre, sell well and investors and no true use case, reinforced the reward cycle encapsulate to a high market cap with a calculated new contract ash believes which is the founder such a developer. He needs 40 or 50 holders to begin this project, which will maintain a sustainable price for this project. His patreon currently has over a hundred plus members, although they are not all involved with this project. With this, their telegram has grown. They currently have around a thousand people on their telegram, but before i do get that from their telegram and other social media, i want to go in depth on the actual pre sale and where the tokens are getting per. So the token name, as we know, is reward cycle with this were currently seeing a total supply of 1 billion tokens. We conceive as here, and they are currently burning around 300 million tokens. This is around a 30 burn rate. This is very common for projects like this when other cryptocurrencies.

First start, they normally have around a 20 to 40 burnt rate. What i would suggest, from an investors point of view, the higher burn rate for better for the project. If we can literally get 500 million tokens burned or a 50 burn rate, we can expect each price per token to actually skyrocket up once again be worth even more per token than it currently is. With this we have a slippage of 15. We have a marketing wallet of 5. This is very important for a project like this. It needs a lot of marketing to even get the word out there and it needs a lot of influence speaking on this project, so a lot more investors even hear about this project. To think and have the probability of investing with this, we have a dex wallet, which is three percent will be locked before the pre sale, which is once again a bullish settlement, in my eyes, from an investors point of view, im still waiting for an audit before I would get involved with a project like this, and yes, it is good, for team is docks and, yes, it is good for team are transparent, but an audit is essential, especially for a pre sale like this investors may be very skeptical. Getting involved theyre the minimum buy of 0.05 b b and a maximum buy during this pre sale of 1b b. Liquidity is locked for one year. There is no development wallet, as we said, five percent marketing wallet and they are kyc ids on pink, which means theyre.

Just docked by pink cell their mission visions for the future is that theyve an objective to establish a well known ecosystem and launch pad for their token innovations devoted to our members. By focusing small marketing with a strong supporting community of investors, their vision is to establish an ecosystem network of holders and merchants to establish a utility token and launch pad to reward investors and their values is they believe everyone should have access to the blockchain projects to Cryptocurrencies market is a fair, equal trading platform we aspire to achieve alongside our holders and supporters. Some improvements, i would suggest i would suggest updating the website. I do believe this is a big thing, the more professional looking, the more likely youre going to get invested. Look to get involved with the project, not only this, i did not mention some rc elite members, especially the early ones, will get to post their own projects in the telegram chat, so pretty much. This just makes it easier for all the original rc elite members to actually advertise their own projects and an example of this recently, an rc elite member just created an app and has started to gain traction through the reward cycles. Telegram with all of this updated website would be one development id say to improve id say, update these videos. I dont believe they show the potential this project can offer. Not only this id also make an order essential before the pre sale actually happens.

Please do your own due diligence and research do not just cross this video ive done all the research we can do from our side and we, as we have checked, the team is transparent and the team of docs they just have not been audited with. All of this all the links will be in the description i do believe from the pre sale price. We can at least see a 5 to 10x, because a market cap stated at 60 000 is a very small market cap, especially in comparison to other cryptocurrencies, which are in the billions plus for a market cap. We can expect growth from the initial pre sale.