Bitboy crypto says that the biggest moment for cardano in the upcoming month will happen on this date, make sure to keep an eye out to find out when it happens. Welcome to cardano news. If you want to win 250 free ada, see the comment section below and join our giveaway one of the most famous youtubers by the name of bitboy crypto ben armstrong recently commented on the trend surrounding cardano, the fifth most popular cryptocurrency. So our goal in this episode is to find out what bitboy has revealed about the biggest moment in the history of cardano. Ada. Make sure you watch this video until the very end, because youre going to watch something incredible as october comes to a close lets. Take a look back at the chart and see what cardano adas price has done. Over the past 24 hours, cardanos prices dropped, 7.2 percent to a dollar. Ninety nine cents following alonsos upgrade announcement, bulls, remained relatively quiet. Consequently, armstrong believes cardano can reach eight dollars by the next altcoin cycle, since institutional interest in the blockchain project has already begun to build. He believes it will occur in the first week of november. Crypto jeb and bitboy crypto share their reasons for being bullish on cardano, whereas bitboy crypto believes polkadot and elrond both have a place in the market, but the main focus is ethereum and cardano. Furthermore, bitboy crypto explains cardano and ethereum are here to stay while showing appreciation for cardano.

Although the polka dot is an important factor, he believes that ethereum and cardano are far more valuable for him. Polkadot, however, is just as important as elrond and solana. In addition, he explained that were dealing with two giants and will likely remain so further. He implies that some institutions are now looking into cardano and that there may be a good reason for that. This is because ada has a limited supply and bitboy crypto recognizes the long term potential of this investment, as he noted cardano, has the potential to do exceptionally well on a long term basis, similar to a mutual fund that moves together. Moreover, he added that the entire crypto market can then be viewed as an index fund. Furthermore, he commented that many cryptocurrencies have a high correlation. In other words, alt coins will generally rise when bitcoin surges and they are currently doing better than bitcoin further. He said that one of the reasons that he likes cardano is the fact that it has a maximum supply of 45 million coins. Ethereum, on the other hand, presently has no maximum supply and, as a result, the price may continually fluctuate, and this is not the case for cardano and therefore bitcoin. Meanwhile, they both make investments in the coin, and the process is the same for both of them. Moreover, bitboy crypto believes cardano is destined to be one of the top cryptocurrencies in the long run, since it has broken out of his price discovery, phase that occurred in the fourth quarter of last year.

Further, he believes, based on all of the fundamentals. The stock will go much higher, as the price has risen to two dollars and 31 cents before. Additionally, his opinion is that the price of cardano ada could reach five dollars to fifteen dollars within two years. Furthermore, he also expects to see it rise to over two dollars and three dollars over the next couple of months. However, despite the hype surrounding the release of the cardano blockchain, it now appears that the recently integrated smart contract feature may not be a smart contract feature at all. Cardano founder charles hoskinson stated that smart contracts are not what the term implies and the smart contracts that go into effect on september 12th should be called smart contracts. So would you agree with bitboy? In my opinion, all of the things he said are true and could lead to cardanos price rising dramatically. But let us know what you think in the comments below. Meanwhile, it was not the end of the arguments of hoskinson, as he proposed a new name for the newly added feature. Cardanos founder explains the new feature as a programmable entity, rather than a validation feature. Despite hoskinson not indicating whether the program validators carry out the same functions like smart contracts, it can be assumed that they do in considering alonzo for smart contracts. The developer might have done it solely as part of their marketing strategy. This developer says that the community discusses both smart contracts and validators interchangeably, and he also admits it.

In contrast, using terms relevant to this feature, such as on chain, validators or off chain code, would have proved counterproductive in marketing the product. Moreover, he noted that smart contracts had no precise definition, and this is because alonso hasnt shown much of an increase in value. Cardanos native cryptocurrency ada may have performed poorly while 100 smart contracts were reportedly deployed on alonso within 24 hours. This may not be a definitive figure. Additionally, the ceo mentioned that, even though it trails ethereum in regards to decentralized applications, cardano is not the first to offer such features as an example of the difficulties of the first to market approach. Hoskinson had previously cited the 600 million dollar cross chain. Dex poly network exploit his view of cryptocurrency, is like a vast ocean filled with countless crypto projects with no singular best project. In addition, the price of ada has been trending downward in the past week. All of us know that cardano is continuously being updated and adding new features, including tokens native assets and smart contracts this year. So how will this affect the cardano forecast? Moreover, fundamental analysis is taken into consideration when predicting cardano in much the same way that ethereum investments are in the ethereum blockchain, so are investments in cardano. Furthermore, the cardano technology is an upgraded version of ethereum, which makes it possible for companies to take advantage of the benefits that it offers more efficiently and effectively. And did you know that the staking mechanism is one of the most appealing features of cardano? In other words, ada coin holders are those who verify transactions on the network earning interest as a result with large amounts of cardano holders can form a stake, pool and earn annual returns exceeding 6 percent.

Further, a smaller stake pool may be joined by those with a smaller amount, and interest may be earned. Hence, investors can augment their investment portfolios by holding cardano, which can generate passive income. In addition, for the cardano forecast also indicates that many more companies are likely to adopt the new platform in the long run. In this regard, cardano does face stiff competition from ethereum, which at the moment is the most popular and most marketable blockchain platform. Further, the upgrade to smart contracts once fully implemented provides momentum to drive the coin price upwards in the future. So how do cardanos price forecast for 2025 and its long term outlook compare and, as you are aware, cryptocurrencies are currently experiencing uncertainty. However, we will point out cardanos long term outlook based on our predictions for 2025, due to its proof of stake. Algorithm cardano is more energy efficient than ethereum bitcoin and litecoin. Currently, an article in forbes claims that bitcoin accounted for 0.51 of the worlds total energy use, which is the equivalent of a small country. As a result, the platform makes a conscious effort to use much less energy by employing the unique algorithm used by cardano. Consequently, socially responsible companies will be more likely to partner with cardano related companies, making the cardano ecosystem more desirable. As it stands, cardano will almost certainly prevail in this game, and a new alonzo upgrade will make it possible for cardano to implement smart contracts, which will be a major boost to the cryptocurrency.

Further smart contracts have the advantage that they remove the need for an intermediary, making them flexible in almost any situation. In order to ensure data security, certain transactions should be conducted without an intermediary which makes them less vulnerable to cyber attacks. Eliminating the intermediary makes sense, therefore, thus, all things consider this coin appears to have a very bright future. In addition, based on their cardano price predictions experts predict the coin to reach 10 by 2025 and because the coin has just hovered almost two dollars at the moment. This may seem to be a bold claim. Furthermore, despite its current price, i still consider it to be an affordable investment, and i recognize some of the benefits and use cases for cardano, and i believe it is indeed a worthwhile investment. While it is important to remember that the crypto market is extremely volatile and as such, this is a high risk investment. Therefore, investing in crypto should be approached with caution. As a result, the statement by cryptocurrency, youtuber and analyst bitboy crypto about cardanos biggest moment in history is a great sign for the future. Success of the cryptocurrency dont forget to join the giveaway.