So what were going to be doing is a price update price prediction. Looking at what its looking like for the future for this crypto, as you guys can see yes guys, it has hit a new all time high and has been performing absolutely insane since the start of october. As you can see here and has been picking up in value and at the moment, is doing absolutely crazy, so thats what im going to be going through today, a lot of people have been dming me asking me to make an update on coin, see what My predictions are what i um you know predict for the future. Look to look like over the next few days. Weeks and months. Will it drop in value? Is it too late to invest? Should you get into it straight away, so one and so on so im going to be giving you guys my take on that, and you know i myself do own some cro as well, so im going to be going through. You know how much ive made how much ive lost you know how much i own and, if ill be buying some more as well so before i get into the video i just want to. Let you guys know this is no financial advice. Im, not a financial advisor. Anything i say is from my own prediction and my take on this crypto and any gains or losses you guys make. I will not be responsible, for, as you can see, crypto.

com is one of the top gainers in the last 24 hours, and you may have just seen that it is one of the new listings added on november, the 3rd, which was yesterday, and that is why you Know this high price increase may have caused so lets get it straight into it. So, as you can see its currently worth 29 cents, when i got into this crypto was back in uh. Let me get the yearly chat up. It was around this time here so or even before that so i got in about 10 cents average and at the moment is 29 cents, and i havent sold it im still holding it im going to be holding it for the long run, guys im, not selling Any of my cryptos, as of yet so in the last 24 hours we can see, it has picked up 16 percent in value, which is very, very good, especially in just 24 hours. Over the week 53 up, we can see a slight dip here. Um very late october, but however decided to you know, fluctuate out and go back up in value since a very early november, and also before i go into the price prediction. If youre new to the channel make sure to go down and smash that subscribe button, as well as like the video as im, trying to hit 30 000 subscribers as soon as possible. And if you guys help me hit that target, i will be doing a giveaway and all you guys need to do to enter the giveaway is simply subscribe to the channel and for a bonus entry.

Follow me on instagram. The link to that will be in the description box down below so over the week 53 lets have a look at the monthly one 57 up, so it has been fluctuating most the time around 19 to 18 cents until very late october and uh early november, when It picked up in value scrolling down, we can see the trading activity is 98, buy against only two percent sell, so a lot of people are holding on to it and investing into it rather than selling it and the percentage difference is you know its crazy difference? Guys, 98 by against two percent, so ive never seen that on any cryptos. Previously this is probably the first script ive seen with you know this much difference. Scrolling down crypto coin is on the rise. This weekend is for just about four percent below its all time. High of 30 cents, so basically it is ice all time high. So what i want you guys to do now is comment down below, if you guys predict coin, to hit a new, not a new, all time high its already there, but what price target you guys predicted to hit 50 cents 60 cents, one dollar by the End of the year comment down below your end of year, predictions and ill be going through mine later on, when i do the technical analysis so moving on to the coin market cap website, we can also see here that the trading volume has gone up by 43.

In the last 24 hours, so more people are investing into the crypto. You know compared to the previous 24 hours, including myself, guys um. You know if you guys have been following me on instagram. You would have seen me uh posting on my story of me. Buying coin over the last couple of weeks and months, because every time i buy and sell cryptos, i always let you guys know on my instagram story. You know saying ive bought this ive sold this so on and so on. But when it comes to crypto, i hardly sell guys. All i do is stack up my cryptos and yeah. Recently i havent sold any of my coins im in it for the long run im pretty sure. Most of you guys who are into crypto youre in it. For the long run as well, so anyways lets get straight into it. So here weve got the indicator at the bottom. Here, weve got the macd indicator and at the top weve got the candlestick pattern chart and im going to zoom straight into the 30 minute chart. So lets have a look so again because im looking at the 30 minute chart guys this predicts the next few hours. But obviously i will move on to the hourly daily and weekly chart to look at the longer term prediction over the next few days. Weeks and months as well so quickly going through the next three hours we can see, the blue line is looking quite bearish heading towards the negative side, and the orange line is looking bullish going towards the positive side.

So do expect a mixture of ups and downs over the next few hours, so its probably going to fluctuate at the current price range of 28 cents and nothing major is expected as of yet moving on to the hourly chart. Next few days, looking quite positive, the orange line is looking bullish and so is the blue line. However, the orange line is looking a little bit more steep, so all we have is positivity over the coming days, so hopefully, towards the end of the week. We should see the 32 to 33 dollar, not dollar, so what im talking about 32 to 33 cents uh, hopefully by at the end of the week or even higher than that, but again guys. I will keep you guys updated on a regular basis on the script. If you guys want me to, and if you guys have any preferences on how often you guys want crypto dot com updates once a week twice a week three times a week or whatever it may be, let me know in the comment section down below moving on To the daily chart, next few weeks now were talking guys, the blue line and the orange line are both looking quite steep going in a bullish direction. So again do expect some very positive outcome over the coming weeks so, hopefully beginning beginning of december. We should see a huge um, you know increase in value on cro and hopefully hitting 50 to 55 cents guys.

What do you guys think? Can i hit that or not? Let me know in the comment section down below but yeah im expecting some huge price increases from this crypto over the coming weeks. But once again, i will keep you guys, updated on a regular basis if i am expecting any major dips or major price increases or whatever my updates are on this crypto but yeah. These are my predictions guys again uh, if you guys have any future video suggestions. Like a different crypto or a different video idea or whatever it may be, let me know in the comment section down below and ill keep you guys updated on what i do and also the first place im going to. Let you guys know if im predicting a major drop or a major price increase is going to be my instagram story. One simple reason is because its the most fastest and most efficient way to get news out to you guys, for example, if i want to let you guys something like a huge price increase over the next few hours. If i post on my instagram story its going to take me a few minutes to post it on there, however, if i want to make a whole youtube video, it could take me a good couple of hours, guys so yeah. If you guys want to be one of the first ones to find out, give me a follow on instagram and ill be doing regular giveaways on my instagram uh page as well, but yeah.

That is pretty much it guys for todays video hope you enjoyed it. If you did make sure to leave a like, and if you didnt leave it a like as well so either way just go down and smash the like button and subscribe to the channel lets, try and hit 30k subscribers as soon as possible. Before i do the giveaway and also guys your support has been absolutely insane over the last couple of days and weeks as well. You know i hate 25k subs just about three weeks ago and you know nearing 30k, hopefully by the end of the week, if you guys can help me hit that thatll be absolutely great but yeah. I appreciate each and every single subscriber those of you who, like my videos, just supporting the channel in any way or form. Thank you guys so much. I appreciate each and every single one of you, and that is why i do regular giveaways just to show you guys. I appreciate you know your support and your you know you youre youre, subscribing and supporting the channel, but yeah im not going to keep you guys before any longer. Thank you so much for watching guys ill catch.