So please, i i invite you to make your requests in the comment section and ill definitely go through them and well see well what uh, what people want to see and well follow it up on it, of course, over time anyways. With that in mind, lets start off with the most important thing to be aware of the first right off the bat, the most important thing right here, and what is that, of course it is. We have hit our 230 target based off of the measured move from our prior accumulation zone and what were looking at right here, just a higher low structure. Again, please understand that higher lows, just it just essentially imply in a very logical sense that buyers are getting aggressive and we call this after well a nice generational, uptrend re accumulation in this case that was resolved when we, when we recorded this video, i believe it Was yeah around mid to end of october above 180, implying targets all the way up to the 230 level right here, of which we have hit that successfully yesterday and now that does offer up what is the next sort of move? So with that in mind, lets go through it right now, as 230 is very important right here. Why is that? It was both the mesh move and also the one spot 618 fibonacci extension out of the prior base. So with that in mind, as long as solana is now essentially above this current breakout level, which would be about two lets, call it 220 in this case on a daily closure.

I am looking for upside continuation and im looking for upside continuation sooner rather than later. More importantly, as long as we remain above the one spot, six one eight. Yes, of course there can be short term corrections. No doubt about that dont mind an ebb and flow in this market, but again the long term prediction is now very much still in play as long as that condition is met, lets move into it now, as we go on over here and just take a quick Look at the next objectives, of which 300 and 350 going to be some big numbers along the way. More importantly, however, lets judge a few other metrics over here, of which i always want to start off with the bbwp remember. This was expanding specifically off of the daily uh lows that we did see just coming out of the prior higher low right here, which we identified late october as well, and the prior iterations of this same signature, again volatility essentially just measuring the dispersion of returns. You can understand that as high volatility equals well very likely breakouts and very violent price action. Contracting volatility or low volatility implies consolidation. Well, the last few times that we have seen a similar read to this well, the last one was right here before a uh, 530 or sorry, 573 percent move to the upside, not bad. The time before that, with an upside resolution was over here – and i should always repeat – volatility – is direction neutral, this one being about 365, still rather impressive, although not as much as that.

First one and, of course the one before that was way back on over here. Nearly a year ago, in december 2020, giving a 15 24 move within the course of 64 days and well more over time as well anyways that brings into the next question: what are we potentially looking at for these targets? Well, we can once again reference the work of my good friend mr kevin, who has created this advanced rsi. That essentially allows us to input a price that that shows us where price action would need to be in order to create an rsi level of that of. Well of that designation and on the five day chart specifically right here, we do see a historical relevancy of about the 90 to 92 level on the five day, rsi all of these peaks, which ill actually uh kind of run, a regression through here, thats, actually 89 And a half to 92. um, all these peaks do correlate with these vertical bars, and you can see that well, while they dont necessarily always get the exact high, it is pretty damn close close enough. I might dare even say, and with that in mind well lets say that we are expecting another continuation of this peak again generated from the prior biases set in from the targets being met. Well, what are we looking at right here? You can see that ive already plotted a 90 read that would imply a target of 464.

now again, thatd be a little bit on the lower end of this um of this range right here. Technically speaking, we could maybe go up all the way to 92.. This would be kind of more of a maximum, perhaps um, for this next major macro move. What were talking about a move like this were not talking about this happening today, or tomorrow were probably talking about this happening over the next couple months, um. If that and of course that obviously implies not zero two but 92.. That obviously implies that the invalidation conditions will not be met which were going to discuss soon enough, but a 92 read would put this at about 569 and a half, so we could create a range here, uh that i would be looking at somewhere between about well. In this case, 450 and 550, so well just make them nice round even and select, then psychological numbers doesnt mean that solana cant go more over time or that it cant uh, reverse there and then go down to the depths of hell. Of course that can happen, but i would be looking for this as my main sort of bias again as long as solana as long as selena. More importantly, is closing dailies above 212 and, more recently or sorry, more pertinent to the short term time frames. As long as as long as solana is above about 230, i do look at this as trend in motion right now with daily closures.

Okay, i think weve nailed all that right there. I just want to look at this from one last angle were going to pull up, of course, our bollinger band charts, and i want to overlay the next sort of major macro validation condition for those targets. So if you see this happen over the next couple weeks, this would be the next good thing to be looking for to essentially judge that. Okay, these are still you know very much in line with uh with what were looking for and first and foremost lets go down here. Lets see, oh, what do you know? We do have a bit, of course, of an ascending triangle going on right here, very similar to the one that we had before again, just higher lows, implying re accumulation and with re accumulation implied and also a break above the top side, uh resistance, alongside a move Above the top side, bollinger band, so again we have this being a volatility indicator, meaning that we have trend as this trend continuation. If our higher lows and higher highs, we have volatility and well momentum for the five day. Rsi is certainly within the blue laws. Favor as well, this does have a measure move and that would be pointed up more short term for the three spot, 618 fibonacci extension, which is let me just put it over here. I cant see about 269 and a half not bad, so that would be a more relevant target, perhaps over the next couple weeks here, uh, assuming continuation and assuming that the invalid invalidation conditions are not met specifically on the daily now, the next major validation for the Long term, as i cut myself off before i got to the main punch line, there is on the weekly right here.

If we do see any sort of a closure, preferably this week, although could certainly happen next week as well above the top side bollinger band, we then apply that same condition: uh continuation condition to not just the daily but the weekly, the weekly, obviously being 7x. The timeframe of a daily means that it is more important, and that essentially implies that the result is to be expected to be well a much greater, obviously, and that condition will be met with a closure above about 245 to 250 lets, say you want to be Super conservative 250, although you will have to watch this in real time, anyways youll notice that the fibonacci extension from the prior macro base would be pointed up towards where well, we do have several areas of interest along the way. Four four one: four at 450 and the 4618 at about 5 20.. Those targets sound very familiar if we pull up our uh percentage gain tool over here, youll remember from the bollinger bands we are seeing anywhere between about 300 and 400 percent off of those same volatility, reads and uh actually about a 520 um, a 520 uh price. Read right: there would be about 300 from the prior low. Actually sorry, it would be a little bit lower than that. So lets just double check here. I am ocd about this. Yeah 350. – hey, not bad! So again were talking. If these do hit again, assuming that the invalidation conditions are not met, looking probably over the next two – maybe three months – something like that and well i do i do expect – or at least i would say that it is relevant.

Given the data 450 to about 550 is a nice little range to be looking for, and i would be looking for. Of course, you know pullbacks along the way on the short term time frames. We havent really discussed anything under a daily here, so you know understand: there will be ebbs and flows as there will be ebbs and flows in the higher term timeframes, specifically around these pivots about 260 or sorry, 269, and then, of course, once we get into the 400 and 500 territory, which will very likely come back and follow up on this analysis, anyways. I think thats the end of this one, nice and short and sweet. I want to remind you that i have my own channel changed the name by the way, uh of which thats caused a lot of confusion, but its just my real name, its uh error crown crypto now, and the links in description below do bitcoin analysis there daily A lot more in depth um, so you know, might or may not be relevant to you and of course, we also have our buy bit link as well a little bit of shilling at home right there. All good, though again, please understand this is for people who you know already have some experience trading, preferably youre, already successful, and you just really want to take advantage of the deposit bonus if youre new to trading, i would suggest strongly. I dont want to be your dad here, obviously, but id suggest very strongly do not trade a real account, certainly not on leverage.

In fact, most people should not be trading at all. Hotline is probably the right call for most people who have a life. Unlike me, i do not have a life. This is my life right here.