I will talk about that. I will talk about my trades. I will talk about what i am personally expecting for bitcoin right now, coiling up here for the next big move. Of course, i will shed some light on the ethereum situation and on the altcoins, and i want to give you an update, of course, also about our project. Here. We just released it yesterday. We just revealed a little bit yesterday and people are going crazy. This has never happened in crypto. This growth has never ever been seen for any crypto project. We got almost 30 000 people rushing into the groups right now, because we are actually providing some very nice perks here for early supporters. Some free tokens as well going forward now lets talk about the bitcoin price. First now lets talk about the outcome section. First, i want to go you straight into it, so let me quickly start with the charts before im, actually before im actually going over to errant ethereum and also the outcome section and towards the end. I want to talk about this crazy data here actually coming in right now from the bitcoin wales, showing us some crazy movements, especially on the. Let me show you especially on the exchanges. I will talk about everything. This is a special one, guys, first of all, on the on the daily candles here uh, you can also plot it on the forward. You can see that bitcoin is retesting more and more the support, the more often we are testing it, the more likely it is to be broken.

However, guys, let me quickly go over actually into the chart here. What you can see here also on the far early candles, we are continuously testing the horizontal support as long as we are not breaking it. No reason for you to freak out guys, no reason at all. I always said, and let me quickly zoom out here on the daily canvas you can see it even better. Sorry, the upper ones were the four holy candles on the daily canvas. You can see it even better if im zooming out this year was the most important resistance in february march and april. So i always said it will turn into the most important support. This one is just coming in at 56 to 58 59 000 us dollars as long as we are holding that i remain very, very bullish. On bitcoin i dont care about the five six percent dump. Whales are manipulating you, and i will show you that the crypto game is a whales game right now. I will prove it to you and you will be shocked and this will impact your future behavior for bitcoin and also for the outcomes. First of all, i want you to shed some light here, like the people are really going crazy in our code name v group, the secret uh group name, we actually have here look at this in telegram. I actually have the links down below. We are posting updates here very, very regularly, and people are watching them.

We just oppose a posted here. The chain support ethereum binance machine matic, phantom uh, for for this upcoming project and the nicest thing is we dont even raise funds. Also from you guys, we wan na give it out for free to the community. This is the best and most important thing here. Let me quickly go back into the charts because um i wan na focus on the charts here before im talking about that. So what you can see here is, we are coming very close to the apex on the four hourly candles and the breakout is literally imminent right now, like we are talking about the next, i dont know 48 hours maximum, so i think by monday latest we will Get a decision here if we were to break towards the upside, the price target would be very close to the 70 000 us dollars if we are breaking down well, even if we are breaking this horizontal support here among the 60k levels, the next one – and this Is the one i am personally expecting to hold comes in at 56 to 58 000 us dollars, no matter what? I think that this very strong support is meant to be held. This is one what im expecting right now here for bitcoin going forward, also ethereum. Let me quickly go over here into it. What you can see this one here broke out towards the upside. We did not re test, yet this was an ascending triangle, not the most beautiful one for sure, but uh yep.

So far we are holding the support. This is the descending triangle, so if we were to break it, i am expecting massive support to come in at 4381 us dollars and actually still the price target going forward for the next seven to seven to ten days would be still close to 5000 us dollars. This is what i am personally looking out for and now let me go into this news here. Let me go into these um these data points, because this is something i was teasing here from the very beginning and its something. What i think is very very important to understand whats going to happen next here, because honesty, guys, the whales are playing with you. The ways are playing with me and you might say chris. You are well yourself. Well, maybe but um im not playing this game right. So i want to show you this. Let me quickly go into it and you know what before i wanted to tell you quickly because, like we have people going crazy about it now we are calling it codename v. There is a name behind theres, a website behind theres, a big project that we have the code fully developed everything already rolled out, but we want to continuously here push more updates as we are going forward. If you want to be updated about that, go down below in the pin comment, you will get free access to the telegram group and, as i already said, the earliest to be in will be the ones most rewarded.

We have actually something set up there. If you are coming in, if you are supporting the project, you are getting according to that actually rewarded later on in free tokens um as we are giving these tokens, this stake in our project for free out to our community make sure you are part of that. The links are down below and we are actually giving more updates here, going forward, more chain support and so on. So i talked about this now. I wanted to really shed some light here and i have two charts actually to show you. We have number one. The number of entities with a balance of more than one thousand bitcoin, so people who are holding more than 60 million dollars in bitcoin what you can see. We had a big sell off a big big sell off actually, in february march, before we were topping out here, the waves were accumulated were actually selling onto the retail investors. Look at this! This is why we did not go higher because we had continuous selling pressure. Actually of whales unloading their bags, but all the old whales here which were in the game before they are still in this – were just institutions led by the big michael sailor hype shout out to micah sailor, doing great stuff for bitcoin right. They were de accumulating again. So this is the this: is the the ways of last resort you can see they are not unloading their bags anymore.

Even the the balance of exchanges for whales is going higher right now why the price is going higher. This is very good news. This is healthy. This was not healthy, very good news, and it just shows that we are still having massive amounts of whales, not de accumulating their backs here. Well, let me go on. You can see that with the way staying constant, the exchange balance is going lower, so people are actually withdrawing their bitcoin from exchanges. This, ladies and gentlemen, is good, but now keep all of this in mind, and let me combine that with one data point. Look at this look at this guys. This is what ive been waiting for. You can see here the bitcoin price going higher the exchange whale ratio. This is important to understand, also going higher, actually right now being at an all time high, and what does it mean? The exchange way ratio means that the percentage of accounts on exchanges owned by wales is the highest in the history, and, if im going here, the exchange reserve is going down. That means we have a net withdrawal overlord on exchanges, so more people more bitcoin are withdrawn than deposited and at the same time, the exchange win ratio. So the number of ways actually being on exchanges is going higher, so the spot exchanges. This is where the price action is coming from. Wales are ruling this game and they want more bitcoin. They are accumulating.

I just showed it to you. Do not let them scare you out of the market. Do not let a single five six percent dump. Let you to sell the bitcoin. This is the message i want to send out you guys, please please, for the laugh of everything do understand that it is very, very important yesterday. Actually, i was already talking about this specific manner a little bit about the bitcoin price. Here in this video, i just wanted to give a big shout out. The video from yesterday got almost 100 000 views and once again in the pin comment and in the video description, i will leave these telegram links down below make sure youre coming were the fastest growing project led community in the history of crypto. The links are here down below and obviously i will leave here and some other links there make sure you take in much of that. But, more importantly, you have to subscribe to the channel. Actually, let me show you exactly how to do it if youre going below the video press the like button – and this is important – this red button – you have to make it turn grey press. It subscribe press the bell and press on all, because only then you can make sure that you are going to stay updated. When i am updating you about the next video, we will push more updates here in regards to that project as well and, of course, as i already told you, it is focused on the metaverse.

As you know, many people missed out on these 10 billion dollar projects. Xa infinity decentral and engine coin its crazy, but you have to understand one thing: the growth potential for this is still huge. All metaverse projects together are in total, making up for, like 1.5 percent of the apple market, cap right and thats, like all crypto metaverse projects together. So there is a lot to come im just scrolling one second, and you can see there are only 30 projects out there: 25 billion dollar in market cap for all metaverse projects. So, of course, we have a few big winners, but the total number of metaverse project is still very low. So, yes, there are a lot of overvaluations happening, but the growth potential is crazy. We are just in the beginning of this hype cycle. What i took what i believe, but let me know what you think about that: leave your thoughts down below make noise for the comment section in the comment section, as you have never made noise before spread this with you among your friends and family share it wherever You want because i want to get the word out. I want to be this community to be the biggest one in the world. Thank you so much for watching guys.