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Now lets go ahead and get into the topic here. Why is metaverse going to be big? Well, facebook just announced their metaverse. They got 2.8 billion monthly, active users kind of a big deal in case you havent heard about them, but um. You know facebook theyre going to be doing some nft stuff as well. They have confirmed that is part of the metaverse plan now im not particularly excited about what facebook is doing. Aside from the mainstream adoption potential of the facebook metaverse, however, however, metaverse is going to be massive. The idea of virtual worlds, uh games within those virtual worlds, the crossover of bringing nfts into the metaverse. All this kind of stuff is going to be so big weve. Already seen incredible success cases in the crypto world, so this is the sandbox they are, you know a minecraft kind of vibe. They have been wildly successful already. They just got almost 100 million dollars of investments coming through led by softbank, so these guys have done very, very well and another that has done very well. Decentraland decentraland has also done incredibly well. Both of these coins have market caps of you know two. Three four billion dollars a piece. I think that over time, youll see these ones go up even higher, but you know you probably want to find the lower market cap varieties of these coins. These ones theyre already the big boys theyre already getting users theyre already quote.

Unquote, making it will they go higher market cap over time. Probably, however, if you want to get the big gains, you got to find the coins before they get into the billions of market cap zone, which is where we get into our top five list. Now the first one ill put on your radar is infinity now affinity. This is a polka dot based nft play specifically designed for the gaming world and the metaverse world made by the team at engine now engine in case you are not familiar. It is the biggest market cap player in the gaming world. Engine is the og of the gaming crypto world and weve been talking about. You know, engine on the channel since 2018, probably and theyve been around the block. They know about nfts. They know about gaming. Theyre. Already one of the most adopted most successful gaming focused crypto currencies, and this is their polka dot play called affinity. So this is essentially a cross chain network with insane scalability insane scalability kind of scalability that you would need to be able to have like in game currencies across multiple games. That kind of scalability to have thousands of games supported on their network with actual nfts, changing hands back and forth all the time thats. The kind of scalability were talking about here. That affinity can deliver on, and you know if it was just any old company out there saying were going to make highly scalable nft stuff for polka dot.

Well id say: okay, guys lets the proof will be in the pudding but again its the engine team. These guys have a history of delivering. They are absolute innovators in the space when it comes to nfts and gaming and uh. You know theyve literally created some of the actual token standards that we use today for nfts were made by the engine team. They know whats up, and here we go announcing the 100 million dollar infinity metaverse fund thats gon na be big 100 million bucks for the metaverse focused on infinity, so they say at engine. We believe the metaverse should be decentralized. Today we formalize our approach to building out the cross chain metaverse and our nft system ecosystem in a more systematic way. Affinity is going to be massive, so if you havent looked into it yet its one to put on your radar absolutely next lets talk about tara. Virtually i havent talked about terror virtua for a while on the channel. Now you might remember, we talked about this one late last year, when it was, i dont know three or four or five cents, something like that. It mooned up to like a dollar twenty or something and its come back down its kind of been in the the twenty to thirty cent region for quite a while now kind of ranging sideways doing its thing. But terra virtua is still a big play for the nft space and its a big play for the metaverse space, so terra virtua theyre doing really awesome nfts theyre working with some of the biggest brands in the world, theyre working with paramount.

So they have. You know close relationship with them to be able to bring. You know some of the biggest uh film franchises into the nft world, theyre working with unity, theyre working with the unreal uh engine, which is just by my head here. There we go working with unreal and uh working with legendary films as well, so these are some of the biggest biggest players out there. This is massive, absolutely massive relationships that terra virtua has and weve seen them leveraging some of those relationships. You know for collectibles for things like top gun, collectibles godzilla collectibles were seeing different artists coming on board, as well, so were seeing them work with artists and theres. All this just cool stuff that theyre doing in the nft space right now and, of course, the metaverse space so check this out. This is the um terra, virtua, metaverse, vr hub. You can see it uh playing behind me here. So this gives you an idea of what the terra virtua metaverse is going to look like, so you can get these cool in game nfts. You can get these cool collectibles from some of your favorite brands, some of your favorite films, your favorite franchises, and actually be able to bring this stuff into your virtual world. Look people are spending more and more time online. Its just whats happening we are seeing. We are seeing this movement towards a digital life for a lot of people – okay, maybe its dystopian or something but uh.

Its cool people are playing games, people are having fun and tara. Richards will be right there with some really cool. Looking stuff. You know this is uh. This is some pretty cool footage that were seeing here so im excited about the terra virtual metaverse. I think its a new big push that we could see for terra virtua coming up that were going to see more enthusiasm coming into the tvk token, as the terra virtua metaverse uh starts to take life so something to put back on your radar. Potentially next lets talk about epic, prime now epic. This is one we talked about a while before their token sale. We talked about right around the time of the token sale as well, and now were talking about it again. I think its time to start paying attention to epic again we saw you know the listing hype and then things kind of cooled off a little bit and now i feel like the hype is starting to pick up for epic again, i feel like honestly. This is this: is such a low market cap right now relative to the partnerships relative to the potential of what the project is actually doing so i feel like this could pull off some kind of um. You know ecomi like gains to be honest. This is a potential multi billion dollar market cap cryptocurrency, which is of course not currently valued at a multi billion dollar market cap. Again, we see them working with some absolutely incredible: incredible brands: universal the warner music group, very big hustler as well thats cool, thats, cool, guys, um.

You know so very, very big brands on board here with uh epic and what theyre doing were starting to see that uh push by epic moving into the the metaverse right. So we can actually start to see these. These licensed premium licensed nfts coming to um. The virtual world right so this is, i think, one to really really pay attention to have a deep dive into, because theyre working with the the ips of some of these really really big entertainment companies. Theyre working with these brands to bring you those nfts and uh. The aaa games and all this stuff so yeah, i think its a good time to have a look again at uh, epic, prime again, if youre looking for the those lower market cap coins that can potentially give you the big returns here. Next, one were going to talk about high street now high street. This is a pretty newly listed one as well. Of course, we talked about it uh recently, just around the time of the token sale since then, i think we talked about it when it was around five dollars, uh its up to around 20 at the time recording this video so its up about 300 or so Since we first started talking about it here on the channel, but um yeah, this is another really cool metaverse play so high street. You know theyre kind of working with some of the worlds biggest brands to uh bring them into the metaverse, bring them into the virtual world, bring them into the cryptocurrency world.

So they built this on unity, leveraging of course blockchain and nft technology. So you can see here what high street actually looks like, so this is uh recently they did this as um at the nft new york uh conference. That just happened, so you can actually get a real, real good look at just how beautiful this metaverse is going to look and so yeah im just bullish and all these and look how many metaverses will there be demand for? Well, my guess is quite a lot. I mean just think about how many shooter games are there? How many rpgs are there etcetera, etcetera, etcetera and if you can bring in those really really cool brands, itll be a trendy place. Itll be a place that people want to be seen online, its crazy. As that sounds, that is the that is what the metaverse is. It is coming into these virtual worlds. It is having status within these virtual worlds, having cool skins, cool items, cool cars, whatever it might be within these virtual worlds, having cool experiences within these virtual worlds as well, because thats, an interesting thing too, is that a lot of nfts and stuff are going to Unlock virtual experiences unlock access to you know virtual meetups virtual clubs, all this kind of stuff, so its pretty cool. Of course, high street is working on doing a lot of that stuff. So and as you can see again, it looks, looks very nice, very slick, theyre doing a really good job with the the build out here for uh for high street and what that metaverse is actually going to look like and the final one on our list here Today, to take a look at is, of course, wilder world now this thing absolutely mooned last week, so we talked about it uh last week and it was like 250 or something like that and actually blasted up like a hundred percent and went up to about five Dollars over last week, now its come back down its come back down.

The price has come back down, so it got up to around five bucks uh its come back down to around 350, whatever its time recording this video market cap currently at just around a quarter billion dollars, but i think that uh wilder world its just its such A beautiful uh, its such a beautiful metaverse, the art, what theyre doing so its like a a replication of miami, so theyre calling it y emmy wilder miami, but theres got a lot of cool stuff going on with it. Of course, last week when we talked about, we talked about the cars right, so they just released the wilder wheels. So you were able to buy these nft cars now theyre, not just something you can sit and look at. You can do that too. Obviously, but theyre. Actually going to have functionality within the metaverse, so youre actually going to be able to race these cars and actually have races against other cars to race for the pink slips meaning you can actually win somebody elses, potentially multi thousand dollar nft car thats cool. I like it now: why are we highlighting a wilder again, of course, because of the metaverse video and they are definitely building a very, very cool, looking metaverse, but theyre also doing the wilder cribs, so those are coming up really soon, and this just is gon na. Be super super cool, so these are a 99 luxury condos in miami, its crazy man.

I love it. I love it and you might be thinking. Oh come on lark. What are you virtual virtual condos man? Are you crazy? Are you crazy son, yeah? Okay? But i am, i am crazy, but thats besides. The point is that if we look back historically, investing in virtual land has had higher returns than investing in like regular land. Some of the axi infinity land 500x in like two or three years uh. Some of the decentraland again massive gains on that land uh, so the sandbox land massive gains on that land uh, my neighbor alice, they havent actually theyve done some land sales. I dont know if theres many resales not yet, but that will be massive if the game takes off and any of the stuff were seeing coming up in these new metaverses. So my guess is going to be that when we start seeing these luxury condos selling in miami gon na be massive theres gon na be mass theres gon na be high demand for them and probably in a couple of years, assuming that wilder world is very successful. In their deployment of this metaverse that were going to see these gondos being worth a lot of money, probably worth more than real condos uh, because thats crypto man anyway anyway. These are all, of course, just my two satoshis, for they just wanted to highlight some of the metaverse projects that im very bullish on maybe youre familiar with some of them, because ive talked about most of the stuff on the channel before maybe youre.

Hearing about these. For first time, maybe just needed to have a bit reminder to go and take a look at these and, of course, dont just blindly ape into stuff because im talking about it here on the channel, you still have to go and do your own research guys, but Anyway, just my tusto shes there, your question for today, what metaverse are you most bullish on? Is it one of the ones that i mentioned in this video or is there another metaverse out there that youre even more bullish on that? Absolutely everybody should know about it. Let us all know down below in the comment section thanks so much for watching todays, video and peace out till next time.