Whats going to happen to your coins, shibaynu remains to be an undisputed king among ethereum whales, as shibanu has remained in the top position among ethereum whales. For close a month straight, the coin remains to be undisputed king. By taking the top position of the heat map wars, the ethereum rich list, which constitutes the top thousand wallets, has gone all in for shiba inu. You definitely want to be dropping a like on this. One, but they dont need their scan, shows a whale purchasing. Large amounts of ship tokens almost every day, so someone is definitely buying the dip ship army and that is whats completely crazy. To me, you know always when there are paper hands, selling someone is buying that and – and that is definitely something else nobody expects. You know the unexpected except the wheels because they definitely do know something, but i honestly find it really really exciting. They dont need their scan shows a wheel purchasing large amounts of ship tokens almost every day. The whale movement spiked up after robin had alice shibayinu rumors swirled around social media. In addition, considering the coins popularity, even the whales have caught the physiological fear of missing out enigma. So you know, even the whales know that the price will increase. So, just a few hours ago, an ethereum whale purchased, 1.3 million, where of shibainu but thats, not all theyre, buying in billions and theyre buying in millions. For a reason, i think they definitely know something.

Um wales then took an early position in july. Saw the queen got listed on ituro and weeple and august wheels that took entry position in august saw the queen got listed on coinbase pro finance and coinbase in september. The whales have mostly benefited after taking an entry position as the price shot up after every listing. So you know these whales buy before it gets listed and thats exactly what they do. Also details on either scan show mysterious will buying 750 million wear of ship coins in the last 10 days. Who is this whale? Why is he buying 750 million? That is a question, but uh this could potentially mean why ximena could seriously pump the particular investor in question. Moved 40 trillion coins worth 2.76 billion to four different new wallet addresses, so this is something we saw before. I honestly dont think hes selling because he, if he wanted to sell he already would have, but each transfer to the four wall addresses are 600 million and 10 trillion tokens respectively. So that is something else, but from what i can see so far: 600 million dollars. You know 10 trillion tokens. I take that any time of the day. It basically makes me super rich and thats what shibainu is making giving people financial independence. The reason why a whale moved the assets to four different wallet addresses remains to be a mystery. Nonetheless, many on social media claim it to be a move to avoid paying a significant amount of taxes.

However, the intensity of the will remains to be unknown. However, i dont think thats exactly because of taxes, because you already have 500 million dollars. What are you gon na do right so uh? This is a huge mystery. I dont know how this connected with taxes. If anyone knows that in the comments below do, let me know, but just a few days ago, under whale has purchased 153 billion ship tokens were 11 million. The transaction came from gimli walt and swap ethereum to purchase ship after the ships phenomenal rise in october. It shot up 900 percent whale showing the coin almost daily, so the whales are definitely doing something. For instance, a robin hood listing can propel a coin to newer heights and knock out a zero or two from its trade. So all these whales are betting and because for every you know thing uh back in the past, we saw like etoro doing the right thing, weeble doing the right thing, and when robin had listed, all these whales will simply become richer. You know people with five billion theyre, only gon na be getting richer and richer, and that is what other people are talking about. This is uh honestly, really important and at the time of publishing, shibani was trading at and is down minus 15 in a 24 hour day, but also something you shouldnt miss out because the wheels are buying into it. Right now is serge inu, be sure to check out search ill, be getting back onto it later, but i think these whales are buying in because theyre not buying a dogecoin anymore.

Dogecoin will be done unless it upgrades its functionality. It doesnt have a lot of you know things. Shibainu has and thats exactly what we are seeing right now were seeing you know, shibainu doing the great things it needs to do and actually growing in price. So that is something i love dogecoin, the night largest cryptocurrency with market 35 billion value is neck and arrival with crypto as shiba inu dogecoin crypto is clearly falling behind in several ways. Shipping is now the 10th largest crypto according to coin market cap and has a market value of 34 billion, but most of these people theyre not selling, and you know because they bought and if they sold they would sell the loss. By contrast, subanu crypto now has several use functions according to planet crypto. It now has five additional use functions other than other cryptocurrencies. The shiba inu ecosystem now incorporates shiba swap shiboshis and ship burning. The future development team hosts to release a new layer to protocol, which we already know and thats why its beating dogecoin by a far margin people want to hold more ship than they want to hold dogecoin. You know they dont think dogecoin is going to go to one dollar, but they do think shibani is going to go to one cent. So if you think shibani is going to go to one cent drop a like on this video, but this can lead to some sort of fall as well effect for crypto ship holders, who think owning 1.

47 million of anything can make them rich or for that matter, Richer and they can get richer faster likely if the price moves up to one dollar or even one cent. Of course, this does not affect institutional investors that much, but it certainly plays the right mind of the smaller retail investors. Dogecoin is still more popular. Dogecoin is still more popular in the general name: recognition with both the public and commercial marketplace. For example, burger king has just started a word promotion pairing with robin hood. You know they pair up with robin hood and that thats a huge advantage. They had online brokerage firm to give away free, crypto and thats. You know the thing that dogecoin actually does do better than shibay shibay news, though developing a lot of its utilities. Dogecoin is not a smart contract and if you know fungible tokens the apps and d5, so all that chibiner is doing is trying to defeat dogecoin and that is whats causing you know, dogecoin holders to sell while shibenu is going up. We have destroyed fight before and will destroy it again, ship, so uh. Definitely shiba inu is growing right now, shibano is going up as the whales keep stacking for a fair reason. I think they keep stacking because they know something is up. I think they know whats about to happen a huge drop, so we will get the bottom to this. I emailed taran and their branding department asking why the supply has been artered and after this supply has been altered.

Uh there was a lot of further that the devs are actually minting the tokens which is kind of impossible, but uh. It made a lot of holders very, very concerned. It made them concerned and and thats exactly what happened with shebang. It started dropping in price just because people were concerned, and we dont want that to happen, but uh it seems, like you know she being dropped because of that and its going back to that. So that is awesome in the future. You know, i think there is also an error, i think theres multiple sides to the story. So from what i see, why did ship go down this week we clearly had a whales who saw a ton of their ship and thats fine. You know, while some whales are selling, others are holding and thats completely fine. We dont want big whales holding seven percent of the tokens, but thats not completely true. The whales are not holding seventy percent of tokens. That again is fud and bad research. The whales do not hold 70 of the tokens. The top 10 wallets are the burn wallet and a lot of these exchange wallets that multiple people store their ship. Our ship army and retail investors are so strong. Well quickly raise the price of ship again very soon. We also are dumping retailers buying when you have approximately 10 whales holding 70 of the tokens. We want these whales gone once and for all, but these whales theyre not selling, because they know something is happening.

You know some of the whales are selling, but not all of them and thats why the price is increasing thats. The resilience we need sheba is and will continue to hold steady. We are ship army strong, so it does seem like shebano is going to go up as the whale is going to be buying more shebang, going to come back, going to get stronger, never panic, sell, always hold, and everyone is waiting for amazon be sure to check Out serge inu as well, because its going to be burning some ship, its going to be releasing its own nfps for the game. Now i simply love that and if hes for the game would be simply fantastic, but thank you so much for watching until next time.