Everyday. On this channel. I show you how to make money in crypto. Guys we just hit Las Vegas.. We just got here.. You see some casinos in the background, possibly. Well theres, some more.. You will see some more. There. We go. There we go.. We are here in Vegas, just landed.. We have the meetup tonight at The Venetian six to nine.. It is free. Check out Twitter. The pinned post. There will show you how to sign up for Eventbrite.. We want everybody to sign up, whos coming., It is free, like I said., But are always excited, were going to do you know people want to take pictures and were going to do a QA.. Its really really awesome stuff. Really excited to do that., TJ and Deezy, and our blogger Frank will be here as well, along with JChains and Bryan Emory from the team, but they missed their flight. TJ did., So TJ Deezy and Frank missed their flight. So theyre going to be a little bit late to the meetup., But you know what It is, what it is. So guys lets talk about. One thing: Ive got to tell you.. I found this out this morning. And it was one of those things where I read it. I asked some questions and it just got me really super excited.. Why? Because what is a coin that has not moved at all recently? Actually, its gone down, even while some stuff was going up.

, Thats right., Your favorite, my favorite, or at least one of my favorites Cardano. ADA. It has been sitting still forever. Okay.. I got some information for you guys on why it has been sitting so still and why I believe within the next two weeks now I wasnt told within the next two weeks, but from the information I gathered. It seems like possibly in the next two weeks. Maybe a little bit longer than that we are going to get a Cardano explosion, an ADA explosion.. This is going to make sense to you guys when I tell it to you., So okay. Lets back up.. What are the top two coins right now outside of Bitcoin? That institutional money is pouring into Solana and Cardano. And Cardano for the year, I believe, is probably well ahead of Solana in terms of how much institutional money is poured in.. Now, when you see that institutional money pouring in what does that usually mean Well, that usually means that the institutions have more control over the project.. They got more control over the product.. They can do things they can set, sell orders in place to keep these projects from rising while they do what, While they accumulate. – And that is what we have seen with Cardano, and so when you really think about it. When you look at how suppressed Cardano has been, and you really sit there and you think about all the institutional money that has been flowing into it now, you say with Solana: Well, it doesnt make sense, because Solana, institutional money has been pouring in and the price Has been going way up Well, if you watched our video that we covered yesterday in the livestream by MacNCheeasy talking about billionaire manipulation for Solana, now you put it into context.

It starts to make sense.. The billionaires have not been able to accumulate Cardano. Theyve wanted to push down further.. Why can they not accumulate a huge amount of Cardano Because 71 of it is staked? I think its somewhere between 85 and 95 of all Cardano of all ADA that was initially launched, went to the public.. It did not go to insiders., Like 50 of Solana, went to literally insiders. And I think another 25 went to foundations and other kind of team members.. You look at some like Chainlink huge amount. Huge amount went to their team and things like that. With Cardano. These billionaires and these institutions have not been able to accumulate the way they have with others., But Ive been given the word today that very soon the suppression of the Cardano price is going away and we will see most likely within the next two weeks. Definitely within the next month – and I was told it could actually be a lot sooner than that – maybe even by next week we are going to see Cardano absolutely explode. Cardano holders. I know that youve been patient. ADA Gang. I know youve been waiting.. The time is almost yours., So were going to get this meetup done. Tonight. Really excited playing the World Series of Poker Main Event. This week. Ill be starting on that on Sunday. Thats. All I got. Be blessed.