Amazingly right now, it is very clear that bitcoin is not at the top of its bull run. If we were to retrace from where we are now, we would likely have another pump, essentially meaning that were in the by the dip territory, because bitcoin is very much within an accumulation range as we have not experienced a blow off top. It is also looking like the all coin markets right now are just about to boom and in todays video im gon na tell you one old coin, of which ive purchased over 100 000 of with my own money over the past three days, and i think its Going to go really really well theyve come out with a bunch of updates recently that really do change. How logistically possible it is to use their platform im going to explain all of that in todays video. So please continue watching if you want to know which oat coin it is but were also going to discuss in todays video on my current open trades, one big coin on ethereum, looking at shiva, possibly as well as looking at the cryptocurrency news for the day and If any of that piques your interest at all slap a like on todays video, that would be greatly greatly appreciated again. The light goal today is 2 000 likes. We were 200 likes away on yesterdays video. So if you didnt click it then please click it today because were trying to hit 2000 its a challenge, its meant to be a challenge and weve still not managed to do it being so so close.

So please do like todays video and without further ado subscribe and lets crack on bitcoin, so starting out, todays video by looking at the current price of bitcoin bitcoins price is currently priced at 61 245. At the time of making todays video. I have trades currently open on the price of bitcoin, so let me just show you exactly what they look like right now. I have this trade open on ethereum its currently eleven thousand two hundred dollars in profit. However, i did happen to lose twenty thousand dollars this morning, because i was dollar cost averaging my position in and i did not get an optimal entry, unfortunately, and again its important to show you do sometimes lose money trading, these kinds of things and the volatility that Weve seen in the market has made it quite unpredictable on these lower time frames, especially because of this stupid coin. Thats named after a dog um. It winds me up because every single time dog coin starts going up, bitcoin starts going down and they work completely inversely to each other, so its very, very frustrating. So essentially, if you start seeing shiba pumping, you know that bitcoin is going to start dumping and so the two work very inversely to each other. So just bear that in mind again when you are trading and right now by the, as i said in yesterdays, video have increased their offering right now. If you sign up on the link in todays video description, you can get up to four thousand two hundred dollars for free.

This is based around a number of different factors, basically on the link right now in the description, if you deposit say a hundred thousand dollars, then you would get three and a half thousand dollars back in your account. Now the the actual cap on that deposit limit is a hundred thousand dollars. So if you sent more than a hundred thousand dollars, you would still only get three and a half thousand dollars deposited into your account, because essentially its a three and a half percent deposit bonus that theyre currently offering on the referral link in todays video description. There is also 500 for free available from the referral program and 100 for free that comes from the rewards program, adding up to a grand total available of one 4 dollars for free for signing up on todays video description. Youve all asked in the past like what is actually the deposit criteria. How do you actually get the money? Ive just explained it to you so again find a link in the description, but anyway, back to bitcoins price right now on bitcoin is on the edge thats. How i describe bitcoin right now is very much very much on the edge you see this yellow line that ive drawn right here. This yellow line is a line of support that we bounced off earlier today. It is also the outside of what was a previous kind of bull flag formation, though again, where they kind of coincided.

With these lines, we bounced off the top of them, but we are not out of the woods yet when it comes to downside action and were going to talk about that later on. In todays video, when i analyze the price of bitcoin in detail and tell you the levels of which i plan to enter and exit my trade. So please do continue on watching todays video, but first of all were going to discuss what has been in the cryptocurrency news for the day and then im going to tell you which old coin i bought 100 000 off over the course of the past three days. So starting off todays cryptocurrency news, we have three articles in todays, cryptocurrency news, each of which relates to governments and bitcoin, the first thing of which is that tampas mayor is going to accept their pay in bitcoin as well. The news came mere days after miami mayor, francis suarez announced that hes going to take his next paycheck in bitcoin, which is good to know um. I hope its every single paycheck, though not just the next one, its good to set a precedent, but essentially government employees. Accepting bitcoin as a witch who is the government is paying these people, which means the government has to have bitcoin to pay these people, which mean the government holds bitcoin, essentially that thats really the news that you should be taking away from this. The government of the usa is holding bitcoin because they have to hold it in order to pay their employees and by allowing a government employee to be paid in bitcoin.

That completely undermines every single argument against bitcoin being usable in terms of being for payment or anything. Like that, because bitcoin is useful because the government employees are accepting it now, the next thing in todays cryptocurrency news, the eu central banks are working on distributed, ledger technology based asset settlement banker, italia and deutsche bank bundesbank banker, italia and deutsche bundesbank. Uh shared experiences on distributed, ledger technology based settlements in a workshop youre, starting to see this more and more commonly banks banks. I mean i know for a fact, because i know about the inside of some workings of banks, because again many of my subscribers are actually bankers. You know the average age of my subscriber base is about 35 years old, its insane. You know youre all older than me um anyway, point being you are a lot of. You are bankers, and a lot of you tell me what goes on inside these banks that you work for, and it is absolutely mental that people arent picking up on this banks are going heavy on bitcoin banks are going heavy on distributed, ledger technology. What is distributed? Ledger technology that is just blockchain, essentially its just another buzzword for blockchain dlt its. What people say to sound clever when actually just say, blockchain its fine and the final thing in todays. Cryptocurrency news is that brian brooks, who used to be the comptroller for us finances. Uh then worked at finance. Us has now moved on from there to being bit fury ceo after finance us shut down.

What a surprise! Another government employee finding themselves in cryptocurrency having made cryptocurrency peoples, lives more difficult, while theyre in government, so that then, when they leave government, they know exactly all of the loopholes in all of the regulation that they made and then they get paid loads of money. For coming into this space, so congratulations on your racket, guys uh anyway, now its time to discuss all coins and if we give coin marky cap a quick refresh, you can see some things in the red some things in the ring. I wouldnt really consider today an amazing day. Some things are up, some things are down, but overall, pretty flat day as far as days go um. Anyway, i want to discuss first things. First, in todays altcoin segment, which all coin did i write a hundred thousand dollars off? Why be around the bush? Lets, get it straight out of the way daffy. Why did i buy one hundred thousand dollars of daffy over the past three days now, bearing in mind i already hold a hundred thousand dollars of daffy, so i now hold two hundred thousand dollars of daffy duffys monkey cap is currently 14.3 million dollars. It is comparatively very, very small in size compared to basically any other d5 protocol out there. Why now, why buy a hundred thousand dollars of it now well, daffy made a tweet the other day, basically explaining that they were coming out and they were going to launch their network on top of polygon now, one of the biggest problems, and that daffy has right Now is that ethereum gas fees are so high that theyre pricing, the individual user of these cryptocurrencies out of the market, so they needed to launch on polygons so that gas fees would reduce and more people could adopt this particular cryptocurrency now that they have launched on Top of the polygon network – and you can trade it on quick, swap im, expecting big things from daffy to be honest, im expecting their market cap to be maybe 10 times higher than it is right now within a few months.

I do believe that daffy could 10x before the end of the year, ive been speaking to the ceo. They have so many different things coming out on top of the daffy protocol, namely the number one thing i want to tell you about right now is their staking protocol. This is the daffy staking protocol. There are currently over 100 million daffy being staked within this protocol. Right now, and because they have now launched on ethereum v2 theyve launched v2 staking, which they call super staking, that is paying a highly inflated amount when it comes to staking, you can actually stake on this website is stake, dot, daffy protocol dot, io and its paying A huge amount in dreadtrac, i believe its over currently 100 interest right now, which is very, very exciting, but essentially what is the purpose of daffy theyre reinventing every network? Every decentralized network can now maximize reward distributions based on their demand, creating limitless applications for that support and reduced inflation and user growth. What does all that mean? Essentially, what that means is that daffy is allowing rather than you know, because when you go on like pancake swap or something like that, when you want pancake swap – and you see these high air pys, these high ap wise are paid for by companies that are essentially Inflating the supply of their coin, basically increasing the amount that is available on the open market, but at the same time, that should, in theory reduce the price of the coin, because youre inflating the supply.

What daffy does is allow you to create d tokens, which means that you can deposit those coins from your protocol within a smart contract that holds those coins in one particular place. You create d tokens which are basically a derivative of that individual token, and then you can reassign a value to that and then distribute that d. Token. Its very interesting at some point im going to have the ceo of daffy on the channel to talk about it, but essentially im investing significantly in this because im very, very certain that this is going to be adopted by many of the largest cryptocurrencies and say they Change the way that they operate their staking protocols and start issuing daffy as well. Thats gon na have a huge effect on daffys market cap, because guess what you need to use d tokens with its daffy and so im banking on a fact that theres gon na be a sudden increase in demand for daffy, based off the fact that these d Tokens are going live fairly soon and as and when they do super staking is there to lock up all of the coins, so you have a much lower circulating supply. That means that when you have a sudden influx of demand onto a network like this, the price just goes sky high, so thats exactly why i bought a hundred thousand dollars. I already hold a hundred thousand dollars of it and id like to see daffys price up at least 20 cents by the end of 2021.

. Dont know if its gon na happen, not finance advice at all. You should always do your own research, of course, on top of anything that i say, but this right now is one of my larger players when it comes to the altcoin market right now, in terms of where daffy is currently listed. Of course, its on uni swap its also on gate, dot, io, and i believe they are now listed on quick swap as well, which means that you can just trade them directly with polygons, so you dont need to pay any stupidly high gas fees. I found the same problem recently when trying to trade on uni swap every time i come to trade it goes. Ah, can i have five hundred dollars in gas fees and i go no, no ill just not sell this um and thats thats. Essentially, the situation ive found myself in for months now, which is why im glad that theyre migrating over to polygon, i think, is a huge development for the platform. But anyway, weve got a couple more things to discuss in todays video, thats kind of the only old coin that i wanted to cover in todays video. I want to go back now to bitcoins price, which is currently sitting just above 61. 000. 61. 000. Bitcoin. What does that mean for bitcoin? Well, essentially, i said im going to tell you the exact price levels i intend to enter and exit my trades.

I intend to go long on bitcoin if we cross through sixty one thousand three hundred and fifty dollars. Why do i intend to do that? Well, essentially, that would be a little bit of a level of resistance. Now that would only be a small short term long position, because ultimately, im looking at this and going well were probably quite likely going to come back up and hit this line right here around 62 000. So if you are currently trapped in a position that is in a long position, for example, in your exit on, it would be 62 000. I will be taking the exit there and then waiting for a break to the upside, essentially outside of what is kind of like a bull flag formation, its a bit of a weird one. Is this, because it depends on which time frame youre looking at it. On the slightly higher time frames, when you start zooming out, you see this yellow line here is acting as support. We also have this red line here, also acting as supports, and overall, the price of bitcoin is looking okay, but it very much depends on where we close tonight and what happens first thing on saturday morning. So, im going to keep you up to date over the course of the weekend on bitcoins price for game. Please do subscribe to the channel if you want regular updates on bitcoins price im, always here always talking about cryptocurrency and again full bitcoin on the low side.

If bitcoin breaks below 60 750 im, not longing bitcoin, im 100 going to be shorting. It though, and because i do believe at that point in time, then we start possibly retracing down by as low as 58 000 and say you break 58 000 goodbye um, the markets not gon na. Look very good at that point in time. The markets gon na go down pretty gosh down quickly anyway, when it comes to ethereum. How is ethereum looking well. Ethereum is looking very much more bullish than bitcoin, because why do i say that? Well, this is the hourly chart. You can see that, as i was pointing out in yesterdays video, we were hitting the middle of this hourly chart right here and say that we break to the downside that its very highly likely that the price of ethereum continues trading to the downside and we hit Somewhere on this green line, here kind of around four thousand two hundred and seventy dollars is then also likely that point in time that we continue bouncing back to the upside. However, so when, when is when would i long ethereum well im already long on ethereum, because i longed ethereum off of this blue line right here? That is where i got my entry and i intend to hold that entry if we break below it. Thats it im out of the trade, but essentially right now on the hourly chart were about to take bullish down.

Here again, everything is looking very much to the upside and what im particularly excited about ethereum iv is because, if we look at the macd on the hourly chart on ethereum versus bitcoin pair, which again you need to chart when it comes to ethereum, should we break This high here around 0.07’5 thats a bit of a mouthful as soon as we break through that, like ethereum, should, in theory, keep on running upwards. Now, if we go over to the four hour chart for ethereum right now, you can see weve had quite a strong bullish, uptrend and i dont see any reason as to why that should be stopping anytime soon, im expecting more highs before im expecting any more laws. It wouldnt for me make much of a sense if ethereum started retracing at this point in time in terms of its bitcoin value. The only thing that scares me a little bit is if bitcoin were to start dropping youre, probably going to see the entire market dropping as well so thats important to consider and again, if you are interested in trading this volatility that were seeing in the market right Now then, you will find a link for bybe in todays video description. You dont have to trade bitcoin or ethereum on there. There are so many other trading pairs as well. You can see they listed loads and loads of altcoins. Recently, ive been doing so much altcoin trading on buybitch, like its crazy im, really enjoying using buy it as an altcoin exchange, because i enjoyed the interface anyway so again, link in the description for that and you get three and a half percent of anything that you Deposit back to yourself so thats a nice little bonus that ive arranged for you guys, and on that note, thank you all very much for watching.

If you did enjoy todays video again, like gold, 2 thousand likes lets hit it slap the like button and uh. Follow me on twitter at martinique, yt follow me on instagram. You know, youll find these links in todays video description, so just scroll down a little bit and have a great evening.