My name is aaron very important before we begin take two seconds smash. The like button make sure you watch the entire video. I have multiple stories massive pieces of news to share with you, including altcoin news, high cap, mid cap, low cap, so much to talk about so little time. Lets start right here, but again i encourage you to check the timestamps below, because theres so much information that you need to know about. Bitcoin company, backed, as we know, backed is a big deal in the traditional financial world. Backed has ties to the new york stock exchange, while once they were only offering bitcoin only bitcoin for years, bitcoin company backed will now also offer ethereum to customers. Users of the backed app and custody service will soon be able to deal with ethereum. Obviously this is huge for ethereum and the ethereum ecosystem. I think the bigger takeaway is its just good business to offer. Both people want bitcoin people want ethereum and unless youre bitcoin only for ideological reasons, plenty of quality companies like that like swan like fold like lolly, unless youre like that, then the future is multi coins, for instance major news coming out of grayscale. They have now confirmed that they are exploring terra and avalanche investment, product funds or offerings. The key takeaways are as follows: grayscale is exploring adding terror and avalanche to its range of investment products. The luna and avax token could benefit from the news.

Both the assets are currently trading below crucial resistance. A spike in buying pressure behind luna and avax could help them rise to new. All time highs a very bullish article regarding tara and avalanche. Let me know your thoughts on all of this. In the comments below seems to me to be major green flags for those assets and lets get to some other news: gets a major boost. Crypto.Com coin hits all time high after listing from rival coinbase crow peaked at just below 30 cents. One day after trading began on coinbase, so were seeing both coinbase ftx. All these exchanges making major partnerships with sports teams with media companies and the fact that their asset is now listed on coinbase thats, actually really good for both of them and, just generally speaking, my friends, do you realize if youve been in cryptocurrency, if youve been Subscribed to us specifically for a while, i hope that youre doing rather well lets talk about projects that we talk about almost every multiple times a week on this channel, which have all been hitting all time highs, ethereum, solana and polkadot have all recently set all time Highs as the crypto market tops 2.9 trillion, ethereum solana and polkadot everybody everybody who ever bought and held was in profit. When this happened, i mean weve literally been talking about polka dots, since it first launched to the public. What else well avax hit an all time? High recently, luna had an all time, high recently elrond again another project that weve been talking about since the very beginning.

We had the founder of this project back on our channel back in 2020 for an interview before anybody knew anything about elrond and it recently hit an all time. High everybody, whoever bought and held elrond, is in profit. Elrond enters price discovery mode with a target. Now of four hundred and forty dollars, remember when i was like 15 bucks right point is guys: crypto is the fastest appreciating asset class in human history, its not timing, the market its time in the market. We will see thousands of new crypto millionaires created this cycle. Im sure youre realizing this, maybe its already happened to you, maybe youre going for a billion dollars, maybe youre going for a hundred thousand dollars. This number is arbitrary. The fact is theres tons of opportunity in this space and you can invest in the quote. In quote, blue chips, the blue chips, the ethereums, the solanas, the polka, dots, the lrons, the blue chips within different verticals, like the nft blue chips, the d5 blue chips or what you can do is maybe youre a trader, maybe youre, making money off those meme coins. What which people do the next meme coin is? Let me know what you think. The answer to this is in the comments below and lets get to some low cap altcoin news little pump im going to educate you on this little pump. Royalty shares sell out in two hours via opulence, partnership, raising half a million dollars, so maybe youve heard about opulus weve referenced it a few times on this channel before this is how it works.

Last month, we reported that blockchain powered financial platform opulus had partnered with rapper little pump and edm star to let fans invest in the artists music via crowdfunding platform republic. This is how it works through the offering of security, nfts snfts, a term coined by republic to describe a non fungible digital asset offered and sold as a security as defined by the securities act. Users are able to invest directly in artists music for as little as 100 via republics platform, as part of the first wave of releases. Little pump offered fans the chance to invest in his single mona lisa, featuring soulja boy produced by jimmy duvall and owners of the nfts will receive royalties every time the song is streamed across streaming platforms or played on the radio, tv movies or video games. So major win for little pump and soulja boy major win for opulus im, an investor in opulence and im happy to see news like this, its a lower cap coin, but i like it lets talk about lower cap coins within the blue chip depth platform projects. Before we get to that, my question to you is: have you gotten a credit card that gives you bitcoin back on every purchase, yet the best in the game, in my opinion, is our sponsors card block fi, earn an unlimited, 1.5 back in bitcoin on every single Purchase zero annual fee, huge differentiator, no foreign transaction fees, see if youre pre approved with zero impact.

To your credit score, this is the card to have i like it. Many people in our audience have this card use it every day, chipotle buying bitcoin, groceries, dry cleaning. Anything bitcoin back on every purchase and this opportunity will not last forever 3.5 percent back during your first three months of using this card 1.5 back on every purchase. 2 back. If you make big purchases forever and if you trade in a block fi account, you can earn 0.25 on all eligible trades. This is the card to have my friends block altcoin daily cc. Zero impact to your credit score use the link in the description check. It out now perfect for a christmas gift to yourself. Solana, ftx and many partners have just launched a 100 million web 3 gaming fund. Key takeaways are as follows: representatives affiliated with the fund says that solanas high speed, low cost capabilities could help crypto gaming thrive. The initiative has already directed 21 million to a solana based gaming project launching next month. Question is, while theres 100 million going into all of these games. Whats the one specific gaming project theyre talking about well, the company is far away far away. Raises 30 million for solana based nft browser games and the game in question is mini royale nations solanas first online multiplayer game, backed by andreessen, backed by ftx, backed by solana, labs speaking about blue chip, defy chains, ave, teases, cross chain layer 2 plans in its version 3 proposal that decentralized lending protocol is planning new features for its next upgrade.

Key takeaways are as follows: ave has announced the next update to its defile lending protocol version three, the features that will accompany it. The upgrade will most notably include support for multiple blockchains and support for layer 2 networks. It will also include various improvements related to user experience, risk management and the token listing process. Ave is a blue chip. If all goes well with this, i suspect it will become even better to use and more valuable in other news. This is interesting. Coinbase confirms its launching a subscription service with zero fees. So right now, when you trade on coinbase or coinbase pro, you pay a small fee. If you sign on to their subscription service a monthly subscription or whatever it is youll, be able to trade with zero fees. So if youre interested in that, keep that on your radar speaking of exchanges, binance says its trying to find the scammers behind the squid games. Token crypto exchange finance has said it is trying to hunt down the scammers behind the infamous squid games cryptocurrency, and we all remember when that happened live to one of our favorite streamers. The market cap is 2.168 trillion dollars and now the mark, oh, oh, it went to zero thats it for me today. My friends smash the likes comment.