The question now is: will we be able to get a very strong bounce here and push towards new all time highs, or will we continue this pullback towards lower levels? We will also take a look at why we have an updated target all the way up at around 9.18 use dollars. So in this video guys we are once again finally back with the centerland ticker symbol mana, and we will be doing a decentraland price prediction and technical analysis. If you guys enjoyed this mana price prediction videos and want to see more, its always super super awesome and helpful when you show that by dropping a like and really quick before we get started here, i just have to give a disclaimer. This video is for entertainment and educational purposes. Only. Nothing in this video is financial advice, but all right guys now lets get started right away here and right now, as were speaking, were looking at the four hour time frame, and we actually have a very interesting continuation pattern, starting to appear on the four hour uh. We will actually look at that one soon, but lets start uh this video off by taking a look at the daily time frame and what has happened here recently. So, as you probably know, we had some very very bullish days. You know we had this monster green candle, where we pushed up 150 percent in one day that was absolutely crazy and we actually pretty much exactly uh reached uh.

I think our third target for this move. I think this one was at 4.79 around there, and now we actually look at this one as a sort of zone in between around 4.79 to 4.96 here as a resistance zone that we will return to later in this video. But i think the lower line here was our target. I can actually double check that so, yes, what we actually did in our previous video was that we used our fibonacci tool from the previous all time high. We printed here in may 7 around there down to the very low, and then we got some fibonacci extension levels and our 3.618 fibonacci extension gave us a target of around 4.79 use dollars and we can see that we pretty much exactly reversed at that fibonacci extension And saw a very, very strong pullback here towards the downside. We can see here that from the very high this this is pretty brutal from the very height down to where all right now we havent seen a drop of uh around 50, so very strong pullback. The very nice things uh, the very nice thing we can see right now happening right now, is that we are seeing some buyers coming in here. You can see we have a slightly slightly green candle up around four percent for the day, which is actually pretty nice. Uh, considering that bitcoin is in the slight red, so nice to see a bounce here and were all are, we bouncing were bouncing pretty much exactly at the 1.

618 fibonacci extension, which was our first target from the breakout so very nice to see. You know the bounce here at the fib extension uh, so that is very nice to see, but all right. So what are some levels to pay attention to here in the very short term, if we get a strong bounce here, uh which it looks like we might be getting here, we need some more confirmation and we still might actually break this one to the downside. So definitely pay attention today and in the immediate short term. But if we start to bounce here, then the first sort of level i would look out for is actually this fibonacci extension here. This one is the 2.618 we talked about in previous videos and this one give us a target of 3.59. So that is the first row short term level. You can pay attention to that said. If we even break that one, then we are looking up all the way, all the way up to this zone right here in between around 4.79 to 4.96 use dollars, and, as i said this one, we look out for for two reasons. First of all, this was the 3.618 extension and the upper line comes from wait. Let me actually adjust this one, a bit from the very, very all time high. We printed here october 30., so you can definitely look at this as a key zone. If we can even break that one, then we have some new target levels.

We have one target at 6.60 here and we have another target at 9.8 in, but let us actually return to this later in this video, because first i actually want to switch here to the four hour time frame and talk a bit about this pattern right here. So, in my personal opinion, this kind of looks like a falling wedge pattern, and this is an example of a very clean continuation pattern, meaning that the goal of this pattern is that we have a move up. We consolidate here for a while in this wedge. Looking pattern and the goal of this pattern is continuation to the upside, so this is a bullish pattern, but the hard thing here is, and the whole thing with technical analysis is that im not really sure how to draw this one. You can see if we have this one as were having right now i mean this. One is not perfect, because then we disrespect these two wicks right here and so to be a bit more conservative and its always better to be safe than sorry. I would probably draw this one like this, so we take this wick with us and look at this and what we and what we want to look out here for the breakout is a strong candle close above. We dont want a weak, weak candle here above, but in order to for this pattern to actually start getting into play, i would like to see a strong move up here and if we can do that, i think we can continue to explode but definitely pay attention To that also what you dont want uh to happen.

Is you really dont want us to break it towards the downside, because this uh, as i said this, is a bullish pattern, but as with every pattern – and this is true for all technical analysis – we always have a bullish scenario and there is a break to the Upside, but we also have a bearish scenario, and this pattern is most of the time bullish, but it can also act as a reversal pattern, so definitely make sure to look out for a strong channel close below here. Definitely a bearish sign now lets take a look at you know what about if we actually continue to fall here. So if we break the 2.36 level here towards the downside, what are some support levels to pay attention to? Well, first of all, we have this zone right here. I hope you can see so if you break 2.36 im, definitely paying attention to around 1.61 to 1.55, this sort of zone uh. Why am i looking out for this one? Well, this one is super clear on the chart. We look back to the old all time high and we can see that we printed here may 7 clear resistance one time two times, so this is definitely a clear zone to pay attention to. If we start to fall here towards the downside, so there you have some support levels to pay attention to the support level on the pattern, as well as uh 1.61 to 1.

55. Now what about if we can actually push above and break new, all time highs? What am i looking at for them? What we can do here is, since we have a new swing, a pretty clear swing and if we – and if we get the bottom here, then we have a swing high to swing low. So then we can use our fibonacci extensions once again here and our 1.618 would give us a price target of around 6.60 use dollars. So if we break all time high, we can definitely look out for 6.60. That said, our most bullish targets for now is: if we break 6.60, then we have a target all the way all the way up here. This is our 2.618, and this one would give the centerland mana a price target of around 9.18, but please make sure to know that this target levels are starting to be valid here when we break all time high. The first most important step is to break that. All time high, then were looking out for our fibonacci extension levels, but all right guys thats pretty much it for this video. If you feel like you got any kind of help or value, then please consider dropping a like and if you guys are interested in more dont hesitate to subscribe and hit that notification bell.