So if you guys do enjoy that make sure to continue to keep liking and subscribing like you guys have, and i really really appreciate that you guys have been killing it lately. Um also were gon na be going over chain link were gon na, be going over a little bit of al grand and some other news therell be time stamps down below. So you guys can skip wherever you need no point in wasting your time and no point wasting my time and lets get this done together. So aside from that, guys consider also subjoining the discord because were giving away a few hundred xrp to anyone who joins the discord down below and is also subscribed so thats all. I have to say for now hope you guys enjoy the video lets hop right into it. Alright, so lets look at whats pumping today, guys on the 24 hour, we have coin, which im going to get into in just one. Second, we also have sheba in you down here im going to do a little price video on that today, as well recommend everyone check that out that will be out today and i think well do another coin. Um, based on what you guys say in the comments ill check, one of your guyss coins. Actually, instead of that, im gon na do a tweet on twitter and, if you guys reply to it with the coin, im gon na pick randomly if one from that and uh thats how well do it.

So, aside from that uh, nothing too much going on the markets were still getting the sideways action. I believe the sideways action is really starting to take up these high leverage traders who feel like they missed out and instead of doing the smart thing and like buying some of these spot coins on spot that are really low risk because theyre already at the bottom, A lot of people are over leveraged, which is kind of slowing down the market. Now we have coin up 30 and it has a 9 billion dollar market cap, which is absolutely crazy. It is taking off right now. Who knows when this thing is going uh to start to slow down here, um, because it did kind of find a little resistance back at this uh? You know top side here and then it just started skyrocketing off into price discovery after that, and you know not my favorite crypto exchange ever, but they are doing well and i have to give them um credit where credit is due now me personally, the reason i Bring that up is because i think kucoin is still a very good play here, even though they are taking off a little bit. I think its a good temporary play. I cant lie um its about to hit price discovery. It hasnt hit alt uh hasnt hit it. Yet all time highs is 20, almost four years ago, its at 18 right now, so it has basically reached almost a level of price discovery, but its not there just yet seeing top side resistance, so i think kcs could take off.

Obviously it could retrace, but if it retraced thats when i definitely want to buy, if im going for a better risk management approach, approach, id wait for the retracement then buy because you want to buy when people are fearful. But i think kucoin token is going to take off, especially this is going to be a good one in altcoin season, not because its a altcoin, because it it has most of the gems it has most of all coins on it. No matter where you are, it makes it so you can get things like energy web token and stuff like that. That are just major gems that you cannot get anywhere else. So i feel like kucoin tokens, gon na surprise, a lot of people. Um ive, been thinking about stacking more on this coin. Even at these prices. I just cant think of a reason that it wont do too well, but me personally, im gon na wait for a dip before i end up doing something like that, but it definitely could be taken off here very soon, all right so continuing on guys. It says value secured by chain link data soars tenfold in less than a year. Now me personally, im not invested too much into chain link, but i could honestly just switch it out with any of the stuff im already invested in and be totally comfortable with the same amount of gains im probably going to get in the next few years, because I think chain link is 100 necessary in the crypto space right.

We need it honestly and the thing is guys id like to only hold maybe six or seven cryptocurrencies total that i want to be in. You know invested in and then maybe all my trip and then on my trading bag, which ill just trade with leverage or flip meme coins on the side of that. But reality is guys you dont want to be your hands in too many coins, because, if youre into many coins, then when one really takes off youre, not really seeing those big big gains that youd like to, especially when you know that these you know, if you Only hold like six coins or seven coins. You know that. Okay, these are good coins. I know theyre going to progress. I know these are going to these are going to appreciate in time and when they do see that big gain ive got it to energy. Web token, which i believe will and same with chain link honestly, which were going to get into im, going to absolutely be able to capitalize on that. So if we go to chain link right now, you guys can see its still. You know its kind of thin down here at the 30 dollar area and the volume is similar back to the 7 8 10 area back here and its so crazy to me, because the volumes really start to die down, but were still appreciating price, so someones still Buying here um, you know its probably someone with a lot of money still accumulating this, but i dont think retail is involved at all.

I think retail is just disinterested in chain link, and this is usually what happens. The whales start bringing up the price bringing up the price, slowly, retail doesnt even pay attention and then boom. It just starts to go straight up and thats when retail gets in and thats why retail gets wrecked because they start buying. These highs were at 30 right now. The all time high is 50 um, and this is still a new project you guys can see. This is just the first pump. We dont know how high chain link can go. We dont know how crazy chain link can get, because it is necessary, and if we get into the use case here, you guys can see chain links use case. I just googled it simply for you, but i googled it because there is something important in here that i want to kind of flip to something else. Wed like to talk about. Is this chain links ability to connect with any api and perform any off chain? Computation opens up a wide variety of use. Cases such as arbol using chain link for weather data to create weather risk products and theta network leveraging chain link for viewership data to fight ad fraud online content, so chainlink can do a lot with the api and you guys know anything about that. Thats extremely necessary – and this is just going to allow the whole blockchain – you know the whole crypto uh thing that we have right now, just to continue to uh, expand because chain links making it so much easier for these other blockchains, like theta network, which we love On this channel, i need to do another dedicated video on data, especially the fundamentals i already do on the patreon, but i need to do it for youtube because guys, i believe, theta could sky rocket and absolutely go crazy.

Um, especially t fuel at that as well. Okay, guys so continuing on again, we have announces another major integration with el grant. So you guys can see here. Allergans also doing some big things. Um now you guys can use um algo holders the ability to purchase items from popular ecommerce sites like amazon, uh, ebay, walmart, sd, really awesome to see. I use amazon way too much so uh. Our grand coming in the play here is amazing. Algorithm is doing a bunch of stuff right now and maybe its not even al grant doing a bunch of stuff. I think its everyones, seeing how big al grant is going to be. How useful al grant is how necessary al grand is um and – and i go back to the video i did yesterday – i said about algorithm – i was talking about. I was like guys check out some of these clips check out some of these videos about silvio mccally and how hes talked about elegrand and the use case for it and how its being built and and what it can do. Its absolutely amazing – and this is why were having so many platforms, so many people run towards el grand while were having so many hedge funds and stuff like that saying al grants, the future im sure theyre, reluctantly saying it, because they dont want retail to get in On this lets be real, and if we come down here, you guys already know al grants at 20th place.

This to me is a top 10 crypto. I dont say that a lot. I do not say that a lot ive only said that about a few cryptos. I believe you know exams top 10 crypto al grants top 10 crypto and if you look at al grant yeah the market caps a lot bigger its two times, the size of hbar. So i always tell people you know we all want to make gains. We dont want to make money here, but do you care more about the staking, because the staking could make you more money in the long run, depending on how long this um, you know, bullish season goes and where the bear market bottom is. We dont know where the bear market bottoms going to be okay, it could be extremely low. I have my theories which ill get into later. You know on some other videos, but we dont know and being able to stake our grand and it being a higher market cap, which means its usually a little bit more stable than some of these. Other coins, as you guys can see, are very stable and it looks like its in this massive accumulation before its about to take off. Okay. It looks very very nice and its like cardano people call cardano a staple coin, well, thats, because you can stake it and thats actually a very good positive, because these coins that you cant stake, like cardano, would have been retracing 40 percent and then trying to make Their way up something kind of like chain link did here: okay, you dont see that without grand, because al grant has uh the staking ability, so its a lot more stable volumes, starting to bottom out here.

So i can tell people are getting not interested in this and thats exact time to get interested so im a little more exposed to hbar than i am algorithm just because i believe were gon na see bigger gains than all coin season here, but im definitely exposed To algorithm, because its a good place to keep my money, where i know its more likely to be stable and im still gon na make that passive income im getting paid to hold it. How can i not like that, on top of it, its extremely useful and everyones running to al grand, so i think al grand is a big heavy hitter in this space. All right then, coming in with this tweet from peter vass. He says how can the sec sue ripple when the ct or cftc and the sec are fighting over? Who will oversee cryptocurrency space? Again, nothing is clear: the sec is starting lawsuits, but with no rules and regulations in place. How does that work? Yeah guys? This is true, you know we saw the cftc come out and i dont know whats going on with this whole sec thing, sec is just i i personally me personally, i believe from my research, someone in the sec got paid, and this is my opinion. Okay and if thats hes watching hey, i dont know, this is what it looks like when i did my research. So you guys, let me know what happened, but this is what it looked like to me.

Someone got paid by the ethereum guys, okay and they quit the sec all right. This all happened and then and right before then, the sec is now in a lawsuit against ripple for being a security. And then this guys running off to go show with the ethereum dude. So i think ethereum sent their government hitman on on ripple that the ripple team – and you know well see what ripple has up their sleeve because me personally, im betting on ripple during this. Not to spri not to make a difference between ripple and ethereum. You know you can be invested in both because were just here to make money at the end of the day, but from my research im very very long on xrp, and i think the sec is out of their mind another mind with this lawsuit: how to actually Out of their mind, if you do some research on whats going on people say: oh its, not decentralized! Well, all those people saying its not decentralized havent actually done research of what decentralized means in the cryptocurrency space they havent done it and they havent looked at both sides. I guarantee that otherwise they would understand how xrp is basically f. I would say it functions differently than ethereum, so theyre not a one to one comparison, but well get into that later guys then, coming into this tweet from uh mason, he says omg im dying of laughter from this and it says xrp to 589 btc to 20 000.

, so i was watching this last night bit boy versus anthony, pompriano and guys big boy destroyed him in this video like lets, be real. Big boy was being honest. He was like, of course, like you do clickbait too, and this guys just lying about this guys. A bitcoin maximalist this guy will get wrecked im guaran, i guarantee you. Bitboy will be around a lot longer than this dude. In my opinion, okay, this is my opinion right. You guys can watch everyone. I dont care, but heres the thing right. If you look at this, it says u.s companies announce plans to for nuclear power, bitcoin mine. Now, if you guys know anything about the channel im, not a fan of bitcoin, i dont like bitcoin im, not investing in bitcoin. I made a video saying: im selling all my bitcoin and a lot of people got angry at me, but why would i be a bitcoin when i know its not going to be around for too long compared to the all coins? So all coins actually have a use case. Yeah the dxy is going down and it isnt a downtrend on the macro scale, yes and bitcoins a store of value, but why couldnt the altcoins be a store value. They also have a minimum supply or maximum supply. Theyre. Also limited right and theyre, even in higher demand, because they actually have a use case so bitcoins not scalable thats, just the truth. If you know right now, we only have a few percentage of the world using bitcoin.

It currently cost the power of a country. Have that all operated right as it is right now what happens when the whole world gets on bitcoin its going to collapse or were going to have a lot of nuclear power plants in your backyard, which i dont think either one is you know the the desired Outcome here so me personally: yes, you can probably make bitcoin bitcoin money while you can. Why would i it needs a trillion dollars just for me to see a 2x when i know someone like hbar can see a 10 20 x and still not even be around. Actually actually hold up guys. We have a new command in the discord which you guys need to check out right now here, im pulling it up right now, so were going to compare, were going to do slash, compare all right, sorry, guys! I had to retype it compare hedera hashgraph to bitcoin lets, send it there we go so we have bitcoin versus hedera hashgraph. Now, if bitcoin was at hbars, uh market cap would be 320, but if hbar was at bitcoins market cap right now, it would be 75. Okay, this could be possible now this command is live um on my discord, so you guys can do it in any chat. Actually im gon na do it in one of the on one of the the tomato in the top coins chat. Just to let everyone know. Whats up right now so slash compare and their hashgraph to bitcoin.

So there we go and you guys can see. I did compare hedera dash hash graph, so you to get to get this command to work on the discord. You basically go to coin, get go and lets say i want to compare something like xrp or i want to compare avalanche right and you pay any coins. You look at the api id and you copy it here so make sure to join the discord guys. We can, we can copy the avalanche too, and we can. We can compare it avalanche to bitcoin and just like that, you guys can see uh there. It comes up with the price of avalanche. It shows you the price of avalanche. If it was that bitcoins market cap at bitcoins value and the price of bitcoin, if it was avalanche value, so really cool there, guys thats, how you do it aside from that? Thank you guys so much for watching longer. Video today check out the next videos.