A lot of you have seen: whats happened with shib and initially i was gon na. Explain that but uh there is actually a better person who is better than me explaining this, and that is saitoshi himself. So shaitoshi himself has made some public statements within discord and it sheds light on what is happening to ship and what has happened and what the ship army is currently trying to do were going to go through that im going to have a look at the charts. Stick around to the end, because this is juicier than red stake well be giving away 100 to a random subscriber to kick start their crypto journey to enter this giveaway simply like and subscribe, and comment your favorite crypto in the comments below now. This particular statement requires you guys to know a bit of background knowledge. So, a few days ago, ship was really pumping. You went up a couple hundred percent in a span of a few days and all of a sudden he dipped – and this happened at the time when the coin market cap changed the circulating supply listed on its website. Changing the circulating supply is actually a very, very big deal, because if you can change a circulating supply or in this case, increase the circulating supply, it means that there are people out there who is minting, who is creating new ship tokens and generating them out of Thin air and when this happens, people tend to think that this token is a scam and a lot of people pulled out from their investments and decided to stop investing altogether.

And this put a stop on ships momentum and, as a result, we reversed. The price of ship began to go down so about two days ago. Kraken one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, announced that they would list a ship on their platform. But when the day came, they never listed the ship, and so this statement by shaitashi reflects his thoughts on what has actually happened behind the scenes. So this was taken from satoshi himself in the discord. Robot, hood and kraken are two usa exchanges and follow the stringent laws here before they can list an asset they have to ensure all information is correct, since they dont talk to us who would they go for info? Who can confirm the supply? Who is the authority in the space coin marker cap and guess what they probably had it wrong? So theyd have to fix it, but couldnt say a word because they cant speak about any type of movement with an asset about to be listed. This makes sense and goes along with the robinhood ceo statement. We investigate all assets before we list, and so what does the ship haters do and they say weve added tokens. So a quick recap. So far, robert hood and kraken wants to list ship, but they need to find a trustworthy source to ensure that the listing goes smoothly and they turn to coin marker cap. But coin market cap has made a mistake, and this mistake resulted in people pointing the finger at ship saying, theyve added more tokens when this, in fact was not the case.

Satoshi says that this is a long term play for mutual funds and hedge funds, and he continues to say that i want an explanation from coin market cap and we all deserve that. But he can understand that if they cannot say anything, this is now a new focus for us. We arent a small ship anymore. We have to start thinking about things that just didnt matter before, and this is one of them, so weve been done. A good old, dirty and shiatoshi is trying to get the dirt off our bodies and right now. This is a focus for sheep to get the facts right and to get the circulating supply and the public in good hands. Once again now, before we move on, you can support your favorite crypto projects such as sheep ethereum and more by getting your own physical crypto coin. To add to your collection, you can find a link in the description and across social media. The ship army is demanding answers. We have people like del crypto asking the same thing. We have people from milkshake telling coin market cap to get their act together and publish where they got their figures from now. All that aside, lets have a look at what is currently happening to your investment. So ship store tumble from its all time high here and we saw the price bounce off this particular level around the 4300 mark, and we can see it begin to consolidate a little bit and forming some levels here around the 4500 mark as well.

Now the good news that most of you want to hear is that the downward trend likely has stopped. We can see that recently in a couple hours ago that there has been a macd crossover indicating that were now building positive momentum and the price is beginning to go up here. And we can also see on the stochastic that we have now in an upcycle indicated by um the slightly fast moving line approaching above 80 level, and we are beginning to see some of the one hour time frame action appear on the one day. Time frame. We can see that there is potentially a crossover happening on the stochastic, but were yet to see the momentum decline on the daily time frame for the macd so on. The micro level were already seeing a recovery, but on the macro level, its only beginning to show early signs and im a person that invests by warren buffetts philosophy, so i get greedy when people are being fearful, so i took his jab at buying the dip again. These are my personal actions and this is not financial advice, so, yes, price has dipped from an all time high, but we need to view this shot with a wide angle lens and realize that as satoshi has said, this is a big picture. Play were early investors and in crypto, as we have seen time and time again, patience is rewarded. I hope you guys have an understanding of what has happened.

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