Now we got an update on whats, going on with the exchanges that are supposed to let sheba anew and coin market caps. Official statement on whats going on with the circulating supply, we have been pressing and applying pressure and we finally got a statement out of them. If you want to be up on all of the information make sure you hit the subscribe button and then make sure you have the notification bell clicked for all, so you could be up on and updated on. Everything as it happens. So take a look at this at the time of this recording sheba new is currently four zeros and five six is up 18 on the day, its down 21 in the last week, but its up over 80 million percent in this last year. You got to put things into perspective now. Lets talk about the call options like we always do now. We are currently down 15 in one of our bbig calls, but we still have over a month on it. We basically up 46 in a lucid call option and we are up basically 90 in a forward call option. Lets get it baby if you want to learn how to do options for the first time hit the discord link or you could be up on the plays as early as we are, the discord link is in the top comment. Baby well see you there now whats going on with shiba inu lets take a stroll down memory lane baby.

So then we can make sure that we have a foundation and then were going to build the new information on top of it. So it all makes sense together, you ready, so she been former basically told us this. They went back and did the research and dug through the web archives. I always tell you: these websites are updated so regularly that you got to take screenshots. You can have proof of whats going on, but what they did was they went to the web archive and dug up what coin market cap basically had listed, and it says basically the circulating supply. How many coins of sheba knew are circulating and being traded was ‘4 trillion, and they had this as far back as june 6.. So its been that way for months, but then all of a sudden coin market cap updated it and verified that it was actually 549 trillion, not ‘4 trillion. So this diluted all of the coins that we had. What does that mean? That means, if you own, a small piece of the market cap with your coins, then if they add in more coins, then that means your pieces are now worth less than they would have been otherwise. So now lets take a look at this because again we got to build this foundation, so we can add the new information and it all makes sense together so sheep army. This is the official twitter page, shiba knew and they posted this about a week ago.

They said we have not stopped working to make sure that coin market cap provides answers in regards to this circulation issue. It went from 300 trillion, basically to 500 trillion. What happened there so then coin market cap they said this. They said we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. It was a bug right. So then, let me introduce you to satoshi if you have not been introduced yet to satoshi satoshi. Is the project lead at sheba new and on twitter? This person has basically 400 000 followers, and they said this just three hours ago they said coin market cap they added them on twitter. Can you explain who you spoke to about the update during our bull run? Why now, why now, who did you speak to during our bull run when, when this coin was just basically passing almost every cryptocurrency outside of bitcoin and ethereum, when it was on the way to being it was headed towards the third market cap of all cryptocurrencies? Who did you speak to coinmarketcap so now? He said why, in the original statement in the screenshot, you said it was a glitch. You said it was a glitch on your end right. These are the questions now watch what shitoshi asks as well. They said robin hood. This rh and kraken are two u.s exchanges and following stringent laws, what they have to do, because if they list an asset, they need to be absolutely sure that everythings all of the ducks are in a row the circulating supply the market cap.

What is the coin price? They need to know everything about it for absolute certainty. So now we basically get to see why satoshis asking coin market cap this question: who did you speak to? Did you speak to robin hood? Did you speak to kraken? Did you speak to these other exchanges and then, once all of you guys realized in private, you didnt tell the public, you didnt make a public statement before down and you didnt update sheba new. You all did this in private and there was no transparency. You never told any of us, you just upped the circulating supply and nobody knew so now and again, they didnt add any coins. They verified it during the bull run when they should have verified it beforehand. So theres a podcast and this podcast is called coin. Market recap – and it does weekly crypto news, and one of the topics was the sheba news supply and they were going to talk to coin market cap about this is at least what they claimed. So then me personally, i wasnt going to take their word for it. So i had to do some research and find some receipts and say: is this legit, so i go and see whos running the podcast and its someone named connor sefton and if im saying your name incorrectly, no disrespect ive, never heard you say it and hes a Journalist for sky news and podcast and host daily news for coin market cap, so, okay, uh, okay, maybe hes legit right.

Maybe this is legit again no disrespect ive just just discovered you now, but then i go to coin market cap and it says they retweeted this. So this is absolutely legit on their twitter page with the verified check. It says on this weeks coin market recap: podcast, connor, sefton connor asks coin market cap. Why sheba a new supply changed and if it will be fixed, so family lets hear it together. You ready for this. I need you to quiet it down whoevers around you, havent, quiet down. I need you to hear this. You ready now. After last weeks, podcast was released. I received hundreds and hundreds of messages about shiva inu thats, because coin market caps, data on this meme coins circulating supply was changed. Coin market cap previously said that ‘4 trillion ship were in circulation, but this was increased to 550 trillion. This led to sheba eus market cap increasing by about 10 billion, but the coins price remained roughly the same. The change sparked fears that the increase in supply could dilute the value of the coins in circulation. Well, ive asked coin market cap some questions about what happened, and this is what they told me when asked why the circulating supply of ship was changed. They said we received feedback from some of our users that our circulating supply for ship was static and not updating dynamically, which prompted an internal audit. After a review, we refreshed the data on the back end and the figures are now updating dynamically.

It bears mentioning that the audit has brought the circulating supply in line with figures from several other data sources. I asked them about why a public statement wasnt made after the circulating supply was changed. They said the change was communicated in the same way. Supply updates for every other coin are done directly on the website. When asked whether there should be clearer disclosure about how circulating supply is calculated. Queen market cap said it adhered to. The usual standards of practice to supply updates and its methodology has been in the public domain for many years. My final question concerned whether ships circulating supply is now wrong and whether its going to be fixed, like some people on crypto twitter, have demanded coinmarketcap said the circulating supply of 550 trillion is correct, based on its methodology and matches the calculations made by other data sources. As well, this one so family long story short what they said was for whatever reason, not because it was a bull run. This is according to them ill. Let you be the judge, but they said not, because we were talking to other exchanges. They didnt disclose that they said not because you were on a bull run and becoming one of the top 10 and even closer to the top five cryptocurrencies in the world. Not because of any of that, we just decided to do an audit for whatever reason and update our systems. And now it said you know what its actually not 300 trillion its 500 trillion, which diluted the amount that we all own and then they said now.

Our figures match other sources like coinbase and all color, all other kind of exchanges family. So this is their official statement. I want you to replay this part, so you can just hear it again and realize that they had to tell us through the voice of somebody else. They could have posted this on twitter. They have millions if im not mistaken, of followers on twitter and they could have said this and made an open statement. And i want you to go actually check coinmarketcap on twitter and then just go through their posts and see if any of their posts are as important as this was it any of them as important anything that theyre talking about? Was it as important as updating us on a circulating supply and making an official statement ill? Let you be the judge of that now lets get back to the facts and the receipts, because heres one crack in the exchange. Remember this all this stuff is making sense. Now, all of it is making sense. They said on november 1st that if they get 2 000 likes, that was their expectation for a high amount. 2 000 likes theyll list ship tomorrow and then look at the amount of comments they got. Eighteen thousand, but then look at the amount of likes. They got not two thousand eighty two thousand, so they got eighty thousand more likes than they were supposed to. So then, you could see that the demand was there, that the hype was there, that that momentum was there.

But we talked about how fear, uncertainty and doubt kills momentum. But look they updated two days ago under their own post and they said they got some emojis and it says kraken loves sheep and then it says weve heard you loud and clear because remember weve been applying the pressure make sure youre following me on twitter. So you can help me to continuously apply pressure, and they said weve heard you loud and clear, theres more work for us to do on our end with our listing review process. So they still have to do some things, even though it all seemed like it was all good when they said, can we get 2 000 likes, but now all of a sudden, because theyre having conversations it appears allegedly supposedly right, nobodys trying to get sued. But it appears that theyre talking with coin market cap, robin hood, all other kind of exchanges in the dark, with no transparency, and we have no idea whats going on. We dont get official statements from the direct source. We get to hear it through a back door source that they sent us to and verified so its just its just nasty, in my opinion, family, but lets get to the big dog, the beast: the banger, amc, entertainment, ticker, symbol, amc now and notice. I got ta say this before we get to amc notice that sheba knew notice, how once the fear, uncertainty and doubt like weve, been talking about with all the doubt with whats going on with circulating supply.

Now that we understand what the circulating supply is, the uncertainty is gone. So then, look at the price its starting to reflect some strength, isnt that interesting weve been talking about this for a long time. Now, for at least i want to say since this started and look at it, we got through it, and now we need to get through whats going on with amc. We got to figure that one out too. We need the government to help because stocks is different than crypto family, but check this out. Amc is currently 41 a share. It may change by the time you see this because they have earnings and by the time i get this video im. Sure earnings is going to be out by then, but just know its up two percent on a day, its up 15 on the week and in the last three months its up 23 lets get it amc. Let me see some gorillas in the chat baby now. Remember. Yesterday i talked about how a institution wed bush, they gave it an underperformed rating and said it was going to 7.5 thats their price target right, but lets get to the facts. Lets get to an unbiased source in terms of this amc. Entertainment is expected to actually not underperform its expected to beat earnings, and it says that lets look at this amc is likely to increase both earnings and revenue when it reports the third quarter for 2021 results, and the consensus is basically 22 percent beat on everything.

But watch this whats even more crazy than that is that its pegged to having over 760 million dollars in revenue compared to last year same time about 119 family, so 119 in revenue, 119 million all the way up to 700 million thats crazy. We love to see it. Why are they getting these crazy low price targets because look the short interest according to ortex, it still continues its upward momentum and its estimated to be about 17 of all of the shares that you can trade the free float. Why is that important? Because the shorts, the people who are betting against amc are basically so down in their position that they got to keep giving these crazy targets, even though amc is becoming stronger and stronger of a company because of you, the apes, i love yall. What i want you to do again is hit the subscribe button. If you have not done so already hit the notification bell, turn it on for all. So you can be up to date on everything going on hit the discord link. So you can learn how to do options and if you have not seen the sheba a new side of this, because today was the the coin market cap side of this. If you have not seen the sheet but new side of this, then watch my last video before this one and it says basically revealed in the title and thatll, give you the sheba a new side of this and again it pairs with this video, which is the Coin market cap side of this, but i love yall.

I hope you have a great friday, but if you cant handle the heat of these hot stocks, just stay out of the kitchen and consider investing in the index funds again, i love yall.