My name is toby and im going to tell you why solana is going to make a lot of people very rich and heres. Why um im going to go over a bunch of facts, so this isnt going to be a bunch of fluff if theres plenty of youtube channels, where theyre going to give you a lot of fluff im here for the facts, all right lets get into this. So solana hasnt been around very long, but it right now it has about 1 150 validators securing the network, which is pretty incredible, considering yeah its only been around for like less than two years, so the average apr for solana for staking is 7.36 percent and um. The inflation rate right now is at 5.75 percent. Circulating supply for solana is only 301 million, which isnt very much okay, so so lets get into this okay, so theres 60 million millionaires out there. So if you were going to divide, say, for instance, like all the supplies out there, youre gon na give each millionaire divvy up their portion of uh solana. So literally theyd only be able to get five solana each so lucky for you most millionaires. Dont want to be in this space and most millionaires. I know this may sound really crazy, but its true, most millionaires are not financially educated at all. Theyve either been a beneficiary of inflation, or many of them got lucky and they started a business or whatever, but they really dont understand monetary theory at whatsoever, and this is where you come in, so solanus says that they can do 50 000 transactions.

A second, i know the average isnt that, but they can that they say that they can do 50 000 transactions a second, but they were down for 17 hours one time, and that was because they were actually doing 400 000 transactions. A second um and that kind of blew up the network and they went down for a while. I wasnt too worried because, like these guys are incredibly smart and i knew that whenever they fix something um its probably not going to happen again at least not the same way. So the total value deposited on solana dexes is 14.5 billion dollars, and this is a really short amount of time where people have trusted this network enough to where theyre putting 14.5 billion dollars into dexes. And so this is just one of the reasons why solana is outperforming ethereum by a thousand percent at this time. Okay, so chemet polypetia from social capital, a solana based startup called syndica. So what syndicate is actually trying to do? Is its helping solana, scale um and its theyve already raised eight million dollars in their seed fund and guess who else is involved with syndica sam bankman freed from ftx? And as my our ct club members know, ftx is one of our largest positions and i have a lot of faith that its going to definitely be in the top ten, and i will do another video on this shortly. But lets get into lets finish this solana, stuff, okay, so now with those facts out of the way heres, where all the fun starts, all right solana has 71 billion dollars of market cap, and if you compare that with uh binance, which is about eight billion dollars, More than cardano right now, so its flipped cardano all right.

What else are we going to flip? Well, we are next up, were we are going to flip binance? In my opinion, so solana has about 30 billion dollars more to go to overtake binance, and you know i mean how easy that is that gon na be so. If solanda doubles here, thats going to take us to 140 billion dollar market cap, which is going to put finance away its good, its gon na bypass finance, really fast um, you know theres. The reasons for this people are interested. Big money is interested in this um. They see the potential of it competing with ethereum, and i think right now, solana is definitely on that path to having the best chance of really taking a huge chunk of the market share away from ethereum and ive been telling people that for a long time, i Dont think its going to flip ethereum um id be very surprised if it flips ethereum, but its going to take a huge chunk away from the market share of a lot of the alts as well. So id be very surprised if uh solana did pass ethereum, but it doesnt need to pass ethereum for people to become wealthy from investing in uh solana. So with that said, um i expect fireworks from solana. I expect it to go up multiples from here, especially as the bull run continues and um yeah im very excited im. Also gon na do a lot of videos on similar to this, to where i think these coins are headed, anyways thats.