If you cant take the pain you dont deserve the gains. So in this, video were gon na be doing a quick update, just sharing two hot cryptos that we got on our watch list that we expected to explode pretty soon guys – and you know, thats a slight possibility, its not saying that these things are almost definitely going To explode, this is basically just like an experiment experiment. You know, i told you guys. I look at myself like a scientist. We always you know coming over experiments with new projects. Even if i got projects already, you know solidified they already producing income automatically. They already nurtured all the way im still making other experiments. I like to just place a honey on something place: 100. There place 50 there just to see what it do sit back and just to see what to do, because this money, i would have thrown away on up. You know on anything anyway, so its like its money on im, not even accounting for it money im already losing in my head as long as i put this money on these plays im about to tell you guys about, i already lost it, so anything i make Is just a bonus, so i hope that makes sense for you guys, and i want you guys to look at – plays like this the same way and so lets go ahead and get right into it, guys. The first banger i got on the list, for you guys, would be doge line mars and i heard a couple people in the comments talking about this ive been holding this for a while now, but i was just waiting for the you know the right moment to Make a video about it guys i know if youve been holding it for a while, too, you seem like a yesterday or the day before yesterday we had a huge huge pull back with dogeline, and that is exactly what it needed to go ahead and happen before They have his next moves up, so i do think its opportunity in this asset, but its not nothing, to dont.

Look at it the wrong way. Im, not here telling you. Oh, this thing is going to the moon. No, it aint. None of that im letting you know right now. This is a you know. It is what it is. It go up cool we make money if it go down. Okay, whatever i aint putting much in move on to the next, so i got about 230 million tokens. I believe guys, let me verify this to make sure yall im sitting at about 230 million im. Trying to my goal is to get accumulate at least a billion and thatll, be you know, money, im willing to throw away guys, sit and wait, and let it see what it do so and once i get it run up about a few thousands of dollars. Even though im willing to lose that thousand, once i make thousands of dollars off this thousand, once i get a thousand in it im going to most definitely pull my initial investment out and im going to reward myself taking some of the profits that i earned then Ill, let this race sit on house money and itll, be real house money, because i havent made money from it and i dont got my money back so thats. How you want to set yourself up and put yourself in those type of positions guys to win, and i always win, of course theres going to be losses though i lose i lose, but i have good losses and good losses thats another time for another video.

It should be common sense, though, what a good loss is so lets, go ahead and go guys with this next one, the next banger on the list i got, you guys will be the centurylin mana and mana is going to be a sympathy play to the middle Verse, when the middle verse, when uh facebook changed his name to metal birds, mana quickly reacted. It rose 400 percent and then now it then came down some. But of course it had to get fomo and fear missing. Out of the way, give all that time to die down to see what the price will actually stabilize it. So all that will come back in the play. Doh people just had to go ahead and be hyped up in and get they get all that out. The way those emotions got away from getting that news now, you know it didnt die down a little bit, im, pretty sure its going to get back on rise thats. Why? I waited to get this video out as well, because i know when news come out. People usually you know, sell the news, but it was about it by the by they usually sell the news. But in that type of case, of course, people was going to buy the news, so i had to wait until until it settled down. I didnt want to you know, put a video out. While i was running up. Oh yeah now were going to wait till it settle down, wait till it pull back then put it put the video out because it didnt need to be in a you know, a by zone by then.

So you already know guys and right before this video came out a little later, though i beamed and put this video out earlier today. I just was behind schedule, but it broke through a key level. We broke through resistance right around 2.70 2.72 cents. That was a breakout that alerted a lot of people and thats, where the fomo would start rolling back in, especially we get past 3.36 cents. That would be the last resistance. Mana have to break through before revising the all time highs, and we know all time highs. Anything getting close to that automatically triggers fomo and fear missing out, and people start to rush in.