In my description for patreon down that page trying to have send me a profile and ill get, you rebalance the back on track. Then, at the end of this, video were gon na go over. My top five stock picks make sure you stay tuned all five day. Stocks can easily double and if you want a free, shiba, inu or ripple coin, write hashtag shiba, you know or hashtag ripple in the comments section and this month im giving out one playstation 5 as well. I have it in the back of me, write hashtag ps5 for that. If you havent hit the like button hit that like button, i really do appreciate it and hitting that like button does help the channel. Alright lets get this video to 1 000 likes today. All right lets talk about a tiny cryptocurrency that could potentially 50x from where its at right now. This could potentially be that way to turn 10k to 100k or maybe even higher and well talk about why you have to have this cryptocurrency in your portfolio. Now lets talk about the 100 000 bitcoin. Why that 100 000 mark is a huge, huge mark and its gon na help every single other cryptocurrency and create a whole lot of new millionaires lets talk about, can sheba inu still go up another 500 and why? I think theres a lot of room to grow for shiba. You know, especially a couple of new things that came out now, so talk about the new york mayor.

That said, he wants to be paid in. Cryptocurrency were finally getting adoption. Mass adoption everywhere a cryptocurrency, and this is why i keep saying crypto is in its infancy stage. Right now now lets talk about why altcoins can make you rich in terms of market cap. Just keep in mind when a crypto has a small market cap that market cap, doubling or tripling can happen very, very quickly. Youre, not gon na see that happening with bitcoin youre, not gon na go from one trillion to two trillion dollars in bitcoin overnight, but you can see that happening in a matter of minutes, especially with tiny little cryptocurrencies and lets talk about a couple of them. You should be buying into now, if youre brand new to my channel consider subscribing down below. I do daily updates on the deutsche corner of cryptocurrency and stocks that way if youre subscribed and you have that bell notification icon turn on that bell. Notifications got notified not just when to buy the stocks and cryptos, but want to sell out of them also, if you want to get two to four free stocks with weibull. That link is in my description as well. Now those who do when i get those live alerts, the second i buy or sell in real time. You can do that via patreon. Its the very first link in my description, youll also get access to my entire portfolio and you can join my ten thousand to a hundred thousand dollar challenge as well.

All right lets get into our stocks and kryptos Music. All right, everybody lets, take a look at dogecoin before we get into a little 50x crypto 26 cents holding on pretty good. If you take a look, the last week, weve kind of been going up and down, we had this nice run up here, which was a good sell opportunity and then a rebuy over here. So right now were back in that rebuy range lets. Take a look at. We do have a buy signal for dogecoin again because it has that really strong support level between 24 to 26 cents, and it seems to get rejected right at that 24 to 25 cent mark. So i think were going to be getting set up for a nice little 42 cent run up were kind of range bound between 25 and 32 cents once we break through that 42 to 48 cents is next lets take a look at bitcoin over here now. So this is the sentiment index over here, so you can kind of see the sentiment from about a week or two ago is going down, including the actual price, so were kind of stuck right now between that 61 62. 000 range. If we break through that 60 000 beer were going all the way down to about 57. 58 000, so well, see right now, im keeping my bitcoin, i might consider selling some of it and then rebuying back in. If we break through that next support line well see okay, so we do actually still have a buy signal for bitcoin, regardless of this little bit of a pullback right so ethereums at 44.

98. 44.84. Again, if we break through this 44 4300 resistance, i might cut a little bit of ethereum and then re buy back in on the way back up. Although we still have a buy signal for ethereum, so everybodys bullish with crypto – and i still stand by ripple hitting about a dollar fifty in the next two weeks so were gon na, have a nice little upside. And if you could take a look over here in the last seven days, we were as high as about dollar thirty, so we got pretty close to that cardano 197 again its a sleeper. This is going to about three or four dollars over the next two to four months. It should be by five dollars by the end of next year, really really incredible: upside now: polka dot, 51 dollars and 11 cents. Let me refresh this yep its still staying around that mark, not bad chin like at 33 dollars up about seven. Almost eight percent impressive and lets take a look at shiba. Shiba has recovered from four thousand seven hundred to sixty one hundred goshiba eno nice little recovery. There look at that, you know wow yep. We were as low as 44 over here: wow thats, a nice recovery for sheba and moving on over here to top play to earn tokens by market capitalization. This is really really important, because the gaming industry is the future. Its theres billions, if not trillions, of dollars in it – and this is the you know if you, if youre going to get involved, you got to really focus on a couple of the big winners over here.

So whos the leader, you have axe infinity and you have decentralized mana. These two, you absolutely need to be buying into now. You can see this huge kind of disparity between the price, so this is that little baby, crypto decentral and mana at 257. That, i think, is still a huge steal of a deal. I think we can 50x from here easily. In fact, i think in the next one to three years, we could be somewhere around 100 to 150 dollar price, just where xc infinity is so right here. These are the two good ones that you should be adding to your portfolio, but decentral land, mana wow. This is a absolute buy opportunity and lets go. Take a look over here. Global games market is set to generate 176 billion dollars in 2021. Despite a slight decline. The markets on track to surpass 200 billion dollars by 2023.. This is what im saying: crypto is still in the infancy stage and lets go back over here. Mana is a 261 right now and in you know, lets just go back a week were up almost 200 in a week, 240 percent in a month. I think this is just the beginning for with some serious serious upside coming over here. Just someone to consider and start adding to your portfolio, the crypto price prediction of 100 000 bitcoin could come even sooner than you think, with ethereum leading the way, and i absolutely agree i think ethereum will lead the way and surpass bitcoin itself.

This is why my largest position in cryptocurrencies is ethereum all right. So a major crypto exchanges, ceo, is set on holding shiba. You know crypto long term, despite its recent tumble heres, why, after facebook changed its name to meta metaverse related tokens, the sandbox sand and decentral land mana recorded 200 per cent gains over the past seven days respectively. I think theyre both actually in fact mana is probably gon na – do much better but theyre. Both fantastic pickups right now, really really good pickups, two of them you, you should add these to your watch list and keep a close eye on them. So a new study reveals that united states cities lead crypto hires in 2021.. Again. This is why i keep saying were in that infancy stage because were just now finally starting to hire people for these crypto jobs. Once these jobs get all the people they need, they get the infrastructure going to get the coding going. Thats gon na take six to twelve months, so youre not gon na see that really huge boom for another eight nine months, which means this gives you about a nine month opportunity to load up on cryptocurrencies and build up that million dollar portfolio. You could essentially put in 10 to 20 grand and have few hundred thousand dollars in just the course of the next 12 to 24 months. Just got ta pick the winners, though all right, so the new york city mayor, elect eric adams, says hell.

Take his first. Three paychecks in cryptocurrency this is huge and hopefully, new york city gets their life in their. You know what together and they allow all these new exchanges to come and for people to purchase crypto, uh, altcoins surge, even as bitcoin ethereum price file towards key support levels. What all coins are we talking about? Xyo cro, w and xm are capitalizing on the bitcoin ethereum consolidation by moving higher, and when you see a little bit of a sell off in ethereum and bitcoin, what people tend to do is they will also follow along with that sell off. Theyll sell off some of their bigger winners like bitcoin ethereum, and they start putting that into alt coins and because the all coins have such a small market cap, they tend to give you much larger returns once they start going up. So this is kind of a pretty good strategy over here. I like it so philip hammond big finances move into crypto is unstoppable. I think big finance, absolutely all the banks are gon na – have to do this or theyre gon na lose a lot of really really rich clientele, theres. No stopping it. Crypto is here to stay permanently and think were going to see some ridiculous money flowing into it. All right last, article of the day, is going to be bitcoin. Turning into a political tool as united states mayors compete for bitcoin salaries. This is pretty ridiculous, but youre gon na see a lot of the world shift to crypto figure out how to use it.

In the gaming in the banking, in every industry, and how to capitalize and make money off of it, weve we have so many new millionaires from bitcoin, ethereum and other crypto investments that people are saying. You know what you know. My friend just made like two hundred thousand dollars. What am i doing wrong? You know youre investing into walmart or some other stocks and youre getting smaller tiny increases when people are investing into crypto and theyre, getting thousands and thousands of percent in returns. Pretty ridiculous lets get to our first stock pick its gon na be hood. Robin hood is set to explode once those crypto wallets launch. This is your buy the dip opportunity. Remember we had 52 week highs of 85. This is without the crypto wallets. What do you think is going to happen when robin hood launches the wallets youre going to be paying those ridiculous fees on coinbase theyre skidding you alive over there? Last month i lost over a thousand dollars in fees. You know what im going to do. The first thing im going to do is im going to shift all of my money into voyager and robin hood, and mostly robin because just the ease of use love it and i can buy my stocks. My crypto everything is in one place, nice and simple, thats. Gon na skyrocket it to somewhere between 80 to 95 dollars, really lots of upside over here roku got ta buy that dip lets.

Take a look at the last five days. You can see. We kind of went from about 313, so were down about 12 nice little by the dip opportunity. Now lets go back the last six months. You can see weve been on a constant downtrend all the way over here from july 26th. We are now down about 42 percent and roku is just in a league of its own. Its gon na do very very well, especially once the next two three months come and you got that snow cold season. People are gon na, be buying televisions, roku equipment, roku sticks and then, when they report earnings come january, youre going to see huge upside. So this is that buy the dip opportunity. Third stock pick is going to be draftkings online gaming is the future theyre going to do very well its going to take a while to develop some nice little earnings, but if you can sit on draftkings, for you know the next 6 to 12 months, let it Develop, let it brew and cook its going to give you some really nice tasty returns all right. Moving on to our four stock pick meta platforms, which is facebook, facebook and amazon of the fang stocks, are stupid, theyre cheap, you absolutely got. Ta have facebook in your portfolio and a nice little 1.64 upside today lets take a look at the last five days. You know we kind of bottomed out at 324 since then were up about five percent, nothing to write home about, but five percent is still five percent.

If you take a look at the last, you know lets go back the last five years right straight, shot to the moon, sure theres a little bit of a dip, but if you held down through it you kept going up. You know if you bought it here right and from there to to um what is this july of 2018 youre up about 79 percent, even if you bought it at this peak in july 28th and theres this nice little big crash of 40 percent, all you had To do was hold on for less than a year and youd be up another 5 and then look at this dip over here january 24th february march. Right we start crashing and theres a 38 percent, 28 percent dip. If you held on through it, youd still be up less than a year later, 34. So same story here sure were down from these all time highs of 384 and lets just go back year to date. Now we cant even see it on this chart its not giving me the exact details, but even from that point right now down 18, its already coming back, so its only down 10 percent, so right now, youre still getting a 10 discount on facebook and the meta Platforms and what mark zuckerberg is planning for facebook, absolutely ridiculous, so good goodbye, all right, neo lets take a look at neo4240. Again. This is one of our lagers. We got rid of neo.

We got rid of alibaba everything chinese from our portfolio. If you want a little bit of chinese exposure, the one stock you should have is neo. I think we still have a huge upside, and if you go back the last year, you can see we never really returned to these 70 highs over here that we had and so were still down easily about 35. 40 percent from the you know 67 high over here, so that 40 downside kind of means its lagging behind tesla and all the other ones, and i think we can still see some huge upside with neo over the next couple of years. If youre a long term investor those who dont want to get your portfolio reviews, if you want wan na get and join and become a part of that, ten thousand to a hundred thousand dollar challenge, make sure you click on the link. In my description for patreon – and you also get access to my private discord and those live, buy and sell alerts, so you can see, i took ten thousand to a hundred sixteen 000 in just 11 months. Thank you and ill talk to you. Next, video take care.