With every day we get more excitement, more answers, more news, more everything, and today we actually have a really nice price rally as well. I hope that continues, but what i really want to talk about and what im really excited about is we finally have some new answers about the robin hood and kraken situation. Everybody is wondering why its taking so long for robin hood and kraken to list shiba inu on their platform – and i know some people are tired of hearing about it. But it is important to talk about and its a very important piece of news, and we finally have two new answers today. That is going to give us a lot of insight on what is taking them so long and what they are doing behind the scenes, and this stuff just came out so were actually you know. This might be the first time youre, actually seeing or hearing about that is in this video. So lets talk about it. So, essentially what we have is we have wealth simple today listing shibu inu as well as different cryptocurrencies on their platform. Shibuya was kind of the headlining crypto that they listed, and this actually provides us a really interesting glance into the future of what it would be like if robin hood or kraken did finally um list, shiba inu on their platform and the bottom line is. I now have a lot more understanding and sympathy for why robin hood and kraken are taking things so slowly and taking things so deliberately, because what we saw was an absolute disaster, but also an absolute amazing thing.

We saw well simple, completely: go under due to an intense amount of demand for shiba inu extreme extreme amounts of demand, all of a sudden came onto their platform and wealthsimple literally couldnt handle it, because there was so much demand. We got this letter at first. We were getting these technical issue warnings, but we werent getting much information on them. This is what people were saying at first, but then later on, people started seeing this letter here or were writing to let you know that shiba inu is temporarily unavailable to buy on wealth, simple, due to a technical issue caused by an unprecedented amount of buying activity. We are working very hard to fix this issue as soon as possible. It is our top priority. We understand this is frustrating and we sincerely apologize for this issue. So, in my opinion, this is very bullish. This happened just recently just a few minutes ago and im very excited to see this because, on the one hand, its a shame to see wealth. Simple have this issue as theyre listing shibu inu, but its clearly a signal to all of us how high the demand is and the pent up demand and how much people want to be able to get into shiba inu, but they literally cant, because maybe they cant Access coinbase or they cant access a different um crypto buying platform, and this is just huge in my opinion, and this also provides a lot of insight as to what robin hood and kraken are going through right now, because they probably are having to prepare quite a Bit of background for being able to list this onto their platform because they literally could crash if they list this on their platform and think of robinhood, for example, their whole system might have issues if they list shiba inu and all the sudden, millions and millions of New people are buying and signing up on their on their system.

They might have problems with other people who are trying to buy and sell stocks or buy and sell other cryptocurrency, and this could be a huge issue for them as just so much demand, and so i kind of understand i. I am not a fan of robin hood. I have differences with robin hood because i dont think i think theyre corrupt for other reasons, but this is one situation where i kind of understand why theyre taking so long to implement shibu eno onto their platform, because they probably are nervous about the sheer amount of Volume and the sheer amount of buying activity and the sheer amount of money they would make from shiba inu. They might not even be ready for that amount of money. Lets take a look at one other thing: we have wealthsimple.com. This is their alexa ranking theyre, ranked about five thousandth place as far as global websites, which is a decent ranking. But when we compare to robin hood, robin hood is ranked 719 and that does not include the app store and the google play store and the application traffic that they did as well. So if you included that most of their traffic comes from the applications, the mobile applications, the the traffic is just almost uncomparable, we have robinhood, who just the website alone you get is, is ranked so much higher than wealthsimple, probably hundreds of times more traffic. Just on the website than wealthsimplegets, but then the application as well gets probably thousands of times more traffic than wealth, simple and when we consider this its kind of not very surprising, to imagine why they would be taking their time to list on their platform.

Lets move into the second big answer that we got today and some of this developed last night. Some of this even started to develop. Yesterday we talked yesterday about this rant that satoshi kusama, one of the creators of shiba inu. He went on or she went on this rant on discord and a lot of it was very enlightening and we have some additional information to throw into this discussion today so to recover what we talked about yesterday, essentially yesterday, satoshi kusama went on this rant about how Robin hood and kraken are two usa exchanges and follow the stringent loss here and a little bit of background. Coinbase or sorry coin market cap had misreported the circulating supply on several different instances and it caused a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt not only among users and among the retail investors, but also cause fear, uncertainty and doubt among exchanges and satoshi. Kusama is speculating that this is one of the big reasons for the delay, and today we have some more information on that im going to get to it here in a minute. So robin hood and kraken are two usa exchanges and follow the stringent loss here before they can list an asset. They have to ensure 400 million percent. All information is correct, since they dont talk to us, meaning the shibi inu team, who would they go to for this info? Who can confirm the supply? Who is the authority on the space coin market cap and guess what they probably had it wrong? So coin, market cap, its now confirmed that you know pretty much without beyond any reasoning of a doubt that they got wrong with circulating supply and this probably threw a big wrench in the in the progress that was being made by shiba, inu or or by robin Hood and kraken as they started to want to list shibuyinu because um, you know, if youre getting conflicting information.

Obviously, youre going to take a step back, get a little bit worried about what is going on here, um, so what they do to fix it, but they cant say a word because they cant speak about any type of movement with an asset about to be listed. This makes sense and goes along with the robin hood ceo statement, something like we investigate all assets before we list. Okay. So now we have some more information that the shiba inu creator, or one of the creators just talked about earlier today a few hours ago, and this person says that they are having a lot of problems with coin market cap and they are essentially getting almost everything Wrong um lets scroll down here. Okay coin market cap, can you explain who you spoke to at cheap token about the update during our bull run? Why the original statement from your team was that it was a glitch on our on your end. Wed love to get this cleared up thanks, signed shiba army so for those unfamiliar at first coinbase said that it was a glitch on their end, and then they tried to claim that they were in communication with the shiba inu team, but they never were according to Satoshi kusama in communication with coinmarketcap, you can read this tweet or one of the tweets here ill. Try to find it. Um yeah didnt speak to anyone on our side still left in red on the chat.

So there was no communication from coin market cap and there was no information being transferred and for that reason um, you know at first coin market cap tried to claim that it was a glitch on their end and then they tried to claim that it was a Miscommunication or whatever may have happened personally, i just think that coin market cap made a mistake and i think they should own up to the mistake. Um at first they had 350 million or 350 billion sheep in the circulating supply. Then they changed it to 550 billion and that got a lot of people concerned, thinking that they added a bunch of sheep to the supply. We know that this is not true, because the sheba is shibuyinu is on the ethereum blockchain and we can access all the information here on the ethereum blockchain. We know that theres always been one quadrillion sheep in supply. We know that there has been um 410 trillion. Sheep burned – and we know that you know this is the information we have. We know theres roughly 590 trillion sheep in circulation, however theres also a lot of sheep thats been buried and so theres, probably around 500 trillion sheep in circulation. Theres. Also, other sheep thats been burned in a secondary wallet, the bottom line. I know this is a lot of information, but what we need to know is um. Let me just summarize this video real quick, because i know that im kind of getting into a lot of information – and some of it might not be necessary if you clicked on this video wondering what the delays were for robin hood and kraken, and what we learned Today we learned two things.

The first thing we learned is that we are experiencing severe severe amounts of volume when a platform lists something on shiba inu or lists shiba inu on their platform, and this volume can be very dangerous for financial companies such as wealth, simple such as kraken such as Robin hood and a lot of these companies want to prepare a lot of um. You know backup for these types of situations, and this is one of the big reasons why we can be confident uh. You know, or likely reasons why we are experiencing a delay of the shiba inu listing. The second thing we learned is that this circulating supply glitch with coin market cap was completely um, is completely falling on coin market caps hands. They didnt try to communicate with the with the runners of shibu enum and the shiba inu team, and yet they still blamed it on the shiba inu team and yet at the same time its just their mistake, its just as simple as that they made a mistake. They need to own up to it. They need to stop trying to claim that they communicated with the shiba inu team and they just need to say, hey sorry, we made a mistake. It wont happen again, but this mistake this costly mistake has caused a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt and its speculated by satoshi kusama, that this is one of the big reasons for the delay with robin hood and kraken.

So, thats, all all the information that we know in this video. I know it was a big video, a lot of information, hopefully um you, you understood, and you would like to make a comment below what you think about this stuff and also, i have to say, um. You know these videos have been getting so much extra love and attention, and i really appreciate it were making a big splash on the shiba inu environment. My typical views are only a couple thousand and weve been getting hundreds of thousands of views on these recent two videos, and i really do appreciate it and its helping out a lot. Its obviously helping out me and its helping me be encouraged to make more videos, but its also helping about the shiba inu ecosystem and its getting more social engagement and more people enrolled in the information going on with chibi inu. So if you want to continue doing that feel free to leave a like a comment whatever it takes a share if thats what it takes. That is great. I really appreciate it. Thank you very much for watching.