We look for gold in every single aspect of our lives and we always find it now. We have another daily market update. Bitcoin is at sixty thousand seven seven two we have ether, which is at 4, 400, 400.. So um look at this. This big money flow right here. This is the daily. We just have so much green for for a very long time on that on that daily money flow if we zoom out six hours, lots of momentum waves, basically all the same height right here – definitely some ethereum momentum building, but lets go back to bitcoin right all. I know with bitcoin right now is that we are gearing up. It is a gear up right. This whole thing is just a gear up, as you can see, we we touched all time high and then just basically went sideways and all of these candles. Most of these candles are touching into the 50ks, the 59ks, which shows me that its unstable or its unstable above 60, 000 right, but obviously we are still above the bull market support band. You also see big money flow and massive momentum um on the daily, which is, of course, what happened. There was massive momentum, starting right here, right, thats july, even right, big momentum wave to bring us up when did that start october, 3 or sorry september 30. Big momentum wave brewing, and now we are at the top of it um. I know that were in something like this right, like i always show tech devs charts, because this is what we really need to need to do.

We need to zoom out when we zoom out, we see 2.6 trillion dollar market cap right. Weve never been here before were basically like, like this is it. This is the final uh bull run, where we all create wealth for ourselves. If weve set it up like that and were going to talk about some wealth coins in this video and which ind, which like sectors of crypto, i think is going to make you the most wealthy because thats, what were trying to do in this space is to Create life changing wealth, so uh bitcoin dominance is at 42.8. Each dominance is almost reaching 20 right there. Um we see. Finance coin is in third. Has its had a nice 30 days here solana as well theyre gon na push solana to a thousand dollars. They will push solana to a thousand dollars im convinced of that um im, not in so lana right, but if you are uh theres still a 4x in price happening right here. In my opinion, cardano has dropped below two dollars: um xrp dollar 15. Still waiting for this huge breakout that is brewing for xrp shiba, inu um, definitely not doing too well over the seven days, but still pretty good. If we zoom out to the bubble view right here, cro definitely had a pullback uh from that 35 cent. What i think happened with the cro price is crypto.com is running a supercharger for hbar. So if youre in canada, i highly suggest download the cro app and find out what the h bar, because you can farm hbar for free, you can farm hbar.

If you have cro so im going to be participating in that, i dont think its for usa, but yeah mana is back up. This thing is is retaining the gains as i like to like to say engine as well as pumping we got. Helium pumping kadena ive been looking into pretty good um, but yeah. Look at this check my memecoin portfolio today and i um. I woke up a half a trillionaire, i checked the memecoin portfolio and we went from 7 000 to 500 billion um, and this is a glitch right. One of the coins in my portfolio im not going to tell you which one because i dont want to pump it. I dont want to do nothing. None of that. I dont want you to buy it and think its going to do this right. So obviously i cant sell this. Obviously its a glitch right. There, theres theyre illusionists the the coin. People are illusionists. They basically do illusions so that the noobs get brainwashed and think this is going to go up because imagine a noob logging in today and seeing their portfolio like this, knowing its a glitch but still being like, maybe theres a chance. This could go to there right and then they get brainwashed um but yeah. There is so thats thats interesting. I i hate seeing that, because its like its not real right, it kind of makes you a little bit mad because you cant even uh cash it out or something um, its just a tease right, dont get teased by the meme coins.

So if we zoom out on bitcoin dude, just look at this like this is just like a snake. I dont even know what to call this. This is just like sideways snake action right here. You know um, so so look at this. We have plan b right and then were gon na get into quant and xyo, because quant is is doing something right now, uh plan b says some people think that the november close of 98 000 bitcoin is too big of a jump. It is 60 from the current level, so lets check. Sixty percent from the current level right here were sitting at sixty thousand right um. If we, if we go like this, we can get right here to ninety thousand thats uh. Oh ninety, eight 000, yeah yeah. So about a 61 move right there is that possible. Yes, it is because look at this bitcoin has done this many times before. May 2019. 62 august. 2017. 66 right november, 2013. 451. It has done this before right, um and look. If we take a look at this. This is bitcoin after 2012, 2016 and the 2020 having right the red line is may 2020. Until now, the blue line is bitcoin july 2016 and the light blue is 2012.. So, as we can see, we have a long way to go still and thats what november and december and january are its such a simple cycle right. If we zoom out even more here, we got tech, dev or actually lets go to this.

One. Two simple lines is all you need look what hes, showing hes, showing the rsi right 14 period and hes, putting this line across and notice that each top right here is uh is lining up with this rsi. So hes saying that this is like the only lot. Two simple lines that you need to call every single top right here: boom right here by the way, this is a two week chart and thats why this is working and showing it like this, because its a two week chart and, as you can see in the Bottom right, you can see uh 2021 were about to have another uh peak right here and hes hes, projecting it to be right here. Okay, so if you look at this rsi line, it does not. It does not reflect price directly, like you know, like this see how this and this are basically the same level, but the price is higher. You know it doesnt directly reflect the price. So even if this rsi line peaks out at the same as in um april uh, the price could go higher like the price could be up here. You know, so we also have this chart theres. Nearly a million times. Difference in the market cap between these two charts right, but we see the crazy similarities. The macro similarities between 2013 and 2021 thats, a keyword macro right, its its zoomed out closing a two week. Candle above the 1.

618, is what fully sent 2013.. So we need to close right here right here, the 1.618 on the fibs uh. You need to close above uh. We need to close a two week, candle above the one, six one eight, and that is whats – that is whats sent 2013. So if theres any similarities, we might be getting sent if we close above that now, xyo take a look at the freaking xyo coin dude. What is going on right here? This is the six hour chart. It makes it look amazing right here. Look at this just clear, uh, clear accumulation boom right up to eight cents it. This is just like craziness right, huge! Look at this thick momentum wave right here on the six hour zoom out to the daily. We have one beginning right. This one is still beginning. So that could come up and just round out right there now theres, not a lot of data on the kucoin chart, but look at this big money flow right here. You know this this. This coin is a top 100 coin. I believe it has not entered that top 100, yet um once it it was at 103. if once that enters top 100 its going to blast again, i can tell you that right now now qnt were zoomed out on the two hour chart right here. Take a look at this. We have broken through to the downside, with with this level right this level right here, which is around like 270s, the 270s we kept just retesting that boom boom just bouncing off it constantly right and just basically going sideways right here in, like a little boring wave Pattern there look at this, though it has actually dipped way below this now and were getting a ton of yellow xs here, which signifies manipulation right.

So i think the whales want to shake us out of this lets go to three hour. We got four yellow xs on the on the four hour right, so i think this is some kind of flood attack or something dude, but this i i predict that this might come down even more. You know might even come down over here. 180 190. Before we had this monstrous breakout oops, i moved my line right there. I think it might even come down just to shake people out youre an idiot if youre doubting quant youre an idiot for real. You are an idiot if you bought up here. If you bought at 420 youre kind of an idiot too, because i was telling people back then that this is unsustainable gains thats, always my term unsustainable gains. Quant was having unsustainable gains and look what happened right, huge correction. This is always what happened its so simple. If a crypto does this all the way up, its gon na at least come down halfway and thats, what its doing right its about halfway down its its tower of gains here same with xyo, this is probably like. If we zoom out, this is probably either gon na blast off more right due to getting into the top 100 due to maybe a new partnership that i think they have coming. I dont know the specifics, but maybe if we take a look at the volume of xyo, they pointed out on their twitter that they were right behind ethereum, bitcoin and shiba inu above solana.

Above cro xyos volume is mental, its great right, um, so thats just insane. Bro we have this clip from bitboy right here. Take a look at this david schwartz responded to this. He sums it up perfectly whats, going on with the lawsuit lets watch. One minute clip last week also saw ripple scoring some major points against the goon squad. How the gun unscored for who, who must not be named judge netburn, is ordering the sec to explain, among other things, how the howie test applies to xrp status of ether and bitcoin, and the sale of xrp as investment contracts. Ouch attorney hogan put it best uh. Oh, the sec is going to be forced to admit that there is nothing in any of these contracts that create an expectation of profits by purchasers of xrp thats, a big problem for the sec and good news for ripple, because for xrp to be a security there Has to have been some kind of investment contract, meaning regular people must have bought xrp in return for a promise. That ripple would work to increase the token value but heres the thing. No such contracts exist, so the sec is going to have to pull off some pretty impressive regulatory gymnastics to explain, get back to the basics and the foundation of the case. Is it an investment contract no case done? Okay, theres, clearly ulterior motives happening here and david schwartz is being funny in the comments he says its spelled howie, not howie, mandel um, dude.

Okay, this is the basics of the case. Bro theres, no investment contract. The problem is the community no cap, i cant, lie right here. Im being completely honest, the problem is false promises from the community, and this has not been mentioned yet in the case. Stop saying that this thing is going to 10 000 and then really trying to convince people right because youre the one selling an unregistered security, because youre saying its going to 10 000 and im prone to this or im guilty of this ive. Also, i have a video called uh watch me scream at my camera for 10 minutes about how xrp should be 100 bucks right, but thats just a speculator from an investors standpoint, but still it matters it matters theyre gon na this is gon na, come up in The in the lawsuit – but i cant wait to see how this thing unfolds. We have el salvador using its bitcoin profits to build animal hospitals and 20 schools dude. This is exactly what were supposed to do. This is why im gon na make money off xrp im. Gon na make money off the enterprise blockchain and im gon na do stuff like this right, el salvador look at that building animal hospitals and 20 schools. We have the house passing the one trillion dollar infrastructure bill with crypto tax for bidens approval, so theyre about to pass it its going to go to the president right joe biden to make a decision on what this is, and this legislation basically says that it requires All digital asset transactions worth more than ten thousand to be reported to the irs ten thousand right.

This legislation imposes a badly flawed and, in many cases, unworkable cryptocurrency tax reporting mandate that threatens future technological innovations. So you know im sorry, i am sorry, but you know that this absolute is gon na pass that so be prepared. You know hes sleeping right. You know he will pass that or something will go down with that. Okay, now some of the sectors that i think will bring you crypto wealth lets cover it briefly. I want to get more into really focusing on these sectors. You can go to coingecko and look at the categories right. The main one dude is gaming. This gaming category, the fact that axi infinity is only worth 10 billion and what is the gaming industry gaming industry worth 173 billion, and this is only gon na go up right, 170 billion right blockchain gaming will be gaming. There will be no other gaming except um like this is how the gaming thing will move into where youre using your tokens, uh cash inable for real life. You know i dont even care about words. I make up words: cash in able okay cash interval. Look at the gaming sector get acquainted with the gaming sector right storage. How are we going to store all this data if the new world is all digital? Where is the storage going right? Oracles are going to kill it play to earn games here. Layer ones, uh, d5 right, um, music will be big. Music will be massive, so those are some of the ones that i think will bring.

You um bring you some some wealth right there, some wealth building. So that is all we got for the daily market update.