Video im gon na be answering a lot of your questions, and i am here in las vegas nevada, because we have a crypto meetup right in here. At the venetian were gon na, get some behind the scenes and also im gon na, be teaching you my thoughts on the current market conditions and how you can make money with cryptocurrency. I may even share a few bonus. All coins that youre not going to want to miss out on so, if youre, ready to make money with cryptocurrency smash up the like button lets get to 5 000 likes. If we do so within the first 24 hours, i will do a very special giveaway for you. My community smash up that like button and lets get started. Welcome to the youtube channel. My name is joe and every single day i make videos teaching you how to make money with cryptocurrency. So if you like money and you like crypto click, the subscribe button also hit that notification bell to be notified every single day. When i come out with these new videos, they are very time sensitive and youre not going to want to miss out. Also, please know that everything i say in this video is not financial advice. These videos are for educational and inspirational purposes only in full disclosure. I do own some of the cryptocurrencies that i will be discussing in this video, so i posted here on instagram, if youre not following me, joe.

paris on instagram, the link will be in the description and i asked you what questions you had for me regarding cryptocurrency. So to start the video im actually going to be answering a few of those questions. Now le261 asked me: what is your favorite altcoin? That is under 50 cents, its a very difficult question, but there is one that always sticks out in my mind. It is still sitting at right around 20 cents at the time of this recording, and that is hex now. The reason why i really like hex is for multiple different reasons. The main reason why i really enjoyed the cryptocurrency, though, is because, if you stake it, you actually get to earn 30 to 40, just by holding and so to me its a cryptocurrency that, if you understand the tokenomics, you understand how it works. That can be one that goes absolutely parabolic and what hex typically does is it? Has these really big massive run? Ups, then it goes down goes crashing down, then it just keeps making higher highs and higher highs and higher highs. So if youre able to catch the higher highs, you can make exponential gains, but you can also get washed out if youre absolutely at the top. So please make sure to do your research on this cryptocurrency, but to me under 50 cents for hex. This might be the last time that it is under 50 cents here in november, so im actually gon na answer a lot of the questions that you have theres, a bunch of them about meme coins.

What do i think about meme coins? Well, i truly do believe that meme coins have their place in cryptocurrency and the reason why i believe this is because two of the top cryptocurrencies in the top 10 right now are dogecoin and shiba inu, and they speak for themselves now, heres, something that you must Understand about meme coins, they are insanely, insanely volatile, they are very, very risky, but if you time them – and you actually do your research on them – and you understand what youre getting involved with – i truly do believe you can make some sweet gains with mean coins. All right so im going to answer a few more of your questions here in front of caesars palace. If youve never been to caesars palace, get the caesar salad at caesars palace, its actually pretty good and caesar doesnt live here by the way. Did caesar live here. Um no anyways, if you get the joke, smash up the like button, click the subscribe button and hit that notification bell to be notified every single day when i come out with these new videos now lets get into the questions. Jay diaz, says quote: how can i verify a legit coin as opposed to a fake one? This is a really really good question, because there are so many scammers and scam coins out there, its really important to follow the official links and the way that you can do this is you can verify the code.

So if youre actually a developer – and you know how the code works, you can verify the code or what you can also do is just double check. Contract addresses on coin gecko and coin market cap, typically not every time, but typically these will be the correct coins. Now, sometimes these coins, even if they look legit, even if they are perfect, end up rug, pulling scamming you, and that is just the nature of crypto right now. It is very unregulated, so make sure this is why i say this all the time in my videos. Do your research and never risk more than you can afford to lose another question here from tyler anderson and he says: were you struggling with money before you started investing? This is a really great question, so thank you, tyler. I really appreciate you sharing this with us. Definitely so before i started cryptocurrency literally, i was living at home. My girlfriend dumped me – and i was just your average joe – and i still am your average joe today and the truth is – is that investing in crypto has opened up so many doors, but it took a while, and i really do want to share the rest of The story about how i kind of got started with this. When i got started with cryptocurrency, i was completely lost. I had no idea what i was doing with it and i was just kind of blindly investing.

I was investing in really one project and it was social media and that social media project was steam from there. I actually became one of the most followed authors on steemit, which has now translated into becoming one of the most followed and viewed youtube channels, literally within the last six months. There are a few other youtube channels, obviously that have more subscribers and viewers, but we are one of the fastest growing channels here on youtube. So something im very proud of. But my point is: is that i started with a very small amount and then i just kept building and learning. I think thats. The key here is that you dont put all of your eggs in one basket. That was the biggest mistake that i made, but also you dont need a lot to start, but you do need to learn thats the absolute key here. I learned a lot in four years and i lost a lot of money. I actually the four years that i was doing steemit i didnt actually withdraw anything which is crazy to think about now, because i literally was making thousands of dollars per post, and so that was my biggest mistake. Number one take some profit if you actually have some, but also two, if youre willing to go through the process and stick with cryptocurrency for the long run thats where you can see some of these exponential gains. Thank you so much for asking your questions on instagram.

Make sure to click the links down below in the description. If youre not following me, there we are approaching 30 000 followers. Thanks again for all of your support – and i try to answer as many of those questions here on youtube for you, but also i will be answering them on instagram, so make sure to check my stories. There thats, where youll, be able to see a lot of the behind the scenes stuff that youre seeing here and also some of the lifestyle stuff, and also i teach you through all of that – how to actually make money with crypto and a lot of other cryptocurrency Updates, so thanks again for all the support there now youre, probably wondering whats the market going to do. Is it going to go up? How do i make money in this market today, joe heres? What i believe is about to happen and its not only me, but it is also a few other influencers one. In particular plan b now ive talked about plan b, multiple times on this channel, because hes been so accurate. It is scary, accurate and he believes in november we are going to go and approach. A hundred thousand dollars per bitcoin were only approximately 40 to 35 000. At the time of this recording away from that mark – and i do believe that we could close somewhere very close to that at the end of the month, provided that everything keeps moving towards the upside now from there, we may see a little bit of a retracement.

We might not just shoot straight up to 98 000 right away. What im noticing right now is that the market is moving a little bit slower, its kind of building still, and we have some beautiful fountains playing behind us and the bellagio here is absolutely fantastic. We got the paris over there in case youre kind of wondering where were at even with all of this, but i wanted to share with you that thats what i believe will happen next and then in december we could potentially have our blow off top for bitcoin. Now, theres always a chance to that. We end up going into 2022 and we have a lengthening cycle and i wouldnt be surprised if this happened. So what you need to know is that this market moves very quickly, so make sure that you are coming back to the channel for these time sensitive alerts and also im going to be sharing with you in the rest of this video, some altcoins that i believe Have massive growth potential all right, so we are back from the strip and we are back from the meetup. It was absolutely amazing bit boy crypto was here in vegas him and i both play in the world series of poker every single year. So if youve been following me on instagram youve been seeing ive already played in a few events, but he is here for that and he did a crypto meetup. More than 450 people showed up one of the biggest crypto meetups hes ever had really cool to see.

All the bit squad members take some pictures and it was really cool to meet a lot of you who were also here to learn more about cryptocurrency. Now lets get into cryptocurrency altcoins that i believe, can 10x and beyond in the next 30 days. The very first one i have talked about multiple times in this channel and i do believe, is super suppressed, but its about to explode is xrp. Now xrp. If you take a look at the chart right now, you can see it is winding sideways. Okay. So let me just kind of zoom: in there you go sideways and right now it is sitting literally at a dollar 14.. I personally am going to be buying. If we can zoom in on me there, we go im going to be buying literally over 15 000 worth of xrp in the next few days. Now its probably even gon na be more than that. I want to definitely get more exposure to xrp and the reason why im really looking at xrp is because, when i look at the top 15 20 50 cryptocurrencies, this is the one that has yet to explode, and i think you could definitely double triple or even 5 or 10x, your money with xrp, i could easily see it going back to its all time, high of three dollars if it gets relisted. If things happen with the sec and again, there is rumor that it may still be another month or two before this.

Finally, settles but ben being very adamant about xrp thinks its going to be coming a lot sooner, but either way to me. If im going to be exposed to any cryptocurrency im going to take my chances on xrp im, not putting all my money into xrp. But im definitely going to be increasing my exposure. Now the next altcoin im going to be increasing. My exposure to is going to be cardano. I truly want to get some more cardano now and the reason why is because everything else is flying. Bnb ive mentioned on this channel right around three or four hundred dollars. I said: get you some b and b your number two cryptocurrency that i would keep an eye on thats a bigger cap one, but i definitely think is undervalued. Right now is going to be bnb in the binance coin and i want to show you the chart of the binance coin right now. So you can see here. Binance coin again is on the up and up, and you can see right now. This focuses there. We go go ahead and take a look at the max chart. You can see that binance coin was all the way up here at right. Around 675 dollars definitely came crashing all the way back down right around to 300 and now its back up to 400 and looks like again, it almost looks like the identical chart to pancake, swap you can kind of see very similar things happening here, but they both Look like they want to start pushing back up towards their all time high and they havent hit their all time highs.

Yet this is where to me theres opportunity. Bnb is going back to all time highs at the time of this recording its right around 600. You can see right now. 628.. I still believe bnb can help. You make some profits and i take a look. A little bonus here. Cake, okay, cake right now is also been suppressed and what happens is people take their profits from cake? They put it into b and b because theyre paired together and then what happens is the shift happens. People then take b and b and shift it back into cake and they make exponential gains this way now again, its very difficult to time. This i personally just stake my cake. I just take it stake. It earn more cake and im loving that, but between cardano and xrp, even a little bit of b and b and cake. These are some all coins im really looking at now. Where can you find those moon shots? Where are the next ones, joe to 50 to 100 x? One ive been talking about on this channel and its about to get going is star. Launch boarding is going to begin november, 7th that is literally tomorrow. So congratulations. If you got into the star launch pre sale, there were a few difficulties and it did take some time. But if you were following me on this channel, you could have got in with approximately 400. If you were to burn your cards tokens or if you would have done all those little details, you would be ready for liftoff and i truly do believe star launch being an insured incubator over on the solana.

Ecosystem solana is absolutely exploding. I believe this one could definitely definitely explode and another altcoin that i did mention on the channel yesterday. That i think is going to absolutely explode. Im talking 100 x or more is a meta v pad. Let me share with you a clip from yesterdays video about this cryptocurrency and why i think it has massive potential: metavpad is going to be building the metaverse one block at a time, and this is the next project built by the bluezilla team and bluezilla ecosystem. Now why im so excited is because this is just like all of their other launch pads that have done extraordinarily well. Meta v pad is going to be like vellus pad eta pad bsc pad tron pad kcc pad and ethpad. As you can see, theres a meta v, starter, meta, v, pro and meta v advanced staking tier, and these tiers are going to get you access into new metaverse projects. Now this announcement was literally just launched today and you can get some of these meta v pad tokens on bsc pad edapad, nft, launch, gamezone and vellispad. The initial market cap is only going to be a hundred and seventy thousand – and i will do a dedicated video about this project as soon as we have more information. But to me just taking a look at this project, metavpad has 50 to 100x potential. Now you can be one of the first to get meta v pad tokens for a super cheap price through the incubators and launch pads that ive been talking about and one of those was nft launch.

You can see as soon as this was announced, the chart has gone absolutely parabolic, sitting right around 23 cents, a new all time high and to me this shows that theres going to be real demand, thats right, real demand for this meta. Vpad token, i think metaverse is here to stay the fact that facebook and zuckerberg have gone all in on metaverse. I think these new metaverse projects are going to explode and getting into an incubator or launch pad. That is going to give you access to a lot of these new metaverse projects. I think you can seriously multiply your money exponentially by getting into metavpad and speaking of metaverses and nfts theres, a new project thats going to be incubated by cedify thats called scotty beam. Scotty beam is one of the first ever cross chain, nft metaverses. Where are you coming from hey cz, just coming from ethereum? Did you happen to see an ape and a punk? They told me theyre on their way. Yes, i saw them get on the bridge last. I saw they were stuck. I offered them a ride. Oh man, not a game. They never listen. Now, im still doing some research on this project, but its definitely got my attention because there is a lot of issues migrating over from ethereum, especially with nfts bridging things. Over is definitely what cryptocurrency needs today. Those are your altcoins that i am personally looking at, and i do think have massive upside potential here in the rest of this bull run.

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