Stay tuned to this video welcome to cardano news. If you want to win 250 free ada, see the comments section below and join our giveaway. Despite having progressed much this year, cardano seems to be setting out to achieve even more and even though cardanos price has been on a downward trend. Recently, many of its users are still confident and optimistic that the success of the coin will continue to climb the ranks as one of the worlds most valuable cryptocurrencies. However, it already made into the top three most valuable crypto coins. According to market cap for the past month, which shocked the crypto community quite a bit as of november, however, it is currently ranked sixth, which is a drop from its fifth position in october. In spite of the fall that cardano has experienced, many of its users are still excited about using the blockchain further. They believe that in the long run it will surpass ethereum. Moreover, according to the cardano supporters, once the coin has accomplished all of its final steps and phases outlined in the proposed roadmap for the coin, it will definitely rise back up to the top. Once again. Perhaps this is because they have already experienced its latest phase of the update, thus its easy to understand why so many cardano supporters believe that the coin has already shot up the blocks into the top three cryptocurrencies right away. Additionally, its excellent compliance and security system made the coin, an excellent option for trading, and that may have been another reason for its success.

Having said that, bitboy revealed that some new information regarding cardano recently this, along with plans for the future, will probably push its value. Even higher putting it once more in the top charts now sit back and relax because we have a fascinating subject to discuss. So here are a few important things were going to talk about today, such as cardanos future plans and factors that could determine its future. Thus, please watch this video until the end and dont forget to subscribe to the investing guide by hitting the subscribe button. Please leave a comment and like as well now lets find out what bitboy crypto exposed about cardano thats, causing all the hype. So for those of you who dont know bitboy crypto or are new to the crypto space, please continue. Reading ben armstrong is the pioneer behind one of the best known crypto video channels on youtube. Bitboy crypto, like most cryptocurrency enthusiasts today, bitboy crypto decided to go full time into crypto in 2018, further with an aim to reach every corner and every person in the crypto community. Also bitboy crypto has a reputation in the cryptocurrency community as an authentic and honest investor. Further bitboy crypto explains how cryptocurrencies changed his life, and i quote: bitboy crypto, founder ben armstrong, commented when i started this channel three years ago. My mission was to simply be the resource i didnt have when i got started in cryptocurrency. Bitlab academy builds on that mission by providing a streamlined and step by step path for those interested in deepening their understanding and involvement in the crypto community.

Crypto changed my life. It gave me financial freedom allowed me to provide for my family and presented a path for me to start my own business with an amazing team while having fun along the way. Ultimately, my mission was and continues to be, to help educate people in this space, so they could achieve their personal goals. Fortunately, i have been able to do that and help more people than i could ever have imagined possible thanks to the bit squad im looking forward to continuing to provide value for my community, both through bitboy crypto and bitlab academy. Moreover, bitboy crypto is also pleased to celebrate the fact that its social media platforms have reached 5 million followers. As you now know who bitboy crypto is. You might be wondering what kind of information he has leaked about, cardano and if it deserves further investigation. So as bitboy mentioned, cardano partners have been collaborating on exciting projects. Moreover, cardano has begun to collaborate with sectors that do not use crypto such as planting a million trees. This partnership is with rival a prominent esports company, which also supports nft campaigns, decentralized finance through ubx and many other features in his presentation. Cardano discusses the trend of partnering with other companies, which is attracting attention from major corporations like walmart and visa. Furthermore, bitboy introduced us to one of the most exciting collaborations between dish, a tv and wireless provider and cardano the famous ethereum killer. Meanwhile, dish revealed plans of integrating the cardano blockchain into its telecom business, and this would allow customers to gain access to digital identity services through their dish network.

Further input output, the company behind cardano, announced this partnership with chain link in order to give users a smart contract platform that allows them to develop decentralized applications and also use smart contracts. In addition, the cardano foundation, which acts as cardanos custodian, has announced that more collaborations are on the horizon during the 2021 cardano summit. Also, it intends to empower the blockchain and increase the value of cryptocurrency assets in the crypto market. Moreover, through its executive team, cardano has put a lot of thought into the collaborations it has with other companies further in frederick gregards statement. He explained that using partnerships with other companies was the only way that the company could take advantage of opportunities and business opportunities across the globe, and this includes climate change, nfts, decentralized, finance and digital identification. Additionally, bitboy mentioned the announcement made at the same summit that cardano would be partnering up with veratree. Veratree is a non profit organization that verifies tree plantings and global forest restoration. As part of this initiative, the firm will be required to submit an immutable and audible report. Regarding the firms of forest duration and reforestoration activities using cardano components, moreover, veratree and cardano created a global impact channel to celebrate their collaboration and to encourage their users and community to donate using cardanos native token ada. Then it will be used to create the worlds first. Crypto forest known as cardano forest cardano tokens worth more than 15, have been donated to this launch course, and users have been awarded with veritry tokens in exchange for their donations.

Furthermore, upon planting the trees into the ground next year, the tokens can be exchanged for a tree planning certificate, with full information related to the donations. Also veritrys, ceo and co founder, derek emsley, recently mentioned how time consuming it is to keep track of the companys progress. Using nothing but a gps location and photo for verification by partnering with cardano. However, the company will be able to offer proof of their efforts on what sites have been developed by whom and the detail of how and what sites they are currently maintaining and as bitboy crypto mentioned, cardano is partnering with rival to develop more esports gaming platforms rewards For the fans and more for rival and co partners, thus cardanos creation and distribution of nfts could be facilitated by this partnership. With this, it is expected that nfts will be redeemed for tangible goods and that royalty payments from the marketplace will be more established for rivals clients across many industries, including the seattle, seahawks nba aston villa and the irish premier league. In addition to being a great opportunity for the company, this partnership represents the next step in the crypto world for its rivals. Also, it is expected that there will be more upcoming partnerships, as cardano has partnered, with ubx a regulated institution that currently runs cardano stake pools. In addition, the collaboration with ubx will boost unchained defy activity by launching a stake pool for cardano ubx offers its users the chance to earn rewards for contributing to the development of blockchain security.

With regard to its plan for the cardano collaboration, the company explained that it hopes to connect traditional financial markets with the most innovative financial operating system, and this is through emerging protocols like cardano to maximize the potential for using blockchains. Lastly, bitboy crypto described cardanos partnership with tech through which the latter develops identity, based solutions to address its payment, finance and insurance needs so through providing technical guidance. Cardano supports the aid tech team in supplying verified credentials through blockchain for trusted, identity management and insurance, while blockchains and cardano have seen another decline in value from where they once were its clear to see that the team behind this token has not given up in regards To ada they are evaluating different options for presenting the coin, as well as making it more accessible and valuable through the use of varying options. So, as cardano prepares to face more partnerships updates and market players, many are predicting a dramatic rise in value. The most likely scenario would be that it will surpass ethereum and reclaim its top spot from binance coin and bnb. Also. It only means that bitboy is seeing cardanos potential once again and its value as a whole, as he shed light on these topics. As in the past, it will likely take the world by surprise in the future. Dont forget to join the giveaway.