What, if i told you you can have your cake and eat it too bet youd be hungry today were going to discuss an app you might have never heard of that is trusted and backed by some of the biggest names in crypto. On top of that, you can use this platform to earn the highest apy possible compared to all the others, its an easy to use all in one platform that lets you invest and earn, without any stress, introducing vold an investment platform that allows you to automatically buy The dip, even in your sleep, through its smart investment features, volds automatic investment plan or aip, allows users to buy crypto daily without having to worry about the price volatility, its truly a game. Changer lets get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community on all the interwebs. My name is ben every day on this channel. I show you how to make money in crypto. If you like, money in crypto, then make sure to hit that subscribe. Button in this sponsored video were going to discuss vault a crypto platform where you can earn passive income conveniently at insanely high interest rates developed in singapore in 2019 vault set out to create a safe and secure smart, investing crypto platform that offers the highest yield in The market, with the best investing features in a short amount of time they achieve the impossible. Not only do they have the best interest rates available, a binance, backed trading platform and top notch customer support.

This platform can be trusted due to the fact they are partnered. With coinbase adventures, pantera capital, peter thiels, velar ventures, bitgo and more like some competing platforms, vauld knew early on the best way to gain the trust of institutional and retail investors alike was to prioritize security. Above all else involved. There is a manual verification process required for crypto withdrawals worth less than 100k, and all assets are insured for 100 million dollars. They use a combination of multi factor, biometric and pen based authentication, their segregated multi signature. Cold wallets are secured by bitgo. Your email will alert. You anytime theres a depositor withdrawal from your account. Users have to approve the withdrawal from their email, as well as new login alerts from unknown devices. This easy to use all in one platform is available on mobile and desktop the bread and butter evolved. Is how easy to use the platform is, especially in terms of lending and borrowing? Vauld lends out crypto to traders and institutions who need to borrow it with an interest rate of 7.5 apr that you can pay back at any time. The lending collateralization ratio is 150 percent, with auto liquidation at 110. This ensures that the lenders funds are safeguarded at all times, theyre able to generate such high yields by taking a small percentage of what you lend and return it back to the user. Vauld also integrates a top notch referral system, where you can invite people to earn a lifetime of earnings from their trades pass on a portion of the earnings received from your friends activity back to them.

When you invite a friend whenever they make an action on the platform, you will receive a commission youll get 40 percent of the fees from their trades. Five percent of the interest paid out on their assets, as well as five percent of the interest accrued on their loans. Imagine how much you would get back if you got all of your friends and family to sign up depositing withdrawing crypto has never been easier with vault. You dont need to link your bank account. Instead, you send or receive the 30 plus tokens available from any exchange or wallet that supports erc20 tokens to make a deposit simply click deposit funds from the home page, select asset type, use the qr code or copy your address paste it in your other wallet or Exchange and boom in less than 30 minutes youll be up and running to make a withdrawal simply click on wallet on the home page scroll down to whatever asset you wish to send click the little paper airplane. Next to it paste the receivers, address or qr code choose the amount, and just like that, you made an instant withdrawal. No withdrawal fee is charged by vold, but depends on network fees. Heres a pro tip spend less on deposit withdrawal fees by using xlm or xrp. For a penny or less vault started in 2019 and the interest fees have only changed once that change was an increase for stable coins from nine percent to 12.

68 percent. Vault doesnt have tier based yields, youll get the same rate, even if you hold a huge amount of money, unlike celsius or block five vault is the best place in the market to earn passive income highest aby you can earn on. The platform is 12.68 on stable coins, including usdt usdc, busd, usdp die and tusd. You can earn the highest possible passive income by locking up your coins for 30 days and a fixed deposit. The interest on your investment is calculated daily and paid out weekly on all your tokens. The platform is very flexible. When withdrawing your tokens, you would draw any amount at any time. While you earn interest, your earned interest is compounded every week or at the end of the fixed deposit term, you can choose to auto renew your investments at the end of 30 days. You can keep your yields in the next fixed deposit, put your yields in a moon bag and auto renew your original principal deposit, as we stated before, the highest yield is twelve point, six, eight percent on stable coins and the rates are the same regardless of how Small or large, your principal deposit is for bitcoin ethernet xrp. The yield is 6.7 percent. The yield on the rest of the altcoins, such as uni engine matic and many others yield, is 3.04 for more information check out vol.com rates to make a fixed deposit click on fixed deposit from the home page select.

What coin and how much you want to lock up and at the bottom of the screen, you will see how much it will be worth in 30 days choose which auto renew option you want to go with slide the arrow at the bottom across the screen and Boom you just made your first seamless fix deposit the developers evolved, did an excellent job, making sure this app is easy to use for new traders and veterans alike. The home base on the app is extremely easy to navigate. You can easily manage your wallet, lend your tokens take out loans and view your history. Vault allows users to seamlessly wrap your crypto. This simple process can be trusted due to the fact that the swapping and pro trading aspects of the platform powered by binance when using vaulds pro trading tools, the maker and taker fees are only 0.1 percent – must be stated that this all in one crypto application is One of a kind other crypto lending platforms, dont have a trading platform, but vault is a full, fledged crypto exchange where you can earn interest on your idle funds. Another inclusive feature involved is smart. Investing with an automatic investment plan or aip choose a preset or create your own basket of kryptos. Then you want to automatically invest through aip, maximize your investment opportunity by utilizing vaults by the dip function. This feature automatically purchases crypto assets of your choosing, the price dips below a preset level.

You can choose to automatically buy the dip for any amount anytime, one of the coins in your basket dips to five or ten percent. You choose to do this daily, weekly or monthly, as well as pre program, the frequency to once twice or thrice times a day. Vaults automatic investment plans are entirely automated and optimized for simplicity. These aips allow you to dollar cost to average by buying the dips. Its a smart stress free way to invest your hard earned money most other crypto exchanges or lending platforms have a ticket based system that can take days. If you have technical issues and need to talk to a customer service or technical support. Representative, bald support system exceeds all expectations for anyone having issues on the platform, the top right hand corner of the app. You start a conversation with the support team member right away. No one likes dealing with automated messaging machines, but with vauld you have the ability to actually talk to a human in real time within 10 minutes. They are dealing with network congestion. They will get back to you within the same day, at the very least. Although the default for simple questions is text via intercom fill ten thousand dollars or above you get to schedule, a phone or video calls of all support team for users with 100k and above youll also get a dedicated account manager to solve your issues immediately. Another feature that separates vault from the rest of the field is that they have a system in place that ensures your crypto will be passed on to the person of your choice.

If you were to kick the bucket, no one likes to talk about the end of the road, but its important that you think ahead. Have this sort of thing set up? If anything terrible were to happen, you can easily set a nominee by clicking on settings clicking on the plus sign in the top right hand, corner of the screen there. You enter the name of your nominee, their email id and their relationship to you, its very important of all that your funds can be accessible to your next of kin, and it is highly recommended that you add a nominee to your account if your account is funded And you havent logged in for a year bald, will reach out to your nominee via their email id. The nominee can also reach out to vault in case anything was to happen, and they will correspond the transition of ownership of funds, if need be always best to think ahead and have a plan of action to ensure your crypto goes to who needs it? You guys should definitely check out vauld. It could be full fledged game.