com. Over this time, cro has pumped more than 100 and its come down a little bit off the peak that we saw yesterday, but theres a sense of it being unstoppable. Right now, theres a lot of enthusiasm behind and for good reason, because for many people were anticipating one of the most talked about events of the year. This is kronos, blockchain, mainnet launch. This is happening and is scheduled for the 8th of november. If youre at all familiar with, you know they rolled out their first blockchain earlier this year. That happened in march of 2021.. Okay, so that begs the question: why exactly are they now coming up with a new parallel chain? What does kronos mean for and cro token, and does any of this have anything to do with the metaverse in this video? We are talking all about and cro were going to answer your questions. Well also, let you know everything that youre gon na have to do on your end when kronos goes live, Music Applause, hey guys, happy weekend, my name is maddie and we are altcoin buzz. A crypto investing research company weve been in this space for many years now and were very proud to say that weve been making millionaires since all the way back in 2017, not by accident, either weve been early investors very publicly in major successful projects like ethereum binance Cardano the subject of todays video engine, matic network chilis, quant network polka, dot, uni swap and many many many many other 100x projects so guys if you dont want to miss out on the next potential altcoin moonshot.

My recommendation is that you like this video. You subscribe to our youtube channel thats altcoinbuzz, also handy tip, click the bell to receive notifications, because that way, youre alerted by youtube. Every time we publish new content and lets face it much of the content that we produce is very time sensitive. But if you want to go to the next level and gain access to our early research tips on the next potential 100x crypto, then youre gon na need to be a part of our paid membership program that is called altcoin buzz access that is now live. You can find a link to that service in the description below, as always guys, whether its cryptocurrency or other forms of investment. There is corresponding risk that youre going to want to consider. So, very importantly, this video does not constitute financial or investment advice. Okay, so with that being said, lets talk about kronos, broadly speaking, then, to begin with what is kronos well its an ethereum virtual machine, an evm chain and will run in parallel to the chain, so basically its designed to do what cant currently do and Specifically thats the following offer: smart contracts, so this means that developers can build faster, dapps on chronos and it is capable of processing more transactions per minute, its also offering evm compatibility, so chronos is built to be evm compatible, and that means any dap, decentralized application or Smart contract running on ethereum or any evm compatible blockchain can be ported to kronos instantly to enjoy faster and cheaper transactions.

Its also reportedly going to be able to scale defy and the dap ecosystem. Kronos is also built for nfts non fungible tokens. The metaverse specifically game phi and web 3.0 chronos is also the first cosmos evm chain for defy nfts and the metaverse. So this will establish a much needed interoperability presence in this space, which is crucially important, at least in our view – and you guys may be thinking to yourselves – that all of this sounds at least somewhat like binances ecosystem that flourished after it rolled out binance smart chain, Which runs parallel to binance chain and look guys. The history is very clear. We all know what happened to the price trajectory of bnb after this strategy was initiated. Take a look here at the last year of bnbs performance. I mean this thing just went stratospheric, but you see theres something pretty interesting, that is doing with kronos specifically, and because of that, we expect to see an explosion of activity on kronos were talking about the fact that the project is getting a hundred million dollars In technical funding, as well as marketing support that will provide to developers on kronos, which then begs the question: what exactly will chrono solve? Well, the biggest problem, as many of us are painfully familiar with, is the fact that ethereum gas fee issues are back again. Unfortunately – and this is killing the floor price on many nfts and defy apps, and because of this, many dapps are looking for faster and cheaper platforms to port to, and this means that chronos is exactly on time to grab the opportunity to help developers port their dapps.

To a cheaper, faster and scalable blockchain, where users dont have to pay hefty gas fees, so this could mean that youre minting nfts at cheaper costs or using uni swap like dexes at much lower fees than ethereum or playing play to earn games like axi infinity at Much cheaper costs, and all of this in theory, is because chronos is using proof of authority. Thats poa, which is a greener, more streamlined and scalable consensus mechanism, which is secured by its validators, its faster than other consensus. Algorithms, more scalable and does not depend on much debatable mining consensus, thats, a clear differentiator and a major advantage. Okay. But what exactly can you do on chronos once it goes live the way we see it, whatevers being promised will be delivered. We say this because the final dry run cassini. The incentivized test net before mainnet launch has been completed successfully. The testnet awarded winning participants a shared prize pool of over 300 000 us dollars in incentives, and this really stress tested the chain before the mainnet launch. With 2 million transactions, 18 000 addresses and 400 smart contracts deployed, all of which means that chronos is ready to support the development of defy apps. Where you can trade and earn passive income. You can also lend and borrow with lower gas fees and faster transactions, and it also means that kronos is ready to facilitate the transaction of nfts with low gas fees and to build metaverses that can deliver real time experiences.

Very interestingly, multiple projects are in the pipeline to launch, on the first day of kronoss main net as well, and talking from a user based perspective. Chronos has at its disposal the 10 million person user base of its ready to hop right into that ecosystem, which is established, which is strong and which is growing every day. If you havent caught up with our latest coverage, this is now That is the number one most downloaded app on google play store by the way if youd like to become a validator on kronoss mainnet, you should check out this link after the mainnet is launched on the 8th of november. Kronos will provide users a decentralized bridge for secure cross chain transfers across, kronos and ethereum, and some of the available bridging routes on chronos on day one will be number one transfer assets using app number two transfer assets using exchange; number three transfer assets From chain, with chronos bridge later on, theyre gon na add options for, defy wallet and chain desktop wallet as well, and the bridge will support c r, o e t h, w b tc usdc usdt die, and all of that is starting on day. One, this also translates into much more utility for cro the native gas token for kronos is cro, and that means with more applications. Building on kronos, the cost of cro will likely skyrocket. But, to be honest, this is not going to be a short term pump.

Its going to be more of a long term upward price trajectory leading to higher and more sustained gains in the medium to long term. So what comes next after kronoss main net? Well by the end of december this year, thats december 2021, possibly january 2022, more cosmos based chains and assets will be connected to kronos, which means higher interoperability. Also, during the same time, period kronos gravity bridge, which will bridge ethereum to kronos, will be delivered ultimately heres. Our final take, regardless of any small delays that we may have seen so far. Crypto.Com is performing ground, breaking research and its building itself up phase by phase to get better and better and better and the ecosystem and its quality are reflecting. That has also been through a couple of rodeos already in terms of rollouts, and we expect, as per the indications that weve discussed in todays video, that this rollout will be delivered very smoothly and will be delivered on time. And this means all kinds of exciting. New possibilities for defy and nfts and the metaverse in the context of that and chronos ecosystem. We are big fans of and cro, and you know we havent mentioned it in a while. But if you do want to avail yourself of a cro visa card, you can check out our link in the description below. If you sign up using our link, it is very simply a b. You get 25 bucks loaded onto your card for free.

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