Today we have a video about the central land or mana and were going to talk about the next price targets for the price of this coin, as well as my mana price prediction. So we see that this coin right now is trading at around 2.78 and were finding support here inside this box that we had a few days ago. Okay, so this area right here was a previous support, support and then, after breaking below it was resistance resistance and now we broke above it and were finding support in here um. We also have the 50 moving average of the two hours chart in here, and it is acting as a great support area. Okay, so right now anything from 2.76 75 cents to around two dollars and 70 cents. Is your support target for mana and if we can start getting back up and break outside of this area, your next resistance target for mana will be anything from 3.10 to 3.18 19, which we see was a resistance in here resistance in here resistance when we was Trading above it, it was support resistance after break im breaking below. It was then supporting here resistance right here, okay, so this will be your next target. Now that were trading below it will be resistance, and after this we have anything at around three dollars and 45 cents, which was resistance three times in here: resistance in here resistance and resistance; okay. So this will be your next few targets after im.

Finally, supporting here if we can start getting back up and after this level, we have this huge area, anything from three dollars and 85 cents to three um to five dollars will be your next resistance area. If i can say a exact line, i will put it right here at the top of this candle: okay im located at um four dollars and 18 cents, okay, and we can find support, um resistance at dollars and 85 cents, because we see it was um. Um resistance twice in here and at four dollars and eighteen cents. We had this candle in here, but we of course have this all the handle at around five dollars. So anything inside this area can be a great resistance area for mana and after breaking above it, mana can literally go up to 16. We see that the first target that the fib or the fibonacci gives us is 8.34. The second one is 10.87 and the third one is 16.06 okay, so that will be the best case scenario to the upside. Now lets talk. If we go to the downside – and we have the next targets for the downside – okay, the first one is going to be the 618, which was the previous reporting here, supporting here located at around two dollars and forty cents. Okay, that will be your first target if we break below the box. Okay, um and after that we have this line in here, um anything at around two dollars and twenty cents will be support, because if we go to the one hour chart, we see we had a red candle and we found supporting here and then we had a Continuation to the offside okay, so this will now be another support area because were still trading above it and below this level.

We have the 0.5 of the fib located at 1.92 cents, okay, and that will be the third target to the downside and right now. The only bad part that i see on mana is that the volume has decreased a lot guys, so we do need volume in order to have a continuation to the upside or mana. Okay, a mana in the one hour chart the rsi is aiming to the downside. The same thing on the two hour chart and if we go to the four hour chart were just having like a consolidation in here and the same thing that were doing in the price. The daily is not overbought, which is a great sign guys, because right now were trading at the 67 um target of the rsi, and we came up at 94 to 94 when we had this huge pump. So this is something good for mana, okay, and i do think that as long as we stay above the 382 of the fifth, which is at one dollar and fifty four cents as long as we stay above this level, these targets can still be valid. Okay, if we drop below the 382, then this will be invalid. Okay for mana, but as long as we stay above, the 382 well still be looking good and has a healthy retest for mana, okay um. If we take a look at the one hour chart, we see that this is kind of looking like a ball flag in here in the one hour short look at this, we had a pump in here and now were having like a ball flagging here guys.

So this can be looking good for mana and we also have this descending wedge, which is a bullish pattern. The ascending wedge is a bearish pattern, because we all um 60 of the time we get a breakout to the downside and in the descending wedge, we 60 of the time get a break to the upside okay. You can look it up in google and see what im talking about okay but thats. Basically it guys. Thank you so much for watching the video, if you like it, please subscribe, leave a like and put in the comments. Any coins that you guys want me to check also, i am streaming every day from 8 30 to 10 30 pm east time, so you guys can pass by and check some coins.