So i do appreciate you guys, subscribing and helping spread the word Music, all right guys. So its been a crazy past couple weeks in the crypto space we had bitcoin break previous. All time highs recently ethereum breaking all time highs. We have many altcoins beginning to surge. Some small cap, all coins going parabolic in a short period of time, so i do want to talk more about various all coins on bullish on over the next week or so so i do have some videos planned uh for different categories and different altcoins that i Am invested in so uh right now. I do want to talk about uh, some big crypto news, as well as uh the markets. So we do have everything looking pretty stable today, bitcoins still holding above 60 000 ethereum around 4500, and we do have solana up another nine percent today, pretty crazy bnb is climbing, like i did expect, that is of 21, with the meme coin surge and all these New all coins that are launching on the binos smart chain b and b and cake token generally do go up. Alongside of that so right now, i do think this cake token for pancake, swap at 19, is pretty undervalued, seeing as bmb has already gone up. I do think that is a safe bet if bnb continues climbing as well thats. Definitely gon na start catching up with that. So the general sentiment in the crypto space is still very bullish for end of year, im very bullish for 2022 as well.

Of course, we will have corrections along the way we will have periods of consolidation like were kind of seeing right now after bitcoin did break previous. All time highs, so even uh with that bitcoin holding above 60 000 right now, i think, is a great sign. So bitcoins consolidation is normal. Analysts set 80 000 bitcoin price target bitcoin sideways price action has pushed some uh traders into all coins, but analysts are confident that the next breakout will push bitcoin price above eighty thousand dollars. So eighty thousand dollar bitcoin – even a hundred thousand dollar bitcoin – is very possible by end of year. This can even happen in the next week. If we did get a huge announcement drop, something like google acquiring five billion dollars worth of. Bitcoin is all it would really take to make this surge very quickly and uh break 80, 000 bitcoin, so uh without any major breaking news like that, we are going to be consolidating until something major does happen. We do have the bitcoin taproot upgrade coming this month, though, and that is bringing smart contracts to the bitcoin network, im very interested to see how that plays out so uh. What we are seeing with consolidation is uh. We are still getting a lot of people and volume in these top cryptos, but the thing is a lot of people that are in huge profits right now they are taking profits out of their top cryptos reinvesting in a small cap.

All coins, especially as we get the meme coin hype and all these small caps are surging, going parabolic thats, where you can get a 10x very easily in a short period of time, but thats also where you can lose money. The quickest as well so top 10 cryptos are generally much safer as a long term investment. But if you do flip between small cap all coins at the right times, you can make an insane amount of money in a short period of time. So over the next week or two i am going to be uh, highlighting some different all coins that i am pretty bullish on in this video. I will be discussing some decentralized finance all coins as well. So this is some pretty massive news. We do have today ready to reportedly tokenize karma points and onboard 500 million new users to a cryptocurrency that will represent uh karma points on the reddit platform. I think this is massive and theyre going to be using the ethereum blockchain on this 500 million new crypto users is really insane when you do think about that. So uh, your community points exist on the blockchain independently of reddit, where they can only be controlled by you just like bitcoin. I really like that they are doing this so its not centralized and uh the platform. Cant just delete your account and all of your points that you have accumulated whenever they want youre actually going to be earning uh.

These tokens that do represent real world value, which i do like, and this is another reason why i like the nft space getting into gaming. The fact that gamers will be able to own their own items as nfts away from the actual game, so uh the game. Doesnt own their in game items that they work endless hours for uh to achieve. So i do see this happening more over time. Uh social media platforms, adopting crypto, big companies, adopting crypto. Imagine every big company having their own rewards, uh cryptocurrency. I think thats going to become the norm five to ten years out from now so reddit also stated when we all pull this off. We would on board 500 million web 2 users into web 3, and then there is no going back. Let me say that again: 500 million new crypto users – that is a massive percent increase and thats only gon na be great uh for the adoption of crypto overall, more people, interacting uh with all coins and everything and then uh as time goes on. Theyre going to get more involved in the crypto nft space, so thats great, to see more uh mass adoption for cryptocurrency reddit is also getting into the nft space. They see the huge potential here and theyre actually hiring to create their own nft platform. We did hear about this on october 22nd, so reddit going all in uh. We also have twitter pretty much going all in and facebook going all in even changing their name to reflect on their uh priorities with the metaverse and, of course, theres going to be nfts and cryptocurrency in the metaverse.

So reddit did state about the nft platform with every new nft project, a vibrant community of owners pops up with it over time. We believe this will only grow and nfts will play a central role in how fans support their favorite creators and communities so im very bullish on this. All of these social platforms. Getting this heavily into crypto and nfts just shows that this is the future. So something else here i do want to talk about that – i do think, is bullish and will cause a surge in uh. Overall crypto global market cap in the near future is the major transition of bitcoin mining to the united states using cheap, renewable energy, so uh that was actually great timing with china banning uh bitcoin mining thats. Making this transition into using clean energy for bitcoin mining much easier and much quicker, which is very necessary for mass adoption, because a lot of these institutions arent going to start buying a lot of bitcoin until we have over 50 percent clean renewable energy and thats uh. The goal that elon musk does want to hit before he starts accepting bitcoin is payment again through tesla, and i do think that will be coming uh by end of year or in uh some point in quarter, one with this major transition that has happened. I definitely think that is uh on the near horizon and i wouldnt be surprised to make uh see them, making a major acquisition of bitcoin once again as well like we have seen with microstrategy.

So we did get an interesting tweet from elon a couple hours ago and there are some interesting replies. I do want to go over this relating to bitcoin. He stated much is made lately of unrealized gains being a means of tax avoidance, so i propose selling 10 of my tesla stock. 10 percent is massive for someone uh that pretty much owns the majority share of the company. So hes basically doing this twitter vote to decide on this, and we did get some interesting comments here. Uh pomp stating, if you sell 20 billion plus of stock, the government will be able to fund themselves for a few minutes with the tax payment youll make uh. We also got michael saylor here. If the goal is diversification, an alternative strategy to consider is converting the tesla balance sheet to a bitcoin standard and purchasing 25 billion in bitcoin, so meet kevin also commented on this uh, something very interesting, possibly referring to uh some insider trading. He stated elon musks brother sold over 108 million dollars in tesla stock on friday. The day before he announced and uh started this twitter poll. If he should liquidate over 25 billion in tesla stock solely to pay taxes and appease twitter warriors, i doubt the reason uh by the way, elon has a plan for the money, maybe bitcoin. So that is a possibility. If he does sell this amount, hes not just doing it to please twitter uh trolls that are getting upset with him, um on tax evasion and various things like this, so its very possible.

They do this to acquire more bitcoin. Microstrategy previously did this as well, and if uh tesla is planning to accept bitcoin as payment again, i do think they will make another acquisition of bitcoin uh, especially as the company is growing and becoming more valuable and theyre, getting uh more revenue and everything. If they do believe in bitcoin theyre going to continue buying it in the long term, all right guys so jumping into d5 and why this can be so massive in the future and is growing extremely rapidly, and i think theres massive potential here for d5. All coins. Since this video is already getting kind of long im going to do a separate video going over my top five defy all coin picks, i will uh briefly go over a few of them in this video as well. So we did have an article a few hours ago, stating deep by can be 100 times larger than today in just five years. The decentralized finance sector currently represents only 0.1 of its maximum potential, and its significant growth is inevitable. So, as you guys can imagine, theres massive growth potential in the d5 space, which is why i do want to highlight some of these all coins and go over why this has so much growth potential in the next few years. So from the article below we can see uh most of these transactions originate from the d5 services, such as uniswap, which facilitates over 1 billion dollars of swaps each day.

So we really have d5 barely uh picking up and getting started here back in summer of 2020, when unit swap first started getting uh popular, we saw a huge surge of demand in these d5 all coins. Some of these small cap all coins doing a 10x. In a short period of time – and that was before there was a mass retail fomo like we started getting beginning of 2021, so other lending services and protocols such as ave compound and others, with tens of billions in market size. While these are large numbers by any standard, it is only a decimal point of the trillion dollar. Traditional finance industry, uh also known as trade five, so ethereum transactions per day has been steadily rising here, uh, since the launch of ethereum so were still extremely early to the d5 sector and were only scratching the surface of trade 5 services so far. This is very interesting. This comparison of d5 versus trade 5, so d5, is at 240 billion um all together in the entire crypto space and consumer banking is at 2.3 trillion, which is basically a 10x of define. Then we have uh insurance at 6 trillion dollars and then capital market at 100 trillion dollars plus. So there is massive growth potential for defy overall, this isnt, even at a trillion dollars yet and as this develops and more services are enabled more platforms come out. This is definitely going to pass the multi trillions in the long term, so mainstream d5 services currently include lending borrowing, decentralized trading and yield aggregating a relatively short list as compared to the wide range of financial services offered in trade fi.

This will not remain at the status quo, as the d5 developers are actively exploring and building more services to the ecosystem. Protocols that find the right products in market fit will see explosive growth, so thats the thing theres, so much growth potential still and so many uh products and services that are yet to be developed. There is massive potential here, which is why i do think uh looking into the d5 space and uh keeping track of some of these small cap. All coins that are coming out is definitely recommended and huge return on investment potential in some of these, so the trillion dollar trade fire market is ripe for disruption and consumer banking capital markets, so total value locked in defy has been growing exponentially, which is a great Sign – and this is picking up faster in my opinion – were only at 250 billion dollars, though, and this will continue picking up as people uh catch on to crypto and nfts and see the huge value here, especially the passive income opportunities, locking up money and decentralized finance. Uh youre gon na make much better passive income on this than you are going to make uh traditional finance services so uh. We also have insurance sector. That is huge. All these different sectors, where d5 can grow exponentially so uh d5s, addressable market, size, transaction volume, ethereum network processes, over 1.3 million transactions each day in 2021, encompassing uh, remittance trading, lending borrowing and various other types of transactions.

This is a tiny number as compared to over 1 billion at daily global credit card transactions and the around 5.5 billion daily trading volume in nasdaq capturing one percent of the credit card transactions on the ethereum chain is at least a to exiting its current volume. So thats pretty massive and thats going to continue growing volume of transactions on the ethereum network in 2015 is 35 000 per day in 2021 is 1.3 million transactions per day, and this is just going to continue growing, especially after ethereum 2.. So protocol revenue, uh, active metamask users has grown massively as well july, 2020, 500, 000 august 2021, 10 million uh just massive, and that shows how much the crypto nft space is growing. So crypto crackdown accelerates, uh defy trend. Even though countries like china continue to crack down on crypto, it will only accelerate the use of defy active ethereum wallet and browser extension. Uh metamask users have 10x to 10 million in august 2021.. So uh massive potential here, in my opinion, if you guys do want to learn what type of coins are in the d5 space you go to coin market cap here you can see. There are different categories. You can click at the top here: decentralized finance nfts play to earn polka dots, finance, smart chain, solana, avalanche blockchain and more so, if we do click defy here, we can get a list of all the top efi all coins by default, its by total market cap, Which is our top? One? Is tara luna, so tara luna has seen massive growth over the last few months, as you guys can see the price chart here.

It did have a period where it did peak and had a correction where consolidated, which was a great entry zone around five to six dollars, which is now around a 10x, and that was when the market crashed around june and july. So that is already 10x in just the last few months does show the massive potential here we also had avalanche surge, which is one i actually got into around the bottom. I was dollar cost averaging this and uh have been since i did peak out here. The first time i bought all these major diffs, i bought avalanche multiple times through the market crash here, which ended up being huge as well so going from around ten dollars now to around eighty dollars. Current price of avalanche is in uh an 8x. I do think theres massive potential for further growth. There unit swap uni token, as you guys know, has seen huge growth that launched around three dollars now at 25. Chain link is one out of this list i think, is quite undervalued, especially with what theyre doing i did go over this in my last video. So personally, out of these top picks, i do think chain link is one of the safest, d5 beds. So, as we can see on the uh, the chain link chart here, it did peak out with the market over 50 dollars and it hasnt uh broken. All time highs after the market started recovering currently at 32 dollars, so uh you could get around a 2x if it does break previous all time highs again, and i do think this has huge growth potential going into the future.

Uh is being implemented into metaverses theyre. Getting one and a half partnerships average per day in 2021, which is insane when you think about that, because everyone is using uh chain link because its the biggest oracle project in the space, so definitely a good project to be looking at. I am dollar cost averaging that until it uh begins going up again. So, besides that we have a lot of smaller all coins, which you do need to be more careful about, but, as you guys know, im big on pancake swap cake token, especially with the binet smart chain uh surging right now, i do think cake is gon. Na start catching up with that as well, its very likely that well be testing 25 to 30 dollars here in the next couple weeks, uh ave at 320 that has seen massive growth 4chan has also seen massive growth compound as well theres. So many good cryptocurrencies in here um im only really invested in a select few uh, but uh. If you do want to find some of these small cap defy all coins which i will be going over. More of these, you can just scroll down here, goes by market cap, so the smaller market cap you get on these decentralized finance tokens, the higher risk theyre going to be as well. Most of these are not going to make it, but some of these will have the highest return on investment by getting in uh very early into these projects.

Theres multiple pages of these coins as well so, like i said i will be doing a separate video going over my top defy all coin picks in the space. But what i do recommend more than anything, is going to the defy category or any other category here. In coin market cap that you are bullish on and browsing through, the small cap all coins doing your own research looking through their website their team token utility. I just get a a great feel on how to pick great small cap all coins yourself, because thats how youre really going to be ahead of the herd not buying these small cap. All coins after youtubers mention them to hundreds of thousands of people thats when theres gon na be peak demand uh, but finding some good small cap all coins and dollar cost averaging can make you very successful in the long term. If you do pick the right coins, some of these will do a hundred x, possibly in the next year alone, so uh that video will be coming up soon, and i do have some other videos going over all coins in these other categories, uh something i really Like is uh the nft space uh launching a lot of all coins right now, as well, so excited to do a video about that. Also so thats it for todays crypto news and market update. I do have some huge videos coming up so make sure youre subscribed and hit the bell to be notified for every new subscriber on the channel.

I am donating 25 cents to charity and 25 cents back to the community in a huge crypto nft giveaway. So i do appreciate you guys, subscribing and helping spread the word about that and, like always, i do appreciate any likes and comments. It does help the video get more exposure and the channel grow overall as well again.