So in todays video i want to go through another strategy for an exit plan and also look at areas that you can shift some of those profits to im going to be sharing with you, many different platforms websites. All the links to these will be in the description down below, and some of them are referral links. So if you want to use them, that also supports a channel, if you dont, just make sure youre using the official links to these websites, because there are a lot of phishing scams out there and you dont want to lose your cryptocurrency to fake websites. So the real links are in the description, but its up to you, which links you use so before we crack on with todays video, make sure you like it up. If you find some value from it and also subscribe to the channel. If you want to be following the cryptocurrency journey throughout this bull market, theres also instagram and twitter down below and, of course, our patreon group, which will get the worksheet which ill look at in todays. Video theyll also get that and of course, our premium members as well, who are learning how to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies long term for financial freedom. Now, with with that, out of the way lets crack on with bitcoin uh, because this is going to be one of our main focuses when it comes to the plan. Bitcoin at the moment looks like its get its gearing up for another leg of this continued bull market and potentially were going into an extended period here.

So weve got a couple of highs that have come in 65 000. These are sort of things that were looking at before we get into some of the other endeavors, so we want to get an idea of the overall market. Weve got a feeling that it is a bull market. Some of the technical indicators are looking like were at a bull market, were getting this wind up but, of course, its going to come down to your own interpretation of the market. If you dont believe its a bull market, then you might want to implement an exit strategy sooner than other people who are potentially waiting for a 100 000 bitcoin, 200 000 bitcoin, whatever that price may be, if youre watching this video a long way into the future. So you can use this at any time for crypto for stocks its the same process. You just need to apply it to whatever it is youre doing so. The plan that were looking at looks like this so well. Have our investment well have a target, just as an example well have areas that we want to take some profit at well leave some remaining in there and then how we split it up. So im going to go through this as well and then come back to this now, if you are following the channel, you know that we are looking at several of these cryptos along the way and im going to give specific examples of cryptos that ive sold and Mentioned on the channel and also recent cryptos, which i have sold mentioned to our members in patreon and premium again, you can find links to all this down below and how.

I am playing that using something similar to this plan, where those profits are going so make sure you do subscribe, because youll get the journey along the way in terms of cryptos a buy sell and how its working out. So if you dont have an on ramp or off ramp at the moment, youll be one of the few lucky special people that may be in cryptocurrency uh before we had to do a whole lot of kycs. If you dont know what im talking about its basically, where you are connecting your bank account to a cryptocurrency exchange, and in this case the aussies are swiftx. Uh links are down below, but uh. If youre overseas, then of course you can use something like binance. Cue coin: anything that works in your territory, so swiftx is the on ramp off ramp thats. What were going to need to be able to get some of the that profits out of cryptocurrency and, of course, were also looking at ways to keep profits in cryptocurrency and what to do with it, while its in cryptocurrency now? The first example is solana, and this was something that i talked about in videos on the channel at particular points that i was selling to recoup my capital specifically looking at this initial investment capital. I want to make sure im taking some of it off the table, because i dont know where the markets will end up where they will finish, but if im making decent profits along the way.

I do want to take some of that out and make sure that i have something to show for my efforts in the market when the bull market ends whenever that may be so. Celina was one of those we got big pumps and i was posted on twitter as well about exiting around 160 just to get back. My initial capital dont get too worked up that sure the markets taken off again and from around that 160 point, the market has moved about 57 call it 60 percent. This is just part of investing you honestly, dont know if the markets going to go further, but you do feel it if the market, tanks against you and you didnt, take profits at that time. So have something in your plan that tells you, when you should be taking profits when not to the main thing were looking at. Here is what were doing with that money and areas that i was looking at in terms of my own trades and some stuff that we talk about with members in patreon and premium specific ways to do it. So once weve got those profits, theres taxes to be paid, so coinly is an option where you integrate that into any of your exchanges that youre using coinbase binance swift, decks, kraken theres, so many that it connects to makes life pretty easy. So you dont have a huge bill at the end of all of your trading with your accountant has to go through and understand where moneys gone and all that sort of stuff.

So coinly is a really simple one to use and ill list these out down below. So you can just click on them and use them and make your process a whole lot easier as well. So we looked at solana. Another example is zen. When i see these markets pump, i want to get some of the money out of the market, and zen was one of those that was like a long term here from 2017 buying it at the lowes market shot up and as we started to get really crazy In that may period of the market, you start to think theres, probably too many people in this market. That are all thinking the same thing and you want to take some off the table now. The other thing i look at is the crypto against the bitcoin chart and the crypto that youre trading against the ethereum chart, and these are two very specific points that i look at so this is something you could put into your plans when you know how to Use it, and that is a 50 percent level. This is this tool here it is the fib retracement, but this is using gain rules. Looking at 50 of the range youre looking at a major range here were on a major macro move and i look at the macro because i want to be trading big moves, not hourlies or minutes or four hourlies. I want the big big moves and youve got to look at the big charts.

The big moves dont happen from the small time frames, so this was one area here, the 50 percent at around this time, where zen. This is just an example. You dont have to trade zen im, not telling you to go on byzan or anything like that. Of course, this is just an example. Uh zen was pumping up here in may april and we got to around that 160 140. It was just getting absolutely crazy. So im taking some profits at these levels and the market did move further, so i was at around 100 to about 140. The market did move further, but the idea here and ive seen you guys post your comments as well, and the members as well its really good to see. The idea here is to take a chunk as big as you can out of the middle. You are not here to buy the low and sell the exact top. You want to buy low and sell high, but you dont need to buy the exact low and sell the exact top. You just need to take this huge chunk out of the middle. If your chunk happens to be that big and youre making profits its still a good thing, so the idea is just to be making profits and if you want to hold some long term well get to that as well. Now, from this point, this is april may im also looking at the other two charts – and i see the market hit.

50 percent 50 is a very, very, very critical point. You could look at it like your moving averages and you have to do your testing on individual markets with even with your moving averages and your rsis to figure out which metrics are going to work better in that market 50. Just work amazingly across all markets, and so we were hitting 50 against its bitcoin value around the same time. So, im thinking all right were getting resistance here on a bitcoin chart, which means zen is finding some resistance, like its not able to push up against the bitcoin price, its finding some resistance on ethereum. I did the same thing here and this is in april and so im looking at the price in april and may, and that price is like i said around 100 to 140. So i have to start taking some profits because my plan says: take the damn profit. Doesnt matter, if the chart goes up further its showing a lot of resistance – and i can see the downtrend here – take it off log – you can just see the downtrend, whether its on log or not, and its hitting resistance and finding lower highs weak, and you can See now in hindsight that it did go down, but this im selling at this point when the market is going up, hitting resistance all right. So i now ive figured out all right. Ive got some profits off zen. I got some profits off seoul later on.

These are different things, so this is just the the idea that i have the plan im taking profits, ive got the swiftx accounts. Ive got all these sort of things that i can actually get the money out of now. What am i doing? Next lets. Go back to the plan; part c split; profits, initial investment, capital; okay, as an example theres, a thousand bucks in this. This now moves up to five thousand, so ive got a four hundred percent return, return on investments about a five x, which is four hundred percent, and i am uh selling two thousand dollars of that five thousand dollars. I put a thousand in its climbed up to about five thousand remember. These are just example, numbers so that you know how to use a table like this, and then i am about selling two thousand, so about 200 percent of the total, the investment and im leaving 3 000 in the trade, because maybe the markets going to go up A hell of a lot further, you can take all of it out if you want to, but as an example. This is what were doing part c splitting the profits, initial investment capital thousand bucks, all right im. Retaining that back again, i put a thousand in. I need to take that a thousand out, so i can put it back with my business plan because im a long term investor trader. This is my business. I do this full time and i need to have that money again so that i can go and find something else to invest in with that money.

At the same time, i need to start building my base. I need to start building the investment capital base so that i have more to trade with and i can make bigger profits later on. The next thing is i i want to build my savings account as well, because this is my own business. I need to look after my own savings as well. I dont have a retirement fund or anything like this as an example and ive talked about it on the channel which we can look at in other videos, but im building my savings account as well. So this is my investment im, putting a little bit aside, so ive got that other thousand bucks when you total this up im also going to pay myself, because i need to live im also going to build my business. I need to get a wallet for example, so i want to go and buy a wallet, speaking of which, for example, ledger just comes out that its exactly 199 center with a dollar change there. So you can also find this. You can get your hardware wallets. You dont have to use a hardware wallet if you dont want to, but these are a safer option again. Ive got these listed out in the links down below, so ive got the profits. Ive done these other steps. In my plan im building my business and i want to reward myself for the good work ive done, because ive done everything else here, ive got my capital back.

I am building my trading base im, building my savings and investing im paying myself. I am again building my my business and now i want to give myself a gift, and i dont have to do this on every single trade. But if you have the means to why not you know its just another. Another feel good moment for the work that you put in so thats what ive done with the two thousand dollars. In this example, i still have three thousand dollars in the trade. Just in case solana continues to shoot up to the moon and hits our next targets at five hundred or six hundred dollars. Then whats in the market at three grand now will now be six grand, and i can continue to implement this plan right here and take that extra two thousand out or whatever the next part of the plan may be. Maybe youre gon na keep more in maybe youre gon na keep using part c and just keep going around and around in these circles and taking some out to build the base pay yourself and just in case the next trade doesnt work out now. Looking at number three im building my savings and investing, and i have other options like blockfy and, where i can earn some interest on the money that i pulled out and just sitting aside and its not in the market, its just in some stable coins. Maybe earning up to 14 on that 200 and of course there are limits and minimums that you need to account for when youre looking at this.

But these are some of the options that can be used and then, of course, you can sell off some of that. If you want to pay yourself so youve got your next thing: youre paying yourself 200 youre building your savings plan, so youve got 400. You are now earning some interest, its sitting on your card here on and every time you spend youre using that card. Youre. Getting three percent back as well, if youre, if youre staking a little more here, maybe youre not staking anything and youre getting one percent back and youre also getting a few other benefits so thats another strategy, you can use with your savings and with the money that You are using to pay yourself sits on the card, then you can go and use that and pay out from there. Speaking of thats, the next trade that we have and its one that i mentioned to our patreon and premium members again, you can find the links to this down below and it is limited. Weve got a few more spaces in both of these jump on to the cheaper one, and then, when that fills up the next one is ready to go there. So this is what were looking at next. Is the sale recently on cro same thing happening in real time, pumped when you see pumps on these coins? Generally, not always they tend to come down over some time. Weve seen 133 days up, other pumps are around that period that 100 to 200 days up.

So were probably getting towards the end of it again. This is in hindsight, you dont, know whats coming next, but when i look back at zen, pump pump pump pump and then it dumps from that point, so i have to take some profits because its my business and i need to be able to survive long term. In this im, not just a gambler hoping for the best and getting rich, this is a long term strategy to create life, changing wealth in markets which are moving pretty hard at this point in time. So thats looks good against bitcoin its pumped its broken out im not going to sell everything, because this is a breakout. At the moment this looks okay but its pretty extended compared to what its done over the last year and a half nine months. Oh sorry, nine months not year and a half, you know 266 days it looks a little over extended compared to whats normal in the market. Then i go to crypto eth cro eth its pumped. It moved out of this zone, but maybe were coming up against a 50 level. Remember what were looking at here: uh zen eth. It always hits 50 and then tends to take a rest, so its my long term business. I need to make some profits, so i can survive in the markets and continue to build my portfolio build my investments, build my savings account and just grow my business, because i do this full time and i hope that you guys as well.

You want to do this full time, so i apply the same strategy. I sell some of my investment. I put it aside. I take what ive already put into the market. Take that back make sure i get that first build my base. Then i put some aside for savings and investing so thats my long term sitting there uh just in case the market keeps going. Maybe i sell it into bitcoin or ethereum, because i see it at resistance, then i pay myself. Then i build my my business. I start to get other products things that i need. Maybe i need a new laptop, maybe a new mouse. Maybe a monitor. Give myself a gift in whatever it is. You love to do go out to dinners some sort of exercise equipment whatever it may be, and then you start the process again, and this is something that we go through on a regular basis with the members in patreon and premium again, all the links are down Below and itll be in order that you can find it, so you can set yourself up so once weve done that process, weve got our cryptos that we like weve, waited for them. Theyve taken months, theyve moved up, weve sold out got our profits. Now we look for more cryptocurrencies and im going to those patterns that i really really like, which is what we look at in premium. So this is a whole trading course to figure out patterns that look like they were.

They are winding up and then eventually will pump and take off and moon river is one of those at the moment were always going to have levels in case the market dumps against us, and we want to have triggers for when the market goes up and we Hold on to those profits, so we can ride them up to get out 3. 4. 5 10 x, whatever it may be. We dont want to get out too early, because then we are left short in these periods here. So its a bit of a balancing act. You dont want to get out too soon. You dont want to get out too late, because maybe it comes against you and you want to make sure you get out at some point some critical point where your analysis is not going the way that you thought it was because there is no guarantees in trading And investing thats my look at how to take profits on bitcoin cryptocurrencies, maybe even stocks, so that you have a plan there and you survive in these markets. A lot of people come to the markets, gamble on something throw 100 bucks in it and hope for the best. But if you want to get out of your job that you are grinding away at, maybe you dont, like it maybe youre using this to get out and ive seen a lot of people comment thats. Why theyre here to make money on something, so they can spend more time with their families, make sure you have some sort of plan and, if youre struggling to find something, go check out, patreon down below theres, also the premium links to learn how to trade cryptocurrency Theres a full course down there as well.

If you found some value from the video make sure you like it and subscribe, put this video on your watch list, so you can come back to it and learn more as the market takes off and if youre finding you need some questions answered.