The herd is coming, the water hole is getting a bit busier every single day. Some of the stories that have happened this week in crypto again just totally mind blowing stuff. We have burger king and mcdonalds and massive banks and massive gaming news and crypto apps soaring in the app stores and much much more ill, be discussing all of that in todays video and why it matters my name is lark everyday. I make videos talking about cryptocurrency. Investing so if thats a topic youd like to learn some more about, maybe just stay up to date with, then you should definitely subscribe to the lark davis channel. And, of course, if you do appreciate this kind of content, a quick tap on the thumbs up button will be massively appreciated and, of course, if you do want to get a notification, when i put out a video click on notification, bell its pretty easy to do Now, if you want to earn a safe and simple passive income on your cryptocurrencies, you need to get yourself an account over on celsius, 6.2 percent in your bitcoin 5.35 on your ethereum and up to 8.88 on your stable coins. Now, if you use the link down below in the description to start, your celsius account youre going to get a 50 bitcoin bonus, so go ahead and check that out now lets go ahead and get into these news stories, because theres been some crazy stuff going on This week, bitcoin burger king dogecoin ethereum its all coming together.

What burger king man uh now look im, not a big fan of a burger king. To be honest. Ever since i was maybe four or five years old, they burnt my burger and i just ive – never lived it down ever since then burger king man and you know fast foods junk. But besides the point, its a big deal, burger king, you know theyre one of the worlds biggest fast food chains. What are they doing? They are doing a massive giveaway, so this is with the burger king royal perks app. So any user who spends more than five dollars on their app will be rewarded with one coin, from the following pool so either 20 bitcoin, 200 ethereum or 2 million dogecoin. Obviously, most people are just going to get dogecoin, so theyre going to be disappointed with their 50 cents or 20 cents, whatever whatever dogecoins at these days, uh worth of dogecoin, but something theyre getting a dogecoin, so thats kind of cool theres about a one. In ten thousand chance, something like that of getting one ethereum and about a one and one hundred thousand chance of winning one bitcoin so theyre, giving away 20 bitcoin to 20 different people, pretty cool now look again burger king, but its massive for adoption. Because again, this is one of these things just getting crypto in front of so many eyes, so many people are getting exposes because its part of a big ad campaign, so people are looking theyre, seeing like oh burger kings, giving away cryptocurrencies theyre giving away bitcoin.

They give away ethereum theyre, giving away dogecoin its crazy times. Man this course is being done in collaboration with robin hood, but uh its just massive, its massive, these kind of adoption stories that all these big businesses are starting to get in to crypto. How long until every burger king in the world accepts bitcoin its not going to be long its not going to be long? Look at the rate of adoption. Look at the things that have happened in the last year. It wont be long until this happens. This is the way we are moving now other fast food chains, mcdonalds um these guys are doing nfts very, very interesting, so theyre giving away a mcrib nft, okay, guys, okay, guys mcdonalds, giving away nfts. Here again, these are just massive stories in terms of the actual adoption of the stuff, getting it out to a big audience of people. Getting people aware of this stuff and hey, i would love to see mcdonalds. Do a bitcoin, ethereum dogecoin, giveaway too. I think i think burger kings got them beat on the offering here compared to a mcrib nft, but it is a popular thing. This has got 51 000 likes 90 000 retweets here on this mcrib nft uh video here at mcdonalds. So its just mainstream adoption stuff right, you dont, get much more mainstream than burger king and mcdonalds come on come on now these guys theyre doing fts theyre doing crypto giveaways again mcdonalds, also its only a short matter of time before every mcdonalds in the world starts.

Accepting cryptocurrency payments too, you know its coming. You know its coming its only a matter of time now in terms of other mainstream adoption happening. We just keep seeing new musicians getting on board with particularly nfts and weve. Had sports players coming out and theyre. You know getting their their salaries paid out and bitcoin. We had a few new sports guys coming out over the last week or so announcing that we see um, probably a few stories a week with a band releasing some kind of an nft right and sometimes its just like collectibles nfts, but more frequently. What were starting to see these big groups? They are releasing albums as nfts and now you might think, but lark its just a digital file. Why would i pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for that? In some cases, its the exact same reason somebodys, paying tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for a vinyl record, its a first edition, its just everythings in the digital world nowadays and those vinyl records from 60s or 70s. Whatever sure those still have value their collectors items, theyll continue to have value, but everythings flowing online now, and so in the same idea that okay, if an original vinyl record has value, then an original nft of an album also has value and will maintain value. Moving forward anyway, bts kind of a big deal in uh, south korea and, of course not just in south korea.

Bts is an international pop sensation with uh all of their great hits like the the the dynamite song and the butter song and other songs that i see youtube recommend me once in a while, its big, we are seeing all of these different everybody. Just everybody talking about this stuff, particularly nfts nfts, are really capturing the imagination of an entire generation of people, and if you want to use an nft guess what you have to do, you have to have a freaking block chain wallet. You have to have an ethereum wallet or a solano wallet or an avalanche wallet or a polygon wallet or a binance smart chain wallet or whatever, wherever your nft happens to be based. So those people then need to have that wallet, get the nft and, of course, have a little bit of that cryptocurrency in their wallet to be able to move that nft back and forth. This is how adoption happens, its crazy stuff. Okay, next up lets talk about some gaming news, so ubisoft is planning to create its own play to earn cryptocurrency games. Now they are a massive game developer, and this, i think, is a really important moment for companies to decide. Are we going to be part of the crypto revolution, or are we not going to be part of the crypto revolution now steam? They have famously come out to announce. They would like to be the next blockbuster or the blockbuster of the gaming world by saying that there will be no blockchain, no crypto no play to earn games no nft stuff at all on their platform.

My guess is that in two years, within two years we will see steam do do a 180 on that and go back in the opposite direction and say hey. Actually, you can do those things because were losing business to everybody else, because all the kids these days they want to play, play to earn games ubisoft. They see that they know what direction the the world is heading in and where this technology is heading, but its not just ubisoft its actually a pretty big week for crypto gaming. So soft bank has led a 93 million dollar investment in the uh metaverse gaming world. Cryptocurrency called sandbox thats, a pretty damn big raise. If you ask me, 93 million dollar investment is absolutely huge. Obviously the idea here is that crypto gaming, crypto metaverse stuff, is going to be massive and it is going to be massive. I agree with the sentiment and you see where the money is going, and this is a really important uh thing to understand here. The money is flowing big time in to the the gaming metaverse world right now, a lot of investments happening, oh sure, still, investments happening. Indeed, fine, all the other stuff too, but a lot of money. Some of the biggest stories youve seen recently for big raises, have been around crypto gaming stuff heres another one mythicalgames announces a 150 million dollar raise as the company expands into nfts. Another 150 million bucks for crypto gaming stuff its happening guys.

Its happening is going to be so big were just now, starting to see the first cool games coming out and the potential of these games. I mean axi infinity, i think, has been the shot heard around the world for all of these gaming companies, because they see how much xc infinity is literally making their revenues are insane. The the user base coming in all the time uh its just big and its its this sort of uh situation, where its just drawing users in its drawing developers and its drawing companies in its all moving in the right direction. For crypto gaming to be a massive catalyst. Now, as i said in last weeks, video crypto gaming is something ive been interested in for years and ive been investing a lot more into it recently because im starting to see the kind of games coming out that, i think, are really cool and are going to Start really getting users, so i will keep updating you guys on the crypto gaming space as move forward. But its going to be very big final piece of the puzzle we can say for today is that the top crypto apps have been absolutely soaring in the rankings of the app stores, so number one app in the google play store in the us this week. We also saw coinbase number one app in the apple app store, Third, in the apple app store that was last week, um, but incredible, of course, to see this, because what it means is there is a flood of new users coming into the market.

Now, what do you want to have for a bull run to continue? You need to have more people more money coming into the market, crypto its still just a little bit below a three trillion dollar market cap, its still just a baby, its a baby, guys its going to go so much higher hundreds of millions literally billions, more users Coming in and look every story we talked about today, its about mainstream adoption happening, big food franchises are getting in on it, so the worlds most famous pop bands are getting in on it. The worlds biggest game development studios are getting in on it, everybodys getting in. No ones bullish enough thats, my thats, my new line, no ones bullish enough guys its absolutely crazy. What is happening right now and i love it – i absolutely freaking love it anyway. Your question for today, which will be the next big company to make a cryptocurrency play. This is going to be a big social media company is going to be another big food franchise and be a car company. Whos going to be next to say, hey were going were going big on the crypto thing were doing, nfts were accepting crypto whatever it might be. Hit me up down below in the comment section with your guess of who the next big company is going to be.