Thank you so much brother. I love it. Second of all, im going to do a very quick ive. Never done this before a quick shout out to a viewer here, and let me just pop this up. This is from justin starr justin said at first i wasnt a fan because i felt you were an ada hater. I realized you were doing your homework and saul was just a faster horse. I dumped half my ada into saul back in september. Your videos convinced me to make the move. Thank you. So, first of all, i appreciate that it was sanjay that sent that to me. I was didnt even realize it was out there, but i dont hate anybody. I dont hate anything. I dont hate any crypto. All i do is look at numbers so uh, but when i feel i have high conviction, i let people know so. If it comes across that i am not a fan of another project, i dont want that to be the case at all ever. But when i talk about things, i try share stuff to help. You all achieve financial freedom which were going to talk about a lot today as well. So this is the saturday morning quickie. Thank you. All for being here lets go uh. First of all, uh. Let me pop up the content. Uh math money, freedom! Thank you. Again. Click the free little thing – and none of this is investment advice.

So first of all lets talk about bitcoin, real, quick im, not gon na spend a lot of bitcoin time on bitcoin today, but i am gon na talk about this, and here you will see uh. Let me see, am i yeah its all working? I just want to make sure its working uh bitcoin is eerily stable, theres, a slight problem with the screen, its not sharing fully anyway, not to worry the fact that over the last three days, bitcoin has been in this incredibly tight range up and down. Three percent is very, very positive news: everybody, my perspective is yes, whales are manipulating, whales are dumping, but every single dip is being bought off with extreme accuracy. You can tell that these are program buys here that happen every time it dips down, but for three full days to be in this tight range up. One half cent down one half cent, its very rare. This tells me bitcoins calling coiling up for a move, and that could happen at the weekend because sometimes we get a lot of cool action on the weekend. So another news, obviously theres a lot of talk last week about jack dorsey from twitter im, a big fan talking about hyper inflation. He rattled a lot of people, but this is kind of cool. Just yes, is the super cycle confirmed somebody asked him and the answer is yes stack accordingly, so this could be a little bit of hopium uh.

I dont know if were gon na, go to a super cycle or not, but well see uh but at the same time, its always good to have a little bit of bitcoin insurance if you dont have any and everybodys beginning to get some now. This is beginning to be fomo times, and i know because i sense it. I feel it im on the receiving end of it as well. So, in terms of the winners circle, our weekly segment, we look at exactly what happened over the previous seven days and it was kind of a flattish week. Things like ethereum were kind of flat. I think ethereum was up uh, like it eeked out a 2.8 gain for the week, but just like last week, top of the charts again solana up 32 for the week. This is a massive move for a massive asset. You know were over 70 billion dollars in market cap and its still adding a third of the mark cap within a week which is staggering, elrond number two in full disclosure – i own elrond, i own solana, but i also own matic. So if you look at the bottom, three, oh by the way avalanche, was number three and the bottom three. We had matic phantom and cosmos, both uh down one percent five percent and about six percent for the week. If my eyes serve me right, but the real message here is again huge solana games, which is great elrond, also doing really well, we look at the other players.

Eth 2.8 and polka dot number four up 18, but didnt make the top three but again extremely positive. Now lets talk about solana, um im, getting a lot of questions, so i am working on an updated price prediction model. You guys know my models are very conservative but theyre uncannily um accurate in some cases, but sometimes we get to our destination faster than expected. So this was the finder survey uh. This is a top series of crypto analysts and they put together this survey and believe believe that solana could hit five thousand dollars in the year 2030, and this is extremely bullish indeed, and well show you in a minute how that compares to my original price prediction Model from april of this year, but how do they get here? What is their thesis? Well, real simple. They believe solana is the east killer and thats how they believe and get to this market cap lets drill into that for a little bit and find out exactly what their chart looks like. So here is their price prediction chart 2021, 2025 and 2030. The year end, price prediction for 2021 has already been surpassed and their year end, price prediction was 235. Bucks were at 255 this morning, so uh that its already a bit redundant. The 2025 could disappoint many at about 1200, but still remember june 22nd. This was a 20 asset, so it has come an awful long way, but it still has more to go and their price prediction for 2030 is about 5056 dollars.

Now, what? What does all this mean, and how does it compare to my numbers that i put together back in april, so here we are and im actually revising this right now, but one of my thesis was obviously for it to surpass cardano market cap, which is a no Brainer we blew through that a week ago. Then this is my price prediction for 2030. i had 3123 dollars and thats based on hitting 20 of ethereums market cap, and my ethereum price prediction for 2030 is less than raouls pauls price prediction, so thats how conservative? I am but thats interesting that my thirty one hundred dollars is close to the five thousand and again conservative price prediction. But what exactly does this mean so lets have a look uh. One of my thesis is always for the solana market cap should be valued at 20 of ethereums market cap. We are at 14.6 of that right now. Sorry, 14.58 of that already so were getting very all the stuff is happening way faster than i expected, and i didnt expect the meteoric rise to be be so drastic. So i will probably think about upgrading that 20 to maybe 25 because were just getting there so fast. So, as you know, i like to build my what i call flipping models because theyre important to look at as well and very good to benchmark stuff now. What does solana mean in terms of market cap if it goes to five thousand dollars? Well, a market cap of 5k is worth about 2.

5 trillion, which is about two times the bitcoin market cap today, which is not that beyond the realm of probability, if you think about it, uh now remember uh, remember my retire on solana, video uh! Now, if you were to redo that, based on these price predictions, a four thousand dollar investment on june 22nd would have gotten you 198 sol, which is enough to have a million dollars in the year 2030.. So again, for all of you out there that have 198 solana hold on tight, and i know many of you have a lot. I know a couple of you have like 2 000 and more so the question is: will we get there? I believe possibly yeah twice bitcoin market cap, not a problem, especially when you look at some of the other news thats coming in a second, so lets talk now theyre on the kind of moon ship lets talk about ethereum. This is a top analyst. Obviously ethereum is the arch rival to not only bitcoin but now solana and at the start of the quarter. Obviously things have been kind of bonkers for ethereum. Now the star all coin appears to have entered price discovery mode once we got above that 4 500 and you know, were bouncing around a little bit under 4 500 right now, but we did hit an all time high of 46.64. I think and project syndicate hes a popular uh, crypto ta technical analyst. He believes uh his price projection to hit 7 500 real soon for ethereum thats a lot to take in a lot to take in – and this is an extremely happy hopi unfilled saturday video.

So i hope you guys are enjoying it out there now lets talk about jpmorgan again. I hinted at this yesterday, but this is another piece from them why they believe ethereum is superior to bitcoin. Again, i am a big bitcoin bull im, just sharing all the news in an objective way, as i can so bitcoin as a form of digital gold, as we all know, and ethereum per jp morgan, they believe its deriving its value from a wide range of revenue Streams: d5 to gaming, to nfts, to stable coins, etc. Its far less susceptible to volatility and price. They believe as gold is and bitcoin is the new gold, because theres so much value, basically as kathy woods says, defy and thats. Why? I love d5 thats! How i invest heavily in scps, they are hollowing out the traditional financial services, business and ethereum is proving to be very successful and has a long way to go, but remember its deflationary and its moving to proof of stake, which will also make it more environmentally friendly. As well as would go forward so this big part of the thesis from jp morgan and how they believe it is superior to bitcoin but well see so if ethereum is superior to bitcoin and solana is superior to ethereum. Guys can make your own conclusions as to where im going with this now lets talk about this. This really really made my day because im on the receiving end of a lot of messages every single day about people who, at the beginning of 2021, were hopeless.

After a horrible 2020. now many of you are crushing it and making it, but this was a survey that backs up a lot of what i see and theres a term now called wage slaves. Uh drop a comment below if anybody knows what it means to be a wage slave, its basically people have to work for a wage that gets taken by taxes and theyre, not happy, and it can be soul, destroying for some people that work for very bad bosses, Etc, but this crypto survey says 4 became free. The surveys of four percent of u.s workers quit their jobs in the past year after successfully investing in crypto markets. Now that sounds kind of unbelievable, but sometimes what i do kind of urge people to think is yeah. You might make some quick money now, but remember these markets are very volatile, so, whatever you have keep it safe. If you did make enough money to quit your job, your focus now is to preserve that capital no longer keep it on the casino. So be really careful about that, but uh. The interesting stuff here is um. Four percent were able to quit their jobs and another seven percent say they know somebody who left their jobs thanks to crypto so again be conservative lets dig into the survey and what this actually means so theres, two big conclusions. First of all, part one um, despite the success some investors have had in the cryptocurrency markets, and some also were not profitable.

45 are poorer than between one and five years ago, which is sad, 55 percent are wealthier. The question is, did obviously maybe some of those people invested in the wrong assets and lost their shirts. That still happens a lot too im, also on the receiving end thats, why? I say you know just invest in pristine assets, but the second part is kind of interesting. Four percent of people, as i mentioned uh, were able to quit their jobs because of crypto gains and the vast majority made under fifty thousand dollars so again, life changing money can be made right now out there in the marketplace. Now we know people were quitting low, paying jobs, jobs that werent satisfactory soul, destroying but remember its a crazy time, so be careful if youve made those gains lock them away as much as you can now a little bit of inflation news. This is a cool little graphic of all the inflation rates today from around the world, so we got canada at the bottom. Four point: four percent: all the way up to you know place like brazil over three percent, who are now talking about uh, deploying bitcoin as part payment, turkey, 20, etc, etc. Let me know in the comment below, if you believe these numbers are real, because i know for a fact when you see us at 5.4 percent thats not real its way higher than that. So this is really important to look at, because inflation is the silent thief.

If you want financial freedom, you got to make sure you, hedge against this stuff, or else youre not going to get anywhere and finally, a quick summary from the week. Okay, despite the warning of quantitative easing falling by twelve and a half percent thats the money printing. In the u.s again thats what they are threatening to do, they havent done it yet tech stocks are booming. I mean teslas up about 60. In a couple of in less than two months. Uh cryptos are ripping, as we see new all time highs every day. Ethereum solana, polkadot, etc. Uh semiconductors have gone parabolic, uh, trying to get nvidia but havent been able to catch it and even zombie. Small camp caps, uh from the russell 2000 40 of them are profitless, are up 40 percent in a couple weeks. So everything is going bonkers. Part of that is because of inflation. Part of this, because money printing part of that is because the exuberance so remember these are special times but buckle in everybody and be careful so with that hope. You, like the content im going to sign off for now, and i will see you all tomorrow: well have a dca and q a double day. Sundays are always the day of rest. For me, sarcasm only kidding take care.