I did a post on instagram about that, so mastercard announced that they will soon be offering crypto services um to their merchants, um its going to be a big big thing where you know youre going to have different uh components of the crypto from crypto wallets to Um credit cards to atm machines and debit cards, so uh, you know once again its just another. I think validation for the space. But mastercard, you know hey. I want to ask: how does this affect mastercard? Does this? Does this affect mastercard? Are you bullish on mastercard, dont care about mastercard? Oh! Is that the first question yeah bullish, mastercard visa, is better. I remember last year um, i said if you guys want to make your own makeshift credit card. Etf, just buy visa, mastercard and then 10 of american express um. Visa has a very interesting history, but um mastercard is solid. It is b, so visa is giannis. Uh, mastercard will be chris middleton shout out chris middleton um, but have them both in your portfolio and then youll be fine, but the run that theyve been on since april of last year from 21 to 75, has been absolutely amazing. I wouldnt get out of that. Um anytime soon, then, all time low was 1991, the actual price a few years ago. It should hit 115 in the next 12 or 13 months. Youll be good, so there are some cheap ones that are there and you cant tell me if you guys are like hey, mastercard is at 75.

Bucks is too much. Please stop telling me stocks that cost less than any js. You will wear costs too. Much. Tell me, i know, im seeing some of yall at these meetups like what balenciaga is on that chain and we have to – and i know because the thing with stocks is that you cant show it off this for the fellows to get women. But you can, if you pull up your damn portfolio now i dont want you to be a simple lame. Man actually pull up your portfolio in front of anybody, but hey you have to get away. Im invested. Im invested in this look like a real poindexter or brittany. Renner may finesse you out that money, but you need to start putting your money into things that are going to grow and im. Tired of us looking like were rich as hell, but then have none of the actual net worth because then, when its time to actually buy some companies small countries when its time to do these deals, you guys dont have a capital focus on the long term. Please how much you im going to walk this yeah, i mean the whole space is an opportunity right, like a lot of people are looking at it like all right. Well, bitcoin is coming and debit cards are coming forward, but that i had opportunity. I had like people saying look i want, how do i get an atm so that i can make business off this right, so theres opportunities in it? I just think of when, when i see more validation coming into the space, it makes me again remember of how the space originally started was like yo were going to be decentralized look.

This is youre, never going to its going to be untraceable, and now, like the valley, i told you guys thats a fallacy. There is no business in which the government wont get a piece of that action for those of you that are in the sports betting, like we have to pay a vic. There is no decentralized currency in which the government does not act like a mafia and cannot get a percentage, its impossible thats. What im hearing when i, when i hear mastercard thats what im here, thats, okay, but also from a safety perspective, people want an avenue to go lets say if youre 35 and up and youre new to the space, if visa does it? If paypal does it, if square, does it and square is still newer? You need trusted sources because, like even with me like every time that i look back and see what the value of what i had of bitcoin is in 2013, i get sick. I thought my own gox was safe. It was reported safe at the time, had a great team, but the attacks – and even i even know, people in the last year that have put their bitcoin into service providers that were deemed or looked like, other ones that were legit and they lost everything. So you like, at least with visa, you can track and have a chance to get your money back. I was reading ig the other day. It was a guy who lost six hundred thousand dollars in bitcoin and a transaction that he thought was legit and wasnt and theyre trying to claw to get it back, but once its gone or for the people who actually lost their wallets.

Its tough to store. Your. Your crypto on a wallet that you own do not keep them on other platforms because it can be dangerous or if they go out of business, then what youre in trouble. Yes, so you said: youre bullish on visa, absolutely yeah yeah. It had a nice im saying that, because i i was invested in visa, i got in like at 197 um, and so it had a nice pullback, and so, if theres anybody thats looking to say all right, is it a good time to buy a visa? Nice pull back down thats it like what 213 214 yeah go to 198 get some more and youll. Be good luck and please write this down a lot of you guys keep asking: should you dollar cost average or buy a specific price points both the most important thing that you can do is buy every single month if you actually want to be rich and wealthy. If you do put rich and wealthy or put rich forever shout out ross, if you want to be rich forever, yeah lets do that to the episode um you have to buy ever. It has to be the first bill and shoddy – and i talked about this maybe eight weeks ago, but for the fellows like if youve been in a relationship and lets say you love somebody, you date, it look at all the money you spent on for those yall To trick off heavy bags cars apartments and look at that versus what the return you would get investing in some of these a lot of times were not putting our money into these companies because we are because our history with this country is so broken.

We are spending money to try and get love when, if we love ourselves, a lot of the actions that we take would be dramatically different, like even in this country. We were loud closed loud brands. I was in gucci just browsing last week. Im like this looks like all the old iceberg from 0 1, the burberry looks like old iceberg, because theyre targeting us at a point in time when they didnt even want us to wear their brands. But i want to switch from being a materialistic society which were going to see a lot of in the metaverse to focus on actually having money and it doesnt have to be like. Well, if you invest, you cant have anything nice but be honest when we put this in chat, are you currently at the net worth that you want to be right now put yes and chatter, you are, if you are, and no if youre, not because everybody can Get fancy and we all know we i mean you guys, told me the conversation about the dude i tuck his chain in its a lot of lying, going on and manipulation and thats. Why? I tell you guys, like you guys, dont and for those investors and traders who may not like me, you dont, have to like me to profit off my advice now. I know theres a lot more brand equity in me being more personable, not grumpy. But for me my favorite artist tupac another favorite artist, dick gregory.

They built their entire legacy off being honest, theres tons of people who have at you and told you this is the way, but prior to 2019, they were not investing where they had in 2010. I couldnt pay 15 black people in 2010 to talk about investing. So please put your money, easy formula, put 50 of your money away every single month into these companies and if ive made you money, please put yes in chat market mondays. Im gon na put on a real show for yall too, so get those tickets to the apollo. You dont stay. So let me ask you this um visa, you like visa over american, express absolutely yeah, absolutely thats and thats another one that we gave. Obviously i mean you know everybody whos listening to earn. Your legion knows that you know ive been a customer since 1985, obviously because i was an authorized user, but uh last june, when they made the announcement that they were going to now allow china to be using the card, and it was at 97. They said this is an opportunity right. They have a population over 1 billion, almost 2 billion people, their consumer spending, their consumer spending is at a different level, especially luxury items, specifically luxury items yep, if not more as equal to the united states or any country um. Its the most important market of all for sure and so having them on board and weve. Seen if you look at the chart what its done since last june, you can see that revenue has just grown ever since june 2020.

. Yeah shout out to visa. This symbol is v and then theyre telling you yeah and axp is for american express um its more widely used, but just on the credit card side i looked it up. Visa has a hundred and 110 million users just on credit that doesnt include debit. American express has 109 million, so i would assume, with debit cards included. Visa probably has 210 Music million people using it worldwide. Now the the answer is not one or the other is usually both like. Even in crypto shout out to kayla, like our formula is bae. Bitcoin ada ethereum for me long term, its two tech two index, but so apple and microsoft. I never want to pick and even with us, like most people would have said. Well, they have a media company and im an investor im going to compete and were going to cross over. The best thing to do is to collaborate theres way more money and, to be honest in our community, were the only group of people that dont collaborate and the reason why there was so much tension between steve jobs and bill gates is because bill gates. At one point, on 15 of microsoft, excuse me of apple when they came back, usually theres. A lot of back end deals on media tech. They share data, yes apple and google may have some friction at times, but more often than not its better for two kingdoms. To work together to overtake the world than compete because just like in rapie theres no money, i mean, maybe hit him up, make money, but some of those things cost tupac.

His life biggie his life and that destroys a lot of record levels and it makes it tough. There is no money in war unless youre selling arms and even those businesses that are publicly traded are not doing as well. So please write this down.