Everybody today were talking about the single trend that is making people filthy, filthy, rich in crypto land, and i hate to say it. But i did tell you so this is something that ive been more passionate about than literally any other trend in this entire industry. The biggest biggest realization is that crypto is a bunch of networks, online monetary networks, that those networks are based mainly off of groups of people connected largely by social media online, and that the actual biggest online culture, which most people who are non gamers do not understand, Is video games and then, of course, the reality, which is that this is the only industry in the world before crypto, where people were buying digital stuff for its intrinsic value right, no one ever in the world is buying a digital thing, except in video games. Maybe music right or films thats, another topic again bullish for nfts. But the point here is that gaming is the big whale. It is the biggest change to our online culture since the 2000s got a parabolic growth chart and i have the theory that gaming is eating. The internet so, of course, the theory that crypto will eventually eat gaming due to the item ownership and the benefits to the players is, in my opinion, a very easy jump. The point here is that were entering into the most important era of the blockchain revolution. This is the era where we have a growth on the order of very, very, very many millions, then hundreds of millions, then billions of people entering into the ecosystem having a like moment and the product that is going to take us there, its not just speculation on Cryptocurrencies its going to be games, its going to be digital experiences, its going to be products and services, and they are going to be wrapped up with a pretty bow and user interface within the context of blockchain gaming.

So let me explain to you how this works. Metaverse is over here, nfts is over here. So first we have nft art the first digital stores of value as as individual items. Metaverse is the grand realization of this stuff and its gon na happen in several uh, several probably about two to three years. Metaverse really starts happening because vr is still tech. That vrtec is still coming along right, um, its still not fully that comfortable to be in vr. Most people get motion sickness. I know i do so. First, we have nft art and collectibles thats like where we are right now and were just starting to see that market really get hot and the thing about metaverse is. It makes those initial items those initial assets really valuable, because once everybodys valuing their time in the metaverse. Now, what are the things theyre gon na value? Well, theyre gon na value digital stuff that has has cachet, has status right. So these initial nft, collectibles and art pieces are going to be given an absolutely stunning amount of value within these digital worlds. But how do we get from art to fully immersive digital world? Well, we need activities right, think about it. When you go on a trip you go to the hotel. When you go to the hotel, you go to the pool you go to the spa, you go to the the beachfront activities. You go, of course, im in hawaii, so im just like doing the things i dont know why, of course it could be snowboarding, it could be hiking whatever the point is you go and do these sort of main activities in the physical world? The same will be true of the digital world.

People need stuff to do, they need um, you know, structure to their day, and so they will be playing games right games are that, first, those activities, those amenities, those digital stores of structure. People are going to go. Play tetris then theyre going to go to a dinner, then theyre going to go. Socialize and theyll go learn something right. All of these things are different. Dopamine releases, different parts of our human needs being met right, our need for competition and personal growth, our need for connection our need for knowledge. All of these things are part of the ball of wax so understand between art and collectibles and metaverse. We have gaming. Gaming is the big ship that carries everyone into the digital world. Music, bitcoin and ethereum. Both seem completely unstoppable here, as we enter into november historically, the most bullish month for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. So you guys are most likely, statistically speaking in for a massive treat but weve just seen another hint here, that a specific group of sub coins and altcoins is most likely about to have its time in the light, not in months from now. But in days. From now, i want to start here with this tweet here from bitcoin archive showing that when bitcoin makes a new all time high on the monthly close, which is what we just did, it usually means its just getting started. If we go back to 2012, we see that there was a 4 000 increase here from 2012 to 2013.

We see that after the double bubble here, which is pretty analogous to what we just went through. We saw an 829 growth here at the end of 2013 and of course, bitcoin was a little baby uh asset back then so its hard to compare to what it is now. But then we see a 1752 growth here in 2017.. We see a 367 growth here at the beginning of 2021 and the question is: what will we get now as weve just had this green tick up on the monthly chart? That usually indicates a massive bullish engulfing candlestick storm that will bring us to historical new highs. Now, in this case, the question really is: are we gon na hit 100k, and if we do, can we go for two? Can we go for three? We really dont know as things get wildly parabolic and thats when the most risk sets in but historically as bitcoin does its thing. The altcoins go absolutely berserk and start making millionaires out of nowhere, thats just how things have operated and just like weve been telling you and telling you and telling you during the quiet times when dot was doing absolutely nothing. When no one was talking about it. We were saying that polka dot narrative is going to come, ripping and roaring back as dot crowd. Loans take place now, if you guys dont know what polka dot crowd loans are weve explained it and explained it. You can dig up an old video here on the channel where we explain it in depth or google.

It yourself, but essentially this is the birth of the polka dot ecosystem in live time, and it means that the dot coin is going to get consumed like crazy. As people secure their parachains and so right now is bitcoins looking to get dramatically bullish, we have dot going live the opportunity for dot ecosystem projects, as we call them. Those altcoins within the polka dot ecosystem is going to be incredible. So the question is really which of those coins are the ones that you should be looking at. So now im going to try to give you guys clues to get you ahead of the game, because if i just say it here on the channel theres going to be 100, maybe 200 000 people who are thinking exactly the same as you, but because youve been Researching so well and youre, smarter than the average joe im going to give you some hints so that you can get ahead here now, if you go to the polka dot tab here on coingecko. What youll see here is that polka dot is part of the polka dot ecosystem here, which is a tag you can click on it, and you can see all the projects listed in the polka dot ecosystem now, im going to give you a hint that this is Not all of the polka dot ecosystem projects that exist. What you really want to be doing is digging up polka dot, ecosystem projects across the web by doing research getting into discords, getting into telegram groups and finding and building your knowledge of this ecosystem.

Because i do believe that the early movers in nft and metaverse and gaming on polkadot, just like in other projects in other different ecosystems, will be massively successful beyond that. Of course defy, and all these other coins will pop off the usual suspects of new movers. In the polkadot ecosystem, they will have tremendous success. I believe and thats why ive been heavily positioned into this ecosystem theres. One thing that this channel has stood for for the past four years. That has just been proven to be objectively fact, which is that gaming and metaverse, along with nfts, will drive the crypto industry to mainstream adoption. We are now entering into the era of mass gamification of crypto and when any trend takes over its extremely important that you learn to identify the genuine hard working teams and separate them from the cash grabbing scammers of which there are endless amounts here in crypto. So today were going to be talking about how you can identify a good gaming project, and this is quite honestly, the most important video we can make today. So how can i tell if my game is a good one? Well, obviously, some of these bigger games like axiomfinity that have big player bases that are already out there in the world, with their play to earn model thats, something that seems fairly durable for now, at least for the foreseeable future. We also see alluvium coming with some really high quality, original art and gameplay footage, and then we also have star atlas, which has some pretty good.

Looking initial maps and arounds. It looks like they have enough savvy there on the team, but the thing is most people, dont actually even know what theyre looking at and most games are now showing these sort of exotic 3d models and different types of what i could just honestly call art and Believe me, art is so far from a real game. Let me show you why what you see beside me here is actually the unreal engine marketplace now. Ive been building games in unreal engine since 2018, ive hired all kinds of developers and now have an extremely awesome studio filled with aaa developers. Now the reality is when just starting out the marketplace is this amazing resource and it can help speed up prototyping by a long long time. Now the marketplace should only be relied on to speed things up, but it should not be relied on entirely believe it or not. Some of the most talented artists in the world are putting up their work here because they dont know how to create games themselves. So theyre creating art and selling it into the marketplace for public usage, you want a rocky desert great. You want some overgrown bar. It looks like some dystopian environment. Great you want anything. You can pretty much get it here on the unreal engine store theres. So much you can do here, thats, just free to use or pretty much free to use, considering that one of these artists would probably cost you, maybe a hundred bucks an hour for a super high quality artist uh to actually just get one of these for 50 Bucks is just an amazing value and thats.

Not all. I can get crazy visual effects here. As you can see, i can get explosions, i can get fires and you can also find amazing characters. Look you want a butcher great, you want bears awesome. You want an alien cool, but its not just actual games. Theres also blueprints here right blueprints mean actual programming, so i can have a turret package, the turret that tracks me and shoots at me. As i run around the map, i can have a railway system thats already pre programmed. I can even have a multi player, shooter template and a battle royale template where, essentially, we have this code already written here, where i dont even have to code up the damage system. The reality is that all of this stuff just creates what we call spaghetti code. Most of this stuff is horrible, horrible, with performance, and once you actually try to build from this stuff into a full game, you end up with massive functionality problems and you dont have a team with the core competencies of development that make sure that youre able to Ship a game improve it and make it ultimately fun when we start looking at these games really. What we should ask ourselves is which of these games is going to gain and hold users in the end we are creating. Networks of value were creating networks that should hold the next future social interactions of the digital world, and when you look at a game, if you see characters running around in a map with no actual gaming heads up display, you dont actually see and touch and feel The gameplay its impossible to know whether that game will actually leave the user smiling and wanting to come back.

The only thing that can do that is actual game testing user testing and getting out there in the world and playing the game other than that. Its all. A bunch of spoken mirrors – and i promise you that most of the games that youre seeing here will ultimately fail.