Crypto portfolio were talking numbers percentages. Everything around that complete transparency well even get into my full story with crypto and were also going to talk about and buy into three new very risky get rich quick type coins that im pretty hyped on. Okay, so im not a crypto expert, but i have made some money with it and its actually. What got me excited about the world of finance and investing years ago, so whatever happens to it in the future ill always be thankful for these magic internet coins. I first invested into crypto in 2017. At that point i was in high school working a minimum wage job. Can i help you some that kitchenaid blender whack you got ta go with the nutribullet trying to open up a credit card. Looking back at my purchase history, i was buying ethereum at like two hundred dollars per coin. The bitcoin price was around two thousand dollars which hurts looking back, but point is this was a while ago and at that time i got crazy into it. To the point where i was straight tweaking borrowing money from people like actually on some bro. Let me tap in with 300 bucks ill pay back when my paycheck comes in next week type 5.. But if we look at the ethereum graph as an example, i was buying around here in mid 2017 and we ended up seeing a huge spike going into 2018. So all of that paid off at one point, the three four grand that i saved up and put in was worth, i believe, around thirteen fourteen thousand dollars keep in mind.

I was still 16 at this point sitting in my high school classes, just aggressively refreshing, my coinbase account im just trying to make it im a crypto island that i opened up under my dads name, seeing all that money was just insane to me, but eventually the Market started crashing, i didnt want to sell and i also started getting into altcoins and that led nowhere good towards mid 2018. I was back down to square one. Kinda lost interest at that point, as i actually started, focusing more on instagram and getting into dropshipping around that time. So crazy. Little preface to my story there, but fast forward a couple years to early 2020 at that point, ive been doing econ for a while. So i had some money laying around that i could work with and if you guys remember, in early 2020 we had the roni rona hit, so we saw the craziest dip across all markets in march of that year. So i bought the dip with stocks, but then thought about it and figured during this time of uncertainty. It would kind of make sense for bitcoin to go up right. It does have this slightly rebellious anti government financial policy type appeal to it. So i figured if everything is falling apart, which it definitely seemed like at that point. A lot of people might get into bitcoin as kind of a safe haven. So i started up buying bitcoin. It was six thousand dollars at that time.

So i bought a little over two coins total, while it was fluctuating around six to eight thousand so about a fourteen thousand dollar investment total into bitcoin. For like two point, three coins, i think and simultaneously i also loaded up on ethereum, which is crazy because it was at like a hundred fifty dollars per coin so cheaper than when i even first got into it. In 2017., i bought a total of 25 coins for 5 300, but when did i sell all of that whats, the price of it now were gon na find out after a quick word from our sponsor, which is an investing app where you can invest into Stocks, etfs and now crypto with any amount of money. What i love about public is, it can even improve you as an investor, since you can actually follow other people and see what theyre investing in were talking. Graham stefan cody coast, shelby, church and thousands of others. Im on there – and you can see what trends i follow tap in advia has on the app and on public. You can also buy slices of stocks and crypto. You dont have to just buy full shares, whole bunch of stocks and etfs on there, but now they also offer 11 different cryptocurrencies. They have the usual stuff like bitcoin and ethereum, but they also have stuff like shiba edu, free, app, no commissions on standard trades, plus public doesnt sell your trades to market makers like other investment apps they route their trades directly to the exchange.

So youre not getting finesse and best of all youll get a free stock worth anywhere from three to one thousand dollars. When you go to and create an account, get started today, once again make sure you go to hazards get a free stock click. The link in the description – thank you, so i actually didnt sell any of that to this day and if we look at my ledger wallet that 20 000 investment has now went up by 13 times to 262 000, and then i also have some miscellaneous holdings In a few other wallets two more ethereum on this one about one more on metamask and a little some on coinbase blockfy and those meme coins about last video. So in total, 315 000 is currently invested and then also about 50 000 worth of crypto mining equipment, which i will have a slightly controversial mining video releasing probably next week so subscribe. If you want to see that or dont just kidding, i tried playing hard to get there, but my self worth does directly derive from social media stats, so the total crypto holding is around 300 to 350 000, depending on what you want to count. But before we get into some new very risky coins that i believe have a lot of potential, i want to talk about why im not selling and why almost my whole portfolio is just bitcoin and ethereum. With all this inflation going on bitcoin, it kind of really makes sense im not buying bitcoin in hopes that it gets to a million, and i can sell it im buying it thinking that eventually, it might not even make sense to sell it for a fiat currency.

Like the us dollar, that was from a video about a year and a half ago, may have sounded stupid at the time. Bitcoin was at like 10k, but today theres countries with bitcoin as their legal tender and for me selling bitcoin the magic tulip mania internet coin. In exchange for the us dollar is kind of scary im, not even kidding with how much money were printing and how quickly inflation is rising. I somehow feel safer having the money in bitcoin, which is nuts and on top of that id have to give half of it away to taxes. If i sell and then watch the other half get diminished and eaten up by inflation, i kind of subscribe to the belief of seeing bitcoin as a store of value with the current transaction speeds. Its not looking like its going to be what replaces cash. But i really like it as a store value, its the og crypto, fixed market supply and im very comfortable having most of my crypto portfolio in bitcoin. Now the ethereum part its cool im rocking with it, but they also have a lot of great competitors who dont have crazy transaction gas fees and are a lot quicker, and the biggest turnout for me is that its not capped there can only be 21 million bitcoin Turn it up, whereas with ethereum, the founder of italic and his boys and council can increase the supply with no limit kind of like the us dollar.

But it is the second biggest cryptocurrency. So i guess it would be considered a blue chip crypto and is a safer bet than other coins and again, if i sell ill, give half away in taxes, so thats not really an option at the moment, but well see what happens with ethereum 2.0. If italic and his boys execute on their promises, ethereum could run up even higher and take over the world. So again, almost all of my portfolio was just bitcoin and ethereum. Apart from the 10 grand of meme coins about last video, and i kind of dont like it, it feels too safe for my bitcoin position to double another time, thats a lot of money that has to be poured into it. I believe itll happen in the future, but some of these up and coming coins – man theyre tempting they make a lot of sense, have a lot of potential and can very quickly multiply in price, and that does come with a lot more risk. But, given that my whole portfolio is too safe right now, not really because its still crypto but relatively safe, i want to get in some new, smaller coins and its gone the money in your account. I have three total that im hyped on and will be buying. So ill quickly explain my reasoning behind each one and im curious to get your guyss thoughts on them. If you will in the comments first, one is in the gaming coins category.

Currently, the biggest gaming crypto is axi infinity, which is just one game, and the current market cap of that is around eight to nine billion, but i dont like it. I played it once for a video, it was cool. I was very intrigued and excited about it at first. I could see the appeal, but that quickly were off and im sorry, but to me its just not that fun of a game like i cant, really see myself getting back to it and thats the biggest gaming related crypto right now by almost double the runner up, Is twice as small, so i think these other projects have a lot of potential and i dont want to invest into a single game because those come and go with time. You look at fortnite, it used to be everywhere, but it kind of fell off so im. Looking for gaming platforms or gaming studios and that being the case im buying engine coin, which i know is on the ethereum blockchain and i just talked kind of poorly about ether. But engine is a platform that helps game developers, sell and manage virtual goods. So theyre not a game, but rather technology that allows games to integrate blockchain into them and the whole market cap of gaming crypto tokens is currently just around that of shiba inu alone, so i think theres. Definitely some upside potential here, im rocking with engine but im open to some other ones. If you guys want to show me some.

The second coin is solana which, at this point, fourth largest crypto its not exactly super risky but im adding it on the list, because im gon na be transferring some of my ethereum into this coin. Solana is an ethereum competitor. Has a great team behind it. So much quicker than ethereum at the moment, but we will see whats up once ethereum 2.0 releases im definitely not betting. The farm on solana, but i am gon na start a position with it. It still has 7x to go to be at ethereum level, so theres still some room there to grow and by the way, with all these new coins im just slowly going to start buying up and tracking them were in the middle of a crazy crypto bull run. So i realized a lot of these can come crushing down hard. We went to zero yeah. Third, one on my list is the morpheus network: token about a 200 million market cap, so its a fairly risky investment, but it actually has a use case and product behind it. These guys are decentralizing supply chains and bringing blockchain technology into the logistics space which, although not very flashy and kind of boring, theres crazy money in it seems like a very experienced team behind it and they actually are currently right now bringing on huge clients. So its not just a concept or idea like half of the crypto coins you see today, these guys are actually working with fedex and dhl, and yet no ones really talking about them.

So this could be big, its currently barely on any exchanges. So i just swapped it for some ethereum i had in my metamask wallet, of course do your own research. None of this is financial advice, but these guys are optimizing and automating global supply chains during a time where thats very much needed. So its going to be very interesting to see where that goes go to the top yeah, so what they say, anyways hope you guys enjoyed this video im gon na resist trolling you with a knocking sound again, but i might still put it in hope. You guys have an amazing rest of your day.