No, no, the filipinos, i feel for the for my fellow filipinos and slp land uh yeah. So obviously this is it uh, for whatever reason sleepy love posting just refuses to go. So i, if you, if this thing does not go from here, i would be in. I would be inclined to say that sleepy love potion is just never going to go to the moon theres too many people selling it. Okay, the reality is theres too many people selling theres, not enough buyers until they just disable selling on sleepy love, potion its never going to go to the moon, obviously thats an exaggeration, but literally every single time, ive, given it a chance, it just collapses. So, at the end of the day, if we just delete everything from here bottom to the top, this is it on sleepy love. Potion two: four: is it if you break through seven two, four, its ggs, it shits done its going back to the bottom. At five. Five, i still think this is possible because part of me just feels like the filipinos are going to attack and youre going to get a giga candle, but Laughter again, it would have to be like it would have to be yeah. It would have to be some kind of update that they just stop selling because no matter what they do, it seems like every time this thing, pumps, people just sell it, they sell, sell, sell and this thing never gets a chance to breathe.

So listen ive been saying it since day one i dont know why people still have sleepy love. Potion, um, im assuming you know, everybody keeps saying: oh no, they dont actually have it theyre just buying it or the game gives it to them. Im reading that people are buying into this thing, thinking its going to go back to where it was and its just not the case so again. I know a lot of people from the philippines play this game, so shout out to the philippines, but i i i dont see why this thing just refuses to go up, so i dont even see where i had that chart from before im assuming it was to The close up here, yeah i had to have been to the close, so youre youre, actually on life, support right now. Im gon na give it until seven two five, if it breaks below seven two five, its chalked its going to zero theres gon na, be another 25 correction um and, to be honest, whats the market cap on this actually, is there an unlimited supply of sleepy love, Potions, oh god, thats my fault, all right, i i have to take. I have to take some responsibility for this. Well, not responsibility because ive been bearish since day, one but thats my fault for not pointing this out. I didnt even think to check yeah the reason. Sleepy love post is not going anywhere is because theyre dumping coins into supply.

I mean i get it. That means that the coins are being minted, as you guys say, but the reality is. The market cap is going higher thats. Why youre not seeing a price increase in sleepy love? Potion thats my fault for not pointing that out earlier, but yeah sleepy, love post is not going to the moon anytime soon, because in the market cap it is going to the moon. I didnt even think to realize to check that because im so focused on the chart. I checked this on every single token, and this is the only one that i dont do it on, but thats, because i run based off of what you guys are telling me how oh its an in game token it doesnt follow this doesnt, follow that it does Its all the same okay thats, my fault for believing that garbage the reason sleepy love post is not going anywhere is because they are minting. Coins, like you guys, are saying, but the market cap is going to the moon and the price is going sideways. So can you get a giga pump like this at some point in time i would say would be a moonshot gamble if youre lucky back up to 27, but no higher than that, and i would say again it would be a moonshot gamble. I would never want to be long on sleepy love potion. I think you might be setting up for something like this.

Its possible again. 27 cents would be the lucky bounce, but the market cap is going higher and the price is doing nothing so thats. Why sleepy low potion is not going to the moon thats pretty much it best of luck, as always, none of this is financial advice. You always have to do whats best for you if it falls below 725 the nails in the coffin and its just going to do the undertaker and just collapse so thats pretty much it best of luck. They need an update to stop people from selling and honestly they need an update to stop so many coins coming into circulation because theres an unlimited supply, so its only a matter of time. You know what its only a matter of time before this thing collapses back to three cents. So in my opinion, these are just my thoughts. I would never want to be long on sleepy love potion if i had to hold it, because i was a farmer i get it, but if i had to buy, if i was going to look at this and say oh i want to buy this. I would never buy this market caps going to the moon. The price is going sideways. Best of luck, just my opinion.