So today were going to break down why my portfolio is allocated the way that it is some other coins that im looking at and why the strategy has performed so well now, as ive said, if youve been here for a while, you might know this already, but My portfolio is broken up into two parts: a huddle portfolio and a trading portfolio and its a very simple split, 70 huddle, 30 trading and within that hotel portfolio around 90 is allocated to ethereum. There was a point when this allocation was much lower around 60 and i had 40 allocated to bitcoin. But just over a year ago, i made an announcement that i would be selling most of my bitcoin for ethereum, and i did just that in the hopes that ethereum would outperform bitcoin, which of course it has done and its very expected during a bull run. Now the 30 trading portfolio that i have here consists of pretty much. Every coin: ive ever looked into every coin, ive been invested in myself, ive spoken to you guys about ive mentioned any low caps, micro caps, medium caps all go on in this trading portfolio. All the swing trading everything happens here. This huddle portfolio is hardly ever touched, except on some very rare occasions where i see a major opportunity upcoming, whether its a huge news event, something that people are looking forward to and i may dip into the total portfolio, but only slightly and once that event has Passed once that opportunity has passed, i very quickly trade it back into my huddle portfolio.

This trading portfolio is the one where all the chaos, all the madness, all the trading and all the speculation goes down now, thats what you have to define. What kind of person are you? What kind of investor are you? Firstly, are you an investor, do you invest in things and huddle and wait them out, or do you like to trade? Are you a short term trader, midterm or even long term trader? What sort of trading do you like to do? Do you like to flip things? Do you like to trade between coins? Do you flip back over to usd? What do you do? These are all the things you have to take into account when you want to define what kind of person you are and what you look to gain from this market now, because im, an active participant in this market, i have a huddle portfolio. That is where my wealth is stored. That is where my money goes, that is what im holding for the next 10 20 30 40 50 100 years. My trading portfolio is where i speculate its, where i play its where i swing trade. If i lose money in this trading portfolio, it does not matter it. Doesnt hurt me: doesnt hurt my family, it doesnt do anything to me all. My wealth is stored in this huddle portfolio and now, if you are a trader, if youre someone in this market and what you want to make short term trading money, you need to have a huddle portfolio if you dont youre, simply making a bad bad decision trading Without any sort of backup plan any nest, egg, any huddle portfolio is a road to ruin unless youre very, very, experienced and know exactly what youre doing, which i dont believe anybody does.

At this point, everyone is a speculator. Everybody is trying to outperform somebody else and there will never be one true winner. Of course, there will be some investors who are better than others, but at this point you need to have some security right and if you dont youre, simply a gambler now to show you why my portfolio is allocated the way that it is were going to head Over to coin gecko and take a look at some of the cryptocurrencies here now, as i said, i traded most of my bitcoin 40 theorem, and the reason being is that, of course, ethereum was going to outperform bitcoin, and we can see that here on the chart. If we expand back and we take a look at what bitcoin has done over the past year or past two years march, 2019, four thousand dollars currently sitting at 60k thats a major performance and major growth in u.s dollar terms. However, if we change this view, if we change it from us dollars, which is what is currently said here to maine to eth – and we measure bitcoins performance in ethereum, you can see that there was a point of course where bitcoin was outperforming ethereum up until around The 4th of september 2019, but since that point it has simply been depreciating against ethereum, meaning losing value against ethereum. Now this is simple to understand, meaning that if you had simply held ethereum instead of bitcoin, you would have gained us dollar value, and this is the case with a lot of cryptocurrencies.

One in particular that were going to take a look at today is chain link. Now, chain link has had a lot of people complaining about it recently and not performing as much as other coins in the market and people getting a little frustrated with it. But again we need to zoom out slightly and take a look at what his chain link has done over the past year or so now. On the 25th of june 2020 chain link was 4.71 currently sitting at around 31 with a peak around 50, meaning that at one point chain link had done a 10x gain in us dollar terms, a fantastic investment when compared to pretty much anything else, maybe outside of Cryptocurrency right within crypto, of course, theres going to be things that perform better than this, but outside of this thats, a fantastic game thats, nothing to scoff at. But if we take a look at it in ethereum terms and see what what chain link has done against ethereum, we can see that it did in fact gain against ethereum up until the 17th of august 2020. And since that point, it has lost value, lost and depreciated against ethereum, meaning that if you had healthy theorem from this point, you would be richer right now in u.s dollar terms than simply holding a cryptocurrency portfolio. And this is why an overly diversified portfolio is not the best idea, meaning having tons of different coins. If you have just one portfolio, you dont have a huddle portfolio in a trading portfolio having just one portfolio with tons of different coins in it.

You cant track performance very well and youre, much better off, simply holding ethereum holding polka dot, holding cod on it. Holding one single coin right now lets take a look at some other coins as well. Maybe we take a look at cardano, a favorite of this channel. One that i have swung trade many times made some very serious gains on in us dollar terms performed fantastically right from the beginning of jan 2021 thats this year. To this point, fantastic major major gains lets con. Compare that to ethereum. From that point, we have had some major peaks and troughs against ethereum, meaning there have been points where it has outperformed the theorem and have been points where it has under performed ethereum. Now what are these peaks for? What are we looking at these peaks for, and why am i highlighting them here? These peaks are profit taking opportunities. If you are a trader, if youre a hodler, you simply buy hold look away, come back in five ten years whenever you youre looking to come back depending on what your time horizon is, but if youre a trader, if youre looking to swing trade, if youre youve Got some allocation to blue chips and some other cryptos here in your trading portfolio, this trading portfolio, then these peaks, when these coins start outperforming ethereum, those are profit taking opportunities. Now, what do you do with those profits? You take those profits here from, for example, blue chips, cardano chain link, whatever youre allocating here in your trading portfolio.

You take those profits and you allocate them back to your horror portfolio and you dont sell them thats what these peaks are for, if you simply allocate within this trading portfolio to blue chips like cardano chain link, polka dot whatever and you dont take profits, youre simply Huddling through these peaks and these troughs for no apparent reason, youre simply just huddling as a passive investor and not paying attention to these insane profit taking opportunities – and this goes with many many cryptocurrencies – whether its cardano chain link lets take a look at avalanche avalanche is One that is very, very special in u.s dollar terms. Avalanche has done fantastically well as well from 2.91 in december. All the way to close to 80 right now in ethereum terms, lets take a look at what it has done. It has had a peak, an opportunity for fantastic profit, taking gains it started to outperform a theorem. You keep an eye on it, its outperforming ethereum. You start taking some profits and add it where to your ethereum huddle, your whatever your hollow portfolio is whether thats bitcoin ethereum, whatever it is, then it starts depreciating against ethereum. Then we have another spike. We have an opportunity for profit. Taking now im only only showing you these larger cap coins, but this is the case with many cryptos, whether they large medium or small cap. There are points where they pump against ethereum, where they accelerate growth against ethereum.

These are profit taking opportunities, and that is how you allocate your portfolio right. We are heading into possibly the tail end of the cryptocurrency bull run now now, of course, we might have a super cycle. Maybe we have an extended bull run. Who knows? No one knows this strategy no longer works perfectly. We dont have time to manage all of these peaks and troughs and reallocate over to our huddle portfolio. So what do we do? We add an additional portfolio which is our cash portfolio right. You take these profits, whether its in ethereum blue chips or whatever, and you allocate those profits to your cash portfolio. Now your cash could be actual cash going into your bank account or it could be something like a stablecoin, ust usdt. I dont want to use the others because they are centralized. Ust is probably your best stable coin right and you reallocate to these stable coins or to cash, because you then have an opportunity to either buy further dips in the bear market or when we do see an extended lull in the market. You can add to your cryptocurrency portfolio, your huddle portfolio, and you take profits here when we see pumps and ethereum over to your cash portfolio. This is a very, very simple strategy, because time is not on our side any longer. There is not much time left in the market, perhaps right now, i might be completely wrong. I might be completely right it doesnt matter.

All im saying is have caution be aware that there could be a potential end with a major loan in the market after that, and this is what we need to be aware of. Many people are expecting 100 x gains and everybodys pumping these huge numbers out. Expecting that these are long term holds buying solana now is a long term hold buying chain link. Now is a long term hold that that could be the case, but youre going to miss a major peak, a major profit taking opportunity if we do have a blow off top towards the end of this year or early 2022.. With that being said, lets take a look at some of the coins that have in fact outperformed the theorem some coins that i have swung trade and ive mentioned on this channel within my trading portfolio, and the first of that is of course, luna terra now, im, Not going to go too much in depth in this, because ive mentioned this many times on this channel now there are some videos on it. You can go. Take a look at this. If we look at this in ethereum terms, it has majorly outperformed ethereum since the beginning of this year, from around the 16th of january, it outperformed ethereum majorly to the point where its simply basically at the same point, that it outperformed since then, two major profit taking Points points where you could take profits at the top reallocate to ethereum or even to your cash portfolio and then wait it out before you, trade it back in the same goes for something like solana, a coin that is majorly outperformed ethereum some may is minor peaks Along the way that could have been profit taking opportunities now you might say if i took profits here, i missed out or if i took profits here, i missed out on further gains down here.

It doesnt matter. Dont worry about gains that you missed out. Dont worry about these small percentage gains that you could potentially have had think about what youve allocated what youve already made in gains ive had people messaging me over the past week saying that theyre really disappointed in the fact that actually, just one person messaged this – that Theyre disappointed in the fact that ive said that ive made huge gains in cardano and now theyre losing money against cardano because they dont know where else to allocate their money. Thats, not my goal: thats, not my goal to tell you where to allocate your money. He made a 10x out of cardano in the time that hes been in the market since the beginning of the year, but hes disappointed that hes lost money. In the past few weeks, youve made a 10x gain. Take that and run think about that youve made a 10x what your investment is theres literally nowhere else. You can do that be grateful for what youre getting in this market. Im dead serious, be grateful for the amount of money that this market is able to produce and dont worry about. The small percentage gains that you could have potentially had or that you missed out on you need to understand that this is mostly a game. Mostly, nobody knows whats going on in this market theyre taking what they can get, and so should you, because its a fantastic one once in a lifetime, possibly opposition opportunity, and you should be grateful for what sort of gains you can get out of this market.

If you could have had a 15x, but you got a 10x, what are you complaining about? It makes no sense, then lets take a look at something like harmony, another coin that has had a major pump against ethereum at this point when harmony started, outperforming ethereum ethereum drastically. This is what you need to look at. Not the us dollar terms, dont care about us dollar terms. Of course, these are these charts lined up at this point because it did outperform so greatly, but when it starts out performing not in us terms, but ethereum terms use that as an opportunity or a signal to say. Okay, this is getting overheated its outperforming serum like crazy. Maybe this is a point or an opportunity to take some profits either into cash or into my huddle portfolio. Another one is polka dot. A coin that has ive mentioned very very early on on this channel, a favorite as well of the channel one of the strongest performers strongest ecosystems, huge development, taking place in this ecosystem. Again, two major profit taking opportunities. Now this was before the split of course, polka dot used to did like a one to 100 split or whatever it was back in the beginning. But there was a point where it outperformed ethereum before that as well, and there was a profit taking opportunity and again here in the peak back early in march, you could have taken profits against some of these against ethereum and you would be higher up right now Than you would be against eth, but this is still a very, very good hole against ethereum.

Why? Because we can see a change in trend now. This trough has started to form here, and you can see that it has slowly started gaining momentum against ethereum. It hasnt outperformed ethereum majorly, like here it hasnt, had a major parabolic move against ethereum, meaning that this could be a potential good hold against ethereum as a hedge against ethereum to try and outperform eth. But again you need to understand what your own risk factor is. What sort of risk youre willing to take on in the market? Are you willing to potentially get a few extra gains against ethereum, rather than simply holding eth in this market, if not whole ethereum? What are you doing holding any other coins besides theorem, if you dont simply have that sort of risk, tolerance or you, you dont have to squeeze every last bit out of the market, but there are some people out there who want to see if they can outperform The market slightly – and this might be an opportunity to do that – and finally, i want to mention matic now matic is – is a very special coin. What i call a a leveraged position against a certain other coin right and that other coin is, of course, a theorem. Why, when a theorem spikes, medic will likely spike when ethereum gas fees go up? Where do people migrate to they migrate to polygon? They start using polygon, they start using cheaper chains and because polygon is very much tied to ethereum or as a side chain to ethereum and layer 2 to ethereum.

We can see that it has outperformed the theorem massively since the beginning of this year, starting at a 47 million dollar volume of market cap lets go over to market cap, starting earlier this year at a simple, very, very low 83 uh. 142 000 eth market cap lets actually switch this over to us dollar. So we can take a look at 162 million dollar market cap to currently a 12 or even 13 billion dollar mark cap. In the span of one year, it has massively outperformed ethereum and will likely continue doing that for the rest of the bull run. Now there was a period, of course, where we had this major low or where slow consolidation against ethereum, but its not terrible its, not drastic. This was, of course, a profit taking opportunity when it went parabolic against ethereum, but since we have button bottom dot from what it looks like its very likely that polygon will outperform normatic will outperform ethereum as we head into the tail end of the year. Why? Because retail investors are going to come into the space theyre going to start using ethereum realize the fees are too high. They cant use ethereum theyre going to go somewhere else. Where is that polygon, maybe bnb, maybe luna, maybe cardano? Where are the cheaper fees? This makes perfect sense as to why people might look at something like this rather than ethereum. But if you are a passive investor, a slow, long term investor, you dont really have time to look at the charts.

You dont have time to spot these peaks in the market you dont have alerts set. You want to put your money somewhere. You want to sit around and wait and hope that your portfolio grows in value in the best way possible for the amount of effort that you put into trading or into monitoring your portfolio. Ethereum and bitcoin are going to be your best bets, theyre, easy theyre, passive. Everyone knows what they are: theyve got, the most stability, probably the most security as well. Ethereum is likely going to be here for the next 10 or 20 years. Its going to be around its not going anywhere. Nations are adopting it, banks are building on top of it. Huge financial institutions are building on top of it as well its going to be here its not going anywhere. So what im saying is to wrap up this entire video if youre, looking to make a fantastic portfolio? What you should be looking is that ethereum and if you want to speculate, you want to play, you want to participate in the ecosystems, have a trading portfolio, but please dont allocate majority of your wealth to it. Look at small certain coins that will outperform and have outperformed ethereum up until this point, it might likely very likely continue outperform that to outperform ethereum towards the end of this year and to be towards the beginning of next year, but if they dont hey. At least you tried with that being said, i thank you guys for making it all the way to the end of this video, if you did make it to all the way to the end of this video.

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