I expect to do really well this week now before we dig into those, we will have a look at how the the projects i called out for the last week performed really like to do that now. You know we got five out of five for last weeks. Um, you know projects that i called out, which is fantastic. Some um really decent gains on some of them, not so much on others, but were digging into those well have a look at if i dot io and the artificial intelligence and machine learning on the projects were calling out for this week and um. You know, let me know in the comments below what projects you think are going to do really. Well this week, tell me your five really interested to get your views and opinions um. So do let us know in the comments below and if you enjoyed the video and you want to support the channel. So cheeky crypto then do hit that like button and subscribe. If you havent, subscribed already tapping that bell, selecting all the notifications, so you never miss a video right all that stuff out the way lets get down to the desktop and have a look at what projects im calling out for this week. So coin market cap well start here so well start with al grant its at 1.83. Now, at the time were recording last week it was at 1.80, so weve seen about one and a half percent increase on the weeks performance, so its not the biggest gainer at all um, but it is um.

You know a gainer nonetheless, so lets move on harmony. So this was at 30 cent for six um and when i first originally pulled this up and worked out the percentage gains, it was 0.5 percent, but that was a 36 6, so its a little bit less than that, so maybe a quarter of a percent increase. I did expect harmony to do really well, we have got the uh harmony bridge to bitcoin thats, due um shortly um just lots in the pipeline for for harmony, lots of dowels that are popping up all over the place. So i was expecting this one to do really well, but it is potentially just uh a little bit of the timing thats off and we do expect this one to fly right. Moving on um e t n, so this at the time of recording was at 0.01618. Now its 0.01754, which is up eight percent from last week, so pretty decent gain. We expect this one to continue to um build momentum. There was higher points um in the the week where you could have got even more profit on this one sort of around the 15 mark um, which is quite remarkable, um, so yeah pretty good gainer moving on v chain. So this was at 13 at the time of recording last week, zero 0.1567, so its actually up about 21. For for this week, a good um, a good amount of uh gains really and so fantastic um.

But moving on to the fifth and final one that we called out, so this is um. This one was at 2.52 at the time of recording last week now at 3.38 and thats about 35 percent increase on on the week. So you know again: if you go into the v chain and engine or even uh e t n last week, you would have seen some phenomenal gains uh throughout the week, which is just fantastic, and you know i know that lots of people are going to be Say you know sort of calling out the metaverse projects and stuff like that. You know. We didnt know that uh facebook were going to do that. Announcement right and yeah yeah hindsights a wonderful thing, but lets move on and have a look at the projects that we expect to do really really well this week. So the first pick for this week is anchor now uh. This is a project that nick and myself have been invested in for for some time now, uh is web. You know web free products and um lots going on at the moment, and i think this ones gon na do really really well. We did see a price surge after it being. You know, fairly sideways uh for for a length of time, but you know literally, you can spin up a node at the the click of a button um. You know this is just a fantastic project. In my opinion – and i expect it to continue to to do really well, if we have a look at evade.

io and the artificial intelligence, it has this one rated an a2, which is the reason why im calling this one out um the last seven days, ive seen A 31.95 percent um, you know change positively, which is fantastic. The fear and greed uh indexes are a free, so thats pretty good um. Then youve got your um profitabilities a1, so thats solid, you dont, get any higher than that. Ami. Had ratio is a2, so thats spot on as well a2 for your moving average um and the last 10 days was like 9 cent and then youve got your sharp ratio. A2. So you know looks like a pretty pretty solid project for the week moving on. Okay, so um crypto.com, so crow. Now, obviously we are um sponsored by crypto.com, um and yeah. Like this. I always im always dubious about putting a sponsors uh coin in but um it has to be said. It has had some some recent news, which is why its in this week – because i do expect it to do really well right, its ranked 26th now, which is fantastic, its pulled back. You know from that um, 35 or 35, and a half cent that we we saw its now at 0.3334 down 2 today, and i think this ones going to do really well. If we have a look at the artificial intelligence on ivy, it has it also rated an a3 again. Is why its in here um the the seven day change is 56.

64 positive um. You know you can see this pullback, so you know. I think this is. You know hes going to consolidate for a little bit, but i think were going to go back up to the upside um. If we have a look here, the army had ratio is a2. The fear and greed index is a one, so no ones fearful on this. One everyones greedy, so thats good, then weve got the sharp ratio a2 and then your profitabilities a1. So for anybody that did um use the the link in the description to to get a visa card, you can start making a passive income on your crow like from from. Well, i guess a passive income. It is, you know, you basically get cash back in crow when you use the visa card right, so um its a fantastic way to to build up a position in crow just doing your day to day shopping on the card um, so yeah fantastic. That, obviously, a lot of this was because of the the listing on coinbase, which you know, gives this project more exposure right. More people were able to buy crow um, so yeah fantastic and theres lots going on with the main net. So the main net launch is on the 8th of november, so that is literally tomorrow. Right so were going to see the launch of the main net, and you know for me this is really exciting. Stuff right were gon na start to see all sorts of different things happening on um kronos mainnet, so you know keep an eye on this one.

I really do like it um outside of it being our sponsor right, like um. They havent asked us to do this. This is, you know, just honestly in my top five for the week, um its just how its fallen right. Moving on and weve got um f y zed again this ones one thats been called out by. If i its zero point, zero. Eight five two one is up six point: two one percent at the time of recording im, not sure how long this ones been going, not that long since, like set uh since august 2020, okay. So what is this one um? So this is um. I think its something to do with like um custom motors yeah, so uh west coast custom. So this is all about, like your custom, cars and all this sort of stuff, nfts and all that wonderful stuff. But it looks like its going to do really well when we sort of dig into this one and the artificial intelligence, its a a2, which is the highest weve ever seen. If i give out for a rating on a project – and this is solely the reason why its in here for for this week – i dont know much about the project or uh west customs or motors or whatever they are um, so its up 7.83 for the change For the week um, if we have a look um, the amiad ratio is a2 fear and greed is a1, so very greedy and then weve got a2 for the sharp ratio.

Moving average is a2, so thats good, and then your profitability is a1. So you dont get any higher than that, so thats, the first three projects that im calling out so lets move on to the fourth and the fourth is phantom. Its up 5.42 at the time of recording at 2.81. Expect this one to do really well its had a bit of you know sideways uh consolidation. I expect this to to do really well and for those of you that dont know i mean it has been in these videos a few times now, its a fast high throughput, open source, smart contract platform for digital assets and d d apps. So lots of uh game protocols, uh metaverse protocols and all that sort of understand, wonderful stuff building on phantom. If i can get my words out and i cant do the artificial intelligence for some reason: its not coming up on uh if i dot io. But let me actually see if um see if it ill work on here. Ah, maybe it is yeah here we go so lets have a look at the artificial intelligences, a free, so obviously im not picking this one out because of the artificial intelligence i kind of uh from from whats going on with this project, i knew the the um, The artificial intelligence was going to give this one a high rating right. So a3 is for the last seven days, uh up 6.89 percent for the change uh.

Your amihad ratio is a2, so thats solid, your profitability is a1. You dont get any higher than that fear. Um so theres a fair amount of fear in the market uh for phantom um at c2 and then the sharp ratio is a2 moving average a2. So you know its pretty solid its just a bit of fearful moment, but i expect that to change over the course of the week, and so this one is definitely one to to keep an eye on read up on if youre uh unsure right moving on polkadot. Now you know, polkadot probably went a little bit earlier than i thought it was going to right um, you have all the power chain, stuff the auctions all happening and um. I expect this one to do really well, but i was expecting it to be doing really. Well, this week not last week um, so you know its probably eaten into some of the potential gains, but i do expect it to continue to do really well um. You know i probably dont need to go into this too much um, but yeah. Apparently you know. Wait, the wait is over parachains launch is here. So you know this is uh the the website go dig into it, im not going to sort of go over it in too much detail, and there are plenty of channel uh plenty of videos on the channel um. Where we talk about polka dot in far more detail, so lets get back to my little den here.

Okay, so do let me know what you think of those five projects now for for me: um. They are solid projects. I expect to do really really well and lots going on in the space, but do let me know in the comments below what your thoughts and opinions are on my selections. Let me know the five that you would select for for this week really interested to know and if you want to support the channel and you enjoyed the video mash that like button, if youre not subscribed, subscribe tap that bell selecting all notifications. So you never miss a video and i will catch you in the next one.