My name is toby. My name is heidi and we are in episode 69 of our ama questions sent to us by our ct club members. If you want to check out our ct club check it out, links below you get our trade alerts, uh portfolio updates and everything, and if we had a couple good calls the other day, which were incredible so yeah lets get into this theres still some gems to Be found guys speaking of bull runs, wouldnt, be complete without a bear run or a bear market bear market yeah, so thats uh the topic of todays, video, um and rightfully so with everything you know: the law of gravity whatever. What goes up must come down unless you are the permabull or willy woo or moon boys, who think that you know coins will never go down again. I think its best for everyone to have this mindset that bear markets can very well occur and uh to take profits. So first question is: how did you navigate the last few bear markets because we have been in the crypto space for several years now? Nine years now so, okay, so what was your first experience of the bull market ill? Give you my first experience of a bull market and what weve learned. So i remember buying bitcoin around 70 to 90 and um, and then it proceeded to go to. I really had i really didnt know how far it was going to go up.

I didnt i mean the more i talked about it to people it didnt seem like anybody was really interested. So i was like well this things not going to do very much, but i really like it because it gets my money out of the banking system so anyways it went from 90, 70, 90 to 1150 and im like wow lets, get skinny keep on going up And then it crashed back down to 90 dollars and i think actually it crashed down to like around 80 or whatever, and so im like well. That sucks, because i actually sold a camera uh that i really liked to buy it at 1 dollar range or whatever and im like well that sucked you know and had to wait. You know a little bit longer to recoup the losses on that one, but um yeah. So i didnt really know what i was doing 17 and 18 kind of i kind of understood, like okay, wow theres, a lot of people interested in this spot this space. Now because i i could tell because not everybody was making fun of me when i was telling you about bitcoin im like wow you, you know it and youre not like thinking im, an alien, sick, uh, so yeah, and then i realized the whole world was starting To come in with cnbc – and you know the other goofballs on there theres a big difference between the bull market in 2013.

. Just i think, overall, being an investor and newcomer to crypto in 2013 is much different to anyone whos new in 2021. At this point, youre most likely already knew about bitcoin and you havent been convinced. Yet i think most people who invested in 2013 learned about it and then jumped at the chance for something like an investment opportunity like that so different kind of investors, but also not as much confirmation in the masses of what were doing now compared in 2013. So i think for me, for you i mean you know, seeing it go up and then not knowing what to really expect from something like that is much more reasonable, great and also the bull runner 2013 is what a lot of people are trying to compare this Bull run to if its gon na be a double top or something like that um, but so yeah, basically thats both of our experiences of bull runs, is wow. Look at how high it goes. How high can it go? Oh thats, how high it goes yeah and then it comes back down really fast, yeah, so thats. Our number one lesson that we learned in the past is taking profits, dont be afraid to take profits, especially if its according to your investment plan and youre able to not let your greed get in your way, take profits on the way up. Okay next question so uh this guys asking basically how to best preserve your wealth in the bear market, um its a longer question and actually im not going to read it because the gist of it to make it more universally uh applicable for everyone, basically, is how To preserve your wealth, what is our plans for it? Um, and especially considering in the past bull markets.

You know the crypto currencies, especially the altcoins, have seen drops of 80 to 90. I mean no thats bitcoin yeah altcoins are sometimes non recoverable and you know much more uh in debt than that and its going to happen like bitcoin, is going to drop 85 percent. If people say that at least at least 50. yeah, if this is the new normal and were in a super cycle, its at least gon na drop, fifty percent – i dont – i dont think – were – were go. I think, were gon na stick to the four year cycle. Okay, this is just human psychology. You cant change human psychology, so its gon na be a four year cycle. We are gon na experience. Eighty five percent dips. So what buy it up like why wouldnt you dips are for buying exactly um. So our our plan for mitigating that loss and for hedging against that loss is to utilize as many different types of stable coins as possible um. At that point, the majority of our portfolio will be in stable coins. Um. We have our core holdings in bitcoin and ethereum that we will not be selling um, maybe well take some profits from either of those positions, but those are the only two coins that we will not be selling completely out of um. There might be some other altcoins that we decide to hold through, but really that is a risk to see how long that coin can survive through a bear market um, but so yeah.

So getting back to what were doing with our portfolio is roughly probably at least half and half is going to half of it is going to be in stable coins which stable coins were getting into again thats. Another sub category well were going to let everybody know on our ct club exactly what were getting into what platforms we are going to be loaning out our stable plants, etc. Thats going to be a whole other series that were doing is basically how to survive a bear market number one: how to prevent as much loss as possible number two: how to put what you do have to work to give you passive income and number three were Going to do great during the next bear market were going to do so good bear market or bull market the bear market coming. I cant wait. I cannot wait me. Neither yeah so bring it on were going to do fantastic and were going to buy a ton of bitcoin when it crashes and its going to crash so lets talk about real, quick, the stable coins that we will be getting into sure um. You know there is this risk and this overall fear growing fear of centralized stable coins like tether, that is usdt like coinbases usdc gusd. These are all centralized stable coins that could be smothered by the regulations of us based regulators, all right, lunas, a lot of attention and then theres decentralized, stable coins, like ust by the luna ecosystem, and also dye by the maker dow system.

That ones more tried and true and tested than ust, but, in my opinion, the more options out there, the better you can just hedge and hedge and hedge against each other, using these different ones, im kind of skeptical that anything major is going to happen with stable Coins anytime soon im not incredibly fear induced of of putting my coins into something like usdc im, also not a u.s citizen. So it might not affect me as much as if you were a u.s citizen, maybe youre, going to be banned from using these kind of central centralized stable coins, but anyway thats. My guess, yeah. Basically, you know roughly what were going to get into is, like basically were going to put half of our our crypto into stable coins, dividing it against uh, centralized and decentralized stable coins. There is also a risk with decentralized staple coins that they dont maintain their peg. That is a huge risk thats. What the faith that is backing these stable coins is their elastic supply. Can their algorithm keep up with the rapid volatility of people moving into and out of that coin, can they keep that peg, um and dye has actually been pretty good at that so anyway, thats our relative plan for navigating a bear market and for those of you Who are in the ct club were going to be giving you really more much more detailed. You know actions of what we are actually doing in real time, to preserve our wealth, to create more streams of passive income and to survive the bear market so which is coming so go to patreon.

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