These are three alt coins that have performed quite well so far in this ball run, but could perform significantly better those. So we close this bull run off in quarter one of 2022 guys as we get into this video. If you do find it useful and informative hit that like button, i really do appreciate that, if you happen to be new to the channel, why not go ahead and subscribe tap that bell select all notifications, and in doing so you will be kept up to date With everything that we do here at cheeky, crypto right with this said done and out of the way lets dive on down to the desktop and get into these three old coins, okay, guys so um. Obviously, the three altcoins that were talking about could be any of the ones in our portfolio. Okay, so uh weve got quite a hefty portfolio. We always try to limit the amount of coins that we do invest in. Unfortunately, you know weve been unable to kind of whittle it down. We just keep adding to the bag, so it just keeps growing, but there are three altcoins in here in our portfolio that we think are heavily. You know manipulated or suppressed, or you know, waiting on major developments that are really going to take it to the next level and obviously these um current trading patterns for these all coins have been you know, maybe uh not as as much as what people were expecting.

Maybe theyve just been trading sideways and not so good, so um lets jump into the first one. The first one were going to talk about is car dino right. This is a pretty obvious one, obviously, with everything and theyre kind of running. In the background right, there theyre kind of primed ready to go with the exception that theyre just waiting for a few last technical things to get across the line. All those projects that are building uh on the car dyno ecosystem in the background are basically sat back waiting for pluto to kind of launch. Once that kind of happens, i think youre gon na start seeing a flurry of daps run on the ecosystem. These are gon na, be purpose built for cardinal above and beyond that there are, of course, the 100 companies are looking to migrate over from ethereum to cardinal again. The order of these are waiting on that plutos um. You know framework to kind of come into the main net and get the big tick of approval there and to basically launch the um launch their apps on on chain right and basically, what this will do to the price is obviously going to have a huge impact Because it basically increases the transactions right and obviously to pay for those transactions you require aida. Now we go above and beyond. Just you know a hundred companies moving over from uh ethereum to cardinal, although that is absolutely massive in itself and of course, youve got uh.

You know maladex, meld, etc. All these other kind of projects building on the cardinal ecosystem also bring in transactional volume. You also have all the governmental contracts over in ethiopia right: five million teachers and students over there, eight million from dish and boost mobile over in the us right all these millions upon millions of transactions that will be paid for in ada, and so, as a result, You know, ultimately, once we get that framework across the line, big tick of approval and to push forward and actually get these apps launched and youre gon na start to see and itll be slow to start with, but youll start to see some transactional volume and then, When we go into the new year, i think its going to go absolutely nuts: okay, because uh ethiopia and theyre talking about um pretty much on boarding five million students and teachers onto the cardinal ecosystem with those digital ids in the new year right so again, thats Five million there, but ultimately, what were talking about is getting the framework across the line. Getting plutos kind of up and running getting those daps launched and therell be a slow and steady rise in transactional volume. This is basically going to increase the demand for ada and obviously theres a huge portion of ada staked. I forget the exact portion, but its significant um, which i know it can obviously be more fluid. You can obviously move out of staking pretty quickly.

In fact, you know its pretty much instantaneous and so whether theres you could class it as a squeeze is debatable, but you could argue that there is a squeeze on the supply and with people who are delegating and staking um. And you know, basically, once that demand comes in this price is going to rapidly move to the upside, in my opinion, so right now, this is a huge opportunity, at least in my opinion, im, not a financial advisor, but when we see cardano at two dollars and Yet the charts are indicating the potential push to eleven dollars, then actually thats, quite an interesting opportunity to be had right. So the first kind of project i wanted to kind of talk about was this suppression. I dont want to call it suppression, but basically waiting for a major development to kind of launch on chain that will help push the price of ada significantly higher and what an opportunity it is to buy ada at these discounted rates, obviously not as good as when. I was buying it at eight cent, um but again still fantastic, nonetheless, to see where we are heading uh, based on the trends of the bull run so far, and the current price, where its predicting out to be by the end of the run and so really Wanting to kind of just highlight you know whats going on with cardano, i think its a really good project, thats going to absolutely surprise people by the end of the ballroom, its probably going to be one of the best performers, in my opinion, the second alt coin.

I want to talk about is xrp, obviously this ones heavily manipulated or suppressed and based on the ripple and sec lawsuit right. So jay clayton back in december of 2020 dropped a lawsuit on his last day in office and basically you know calling xrp as security and it isnt it. Doesnt really stick up to the scrutiny of the howie test um, but they are bending the rules and trying to manipulate things and the sec have gone far too far and obviously theyve picked a battle with someone who potentially is going to put them in their place, Which will be interesting to see so for those who are following the sec versus ripple lawsuit? I think uh youre very much aware that the sec havent exactly been trying very hard. They definitely got off to a rocky star, but most recently they have actually won a couple of things that could have an impact on uh ripple. Now. Obviously, i personally – and i say this all the time i dont think it matters whether or not you end up with a win, a lose or a settlement. Um. All you need is the lawsuit to disappear, for the suppression of xrp to go away right and obviously, with that youd see significantly higher gains. Now i went through this the other day, but basically, you know. Xrp has significantly underperformed against the rest of the market right and we often refer to bitcoin and ethereum being the safer bets in the space, but those two assets in themselves perform incredibly poorly right for your portfolio.

They dont earn you a huge income um. So you know we had, i think, bitcoin at one thousand, six hundred percent gains from uh the start of the ball run through to the peak uh that was up in uh in march and april. Ethereum was about 5100 and xrp significantly lower, and so you know youve out you definitely havent uh performed well in comparison to those really poor performing coins in themselves. Right and obviously you can compare all of that to all the other altcoins that have gone absolutely crazy right. We, we can see that many other altcoins in the space have performed incredibly well uh. You know: youve got ada, for example, at fourteen thousand percent v chain of eighteen thousand harmony, one or eighteen 000 matics at 42 000. I think anchors at 34 000.. So for xrp to be, you know significantly below that of ethereum. You can tell that the lawsuit has had a very big negative effect on the price. With that being said, it has still participated in the bull run and uh currently were trading 8.8 up today, uh 1.27, which is great, but obviously the suppression is still there. I do anticipate that once that lawsuit comes to an end were going to see some fantastic numbers again, we can take a look at the kin case, which was classed as security at the end of the lawsuit. No caveats were put on place. They basically just need to sell to accredited investors, i believe, and obviously right to the sec to get approval for the sale of the kin.

Token. The kin token is readily available and you can buy it and obviously what happened here and i drew it on the chart. This is when it was classed as security the day after or the six days that led after um yeah preceding the the settlement and the um, the class classification of a security token. It went up 788 in six days right, so it the markets dont care, whether or not it is a security token or whether it is an exchange token utility ticket whatever and the money market cares about, is basically getting um. You know access to these things and actually allow it to kind of ride now this uh timing of this is the any other interesting thing right, because um this timing of this uh getting the kin token getting classed as security, was pretty much in line with the The ball run right so again we started to see a lot of progression and to the upside okay, so we actually picked this up up in uh april time. It was twelve thousand percent, a security token that went up. Twelve thousand percent in a ball run. Okay, so we know that it doesnt really matter whether its a security token and, ultimately, the us will be the only ones in the world that would call it a security taken, which i dont think they would even do. I think theyre just going after previous sales if they can even justify that – and i think its a big push, i think, ripple have a very strong case so well see what happens there.

But you know, regardless to the lawsuit, whether you think there is a security or not security, it doesnt matter. Um, the us would be the only ones in the world that would would class it as a security and ultimately, what youre looking at is with security token. Moving up, twelve thousand percent uh during this ball run. So the important note here is that xrp must get some form of closure on this lawsuit um. You know soon before the end of the ball run, if it doesnt get it before the end of the ball run then obviously do expect a suppressed price. If we do, however, get some kind of closure to this thing before the end of the ball run, this thing could go absolutely crazy once that suppression is listed, so i did want to kind of cover that off xrp should be a 15 token right. In terms of this, ball run thats kind of where it should be heading um, but its heavily suppressed right now and if it continues the way that it has been doing, we can see this thing topping out about 6.68. So just keep mental note of that. Now the other altcoin, i think, is really important to kind of talk about. Um is the crow uh tokens, so this is uh, basically cryptocoms exchange token, like bnb, for example, and this ones reaching um, though this one im not going to talk about too much about the kind of the technical analysis or price appreciation, and i do want To kind of highlight, theres some interesting things going on with crypto.

com: okay, mainly chronos mainnet uh, which is now live as of today. Okay, so really important kind of note on this one, and basically this is an ethereum virtual machine chain for d5 nfts and a metaverse. Okay, and so this is a cosmos um chain, if you will – and this is really important – basically, what is going on here is theyre, going to be wrapping pretty much everything on ethereum and then being able to transact cheaply right and uh. Well, i mean everything i mean everything right, so this is really important stuff going on for Obviously, youre already aware that have been massively pushing um and uh ad campaigns right, weve got matt damon being the face of theyll, see partnering up and uh sponsoring people like formula one team, aston martin. Obviously the ultimate fighting champion. Also, their kit sponsor is, obviously, various different soccer teams around the world as well um theyre, going on a bit of a spending spree in terms of the level of sponsorships that theyre giving obviously theyre sponsors on the channel as well and a lot of this Stuff is building up to mass adoption and when it comes to mass adoption, what is one of the key things that you absolutely must have in terms of making it user friendly is also making sure that it is cost efficient right, and that is what kronos is Trying to do here with the main net, basically taking everything, thats currently being developed for ethereum and then wrapping it and making it a hell of a lot cheaper, okay and obviously tying this into the crypto.

com ecosystem and, obviously 10 million plus user base. This is not going to be small by any stretch of the imagination. This is opening up um, basically, the entire ethereum ecosystem to 10 million people on, okay, so absolutely massive stuff going on here. Its just gone live today were seeing a pretty good price appreciation when it comes to crow im not going to talk too much about that um, but obviously i think its important that we do acknowledge. There are ways that you can get hold of token right. There theyre at native token – and we talk about this all the time, because obviously they are partners on the sponsors of the show and and we actually have used their debit card quite a bit on the show to to earn cash back right and that cash back Is paid to us in the cro token, that cro token is, of course not fear, its obviously crypto related and its an appreciating asset, meaning that we get three percent cash back when we make our expenditures our everyday expenditures on our debit card, and we get that Three percent back in an appreciating asset, so basically over time. That particular asset goes up in value specifically when we actually take a look at the last two weeks on the price action of crow. When chris went out and bought his range rover sport and he used his debit card to do so, he earned three percent cash back on that 50 000 pound car, and as a result of that, he got a very nice portion of crow, which he still Has and is basically earning a nice passive income on it and, of course, its been appreciating in value.

So what was three percent when he bought that car is now significantly higher than three percent um in his account, and also for those who do not know is the worlds fastest growing crypto app with over 10 million um. You know users and obviously i think its the number one downloaded app on the google play store, do check that one out and 10 million users buying in cello selling 150 cryptocurrencies at the true costs right um. You can obviously spend uh with their visa card. Okay and earn up to eight percent cash back and well get into that in a moment um. But basically you can buy it true and sell at true cost, which basically is a way of highlighting the fact that some exchanges do actually put their um their fees into the price of the cryptocurrency itself. So you dont actually pay the correct price for the cryptocurrency itself with, though you pay the true cost, and then the fee is split out separately and but basically the card. This is really what i want to talk about, because this way is a fantastic way for you to earn more um crow tokens. Okay and uh. You dont actually have to go out and buy crow. You can earn them right, so its a pretty good way of kind of doing it. So basically you top up with uh crypto, or you can top it up with a fiat cash.

Now there are several different levels to this. The midnight blue is a one percent cash back reward um, a ruby still is two percent uh, the indigo royal indigo and jade uh bullet green. These are the ones that me and chris have we get three percent and the frosted golden icy white, five percent and the obsidian at eight percent right and you also get other benefits like spotify netflix, prime um. Again, these are 100 um cashback on those, and so again this is a fantastic way to continue to earn. You know a pretty good passive income on your everyday expenses on an appreciating asset. So what i really wanted to talk about was yes were seeing some price appreciation right now with and all for very good reasons. The chronos main net going live is absolutely fantastic, and i think this is definitely one youre gon na want to be watching out. For and as a result of all of this, i do anticipate native token performing incredibly well in the latter. Part of this ball run now guys. I am going to leave this video there. If you have found it useful and informative, then do go ahead and hit the like button. I really do appreciate that, if you happen to be new to the channel, then why not go ahead and subscribe tap that bell select all notifications, and in doing so you will be kept up to date with everything that we do here at cheeky.