Video were going to look at reasons and timing for when we could expect an explosion on the ada price and, of course, some forgotten projects in the cardano ecosystem were going to look at reasons. Why particularly what we can see on the charts when it comes to accumulation and distribution the times to be buying when no one is talking about it and the times to be selling when everyone is elated and excited about the party and extreme look at outlook on Their projects going up forever. First up, we need to look at the king of the market. It dictates what is happening next when it comes to the price and that is bitcoin and were hitting around 65 000. As i filmed this video weve just broken out of the previous resistance level at around 64 000.. Now we wont spend too much time on bitcoin, because i know iohk is still throwing a lot of shade at bitcoin and their proof of work mining, but it doesnt matter. Bitcoin is still the king. The thing we note here is that the volume is dropping just the last few days as the market has been trying to creep up. So if we do continue to go up with this pricing in the short term, we need to see bitcoin push higher as well, and the us dollar values of ada, and these ada projects will also trend up with it. That doesnt mean that their bitcoin value wont well get to that in the charts in just a moment, so thats what we need to see with bitcoin for the rest of these projects to continue pumping should bitcoin fall from this point, because the volume is just lacking.

The buyers coming into the market are lacking at this point, the short term time frame. Then maybe we see the price come back down and well have to wait a little longer, but were here with ada and waiting our turn so on twitter. If you havent, followed already check the links out down below make sure you follow the official twitter of my channel here and, of course, instagram as well. Dont get scammed by the thousands of scammers that are out there. Ada is the crypto that were following today. Everyone is super keen on ada and, of course, australians are super keen on ada we have 26.4 percent of uh people who own the kidano by the countries here so aussies, 26.4 island 25.4 and theyre all around the 23 for the next four or so so. New zealand, if youve got another 0.6 australia and new zealand, would be top of the rankings here for countries that are owning ada. If youre interested in buying some ada, there is a link down below as well: swiftx 10 bucks, a free bitcoin for aussies and kiwis. Now so check out the link in the description use the official links for that 10 bucks. Now, looking at where ada currently sits, we have a problem with the plutus application backend, so this is whats holding the price down. Weve covered this multiple times. You may have heard of it already as well, but looking at the smart contracts, they are there, but none of this stuff is talking with the front end.

So youve got all these projects that are building on cardano or ready to launch, but they cant launch because cardano still isnt ready. Now. This is something that i guess a lot of people wont want to talk about, because you only want to hear positive things about the asset that youve put money into, but if youre a long term investor it doesnt matter whether youre in love with it. And you only want to hear good things or you hate it, and you only want to hear bad things or you know youre holding it. You need to hear both sides of the story, and this is the problem at the moment, if youre a long term or a an investor that has been around a while, you dont care stuff goes wrong and it needs to be fixed, so were waiting on this To happen – and it looks like potentially november now, if it doesnt happen in november, of course, its going to scare a lot of new people – retail investors – maybe you guys watching this as well, and that will then continue to have the price suppressed for a little longer Until were ready to have this back end meet with the front end, so people can use what is supposed to be built on ada at some point, its gon na happen, theyll build it its been done before, but theyre just too freaking slow at the moment, and You have to be critical with your assets that you hold youre putting money into something be critical about it, dont try to just go off fairy dust and the enjoyment of all of only positive news be critical with what youve invested your money into now, wifi and Sunday swap or a couple of the projects that well look at in todays video, but nami wallet are the guys who are actually getting this connected at the moment, while karano is drawing the slack theyre just too slow.

So these guys are able to use nami wallet to get some of their projects up and running at the moment, and it looks like were going to see some good things come eventually now lets look at the price of ada first and then well get into those Projects just looking at their charts as well, because we want to find some stuff that is potentially going to explode its. What everyones. Looking for these days when it comes to altcoins, because we are pushing further into this bull market – and it looks like well get the the big explosive euphoric top that weve all been waiting for, maybe its just going to take that a little bit longer ada at The moment is just under its 50 level, so think of this as your moving average or a support zone, support and resistance zone, which shows you weakness at the bottom and strength above the moment, you can see that 50 percent was holding up the market quite well. For quite a lot of time, here, back from 21st september, holding up holding up broke down and now were using it as resistance. The good news is were getting higher lows. The bad news is, the volume is drying out. What i want to see what the market needs to see is the ada price to jump above the halfway point, the 50. So this is 2.08 call it around 210 for a nice round number – and i have my alerts set here at around 215, because its just above the previous well at the previous spike top that we saw when the volume came in and the market just came back Down so getting in a little closer here were on a daily bar chart im not using candles its, not the way ive learnt to trade.

The the bar chart here up rejected at 50, and we need to get this closed. You can see how beautifully this 50 has worked for over a month now about six weeks and it works on every market in every time frame. Just make sure you learn how to to use the 50 really well its, not an indicator its a drawing tool. You need to apply yourself to the market, so 50 ada we get that move up. Basically, i think thats going to start. The timing of this will happen once polluters back end, they fix it up and we get some projects launching on to ada. So, probably in the short term, youll see this price climb up if they get their uh the working product at the other end going the plutos back end before we hear the news announcement thats the big piece here so thats, the first sign that will get the Polluters back in working all right, so ada usd not looking so bad, stable, stablecoin, its all right, but people arent talking about it. You want to be buying stuff when its down, rather than buying it buying at the highs. When everyone is excited and safe, they feel safe when everyone else is buying the time to be buying is when you dont feel safe, thats the whole idea, and then you have your stops in place to protect you in case the market falls further. Lets. Take a look at some of these projects which are trying to build on cadano, but if they got their together, we would have this even sooner so.

Charles stop screwing around with your lobster, get your stuff together and get this project running easier said than done. From my end, i hope you guys are also starting to get critical of your investments as well. We have a staking pool. We are working within the ecosystem of ada. I love the staking pool. It works extremely well, one of the best ones that i have seen. So i want kadano to work out and i want it to work faster ill, get to their goals faster than some of the other projects which are snapping at their heels. The solanas, the polka dots, the avalanches are coming for ada, so get the together lets. Go the projects that we have here, which i think could go all right once they get their together, probably going to get demonetized this whole video for the amount of swearing but were looking at some of the stuff like nfts. The volumes on nfts are looking. Alright, you know theyre sideways since mid september, with the odds spike up and spiked down, but relatively similar, its just starting to trend down at the moment, probably because again everyones waiting on the the smart contracts to work now lets get over to some of the projects And giro wallet is the first one here. These projects have been down down down down down and no one really wants to talk about them at the moment, because the trend is down. So the main thing here that were looking for is higher lows and higher highs.

On a very short time frame were getting that just on the daily were getting the higher highs. Higher lows, theres, a high theres, an x height. This is on a swing. Chart keep the alert set in case it breaks down because it doesnt mean that were going to be going up from this point. We just need to see a base form and then start to work its way higher, so jira wallet is one that is on the list. The safer entry, i would say, is above the previous support level. Look at all that support, which then came to a conclusion. Being that it broke down from that support, so if we get back above that support level thats, looking pretty good now remember, this is g. Reverse eth on the uni swap exchange all right. So, look at that because you want these to be performing better than other cryptos. Taking a look at giro on the btc chart, its also trending down these are the periods buy low, sell high? These are the times when people are scared to be buying into something but thats when you buy low btc its also trending down usd value basing out here its sort of starting to get a bit of a rounded bottom and coming up, but its yet to be Confirmed again, keep your stops in place underneath those levels so the lowest we can see here is around 11 cents, and then you can see its starting to break above its around 14 cents.

At the moment, next chart is ckb, so nervous and nervous has gone on a recent pump and it looks like its probably coming back down just to retest the two cent level, because it has obviously pumped up on some big volume. Probably some news announcements going to nervous network ckb on the bitcoin chart also had that pump in the last couple of days, but at least the bottoms are getting higher. This is the orange line here that were looking at and also the blue line. Bottoms are getting higher as well, so usually spikes. This is just a crypto thing. Comes back down just to retest those lows and hopefully put in a higher low, like it did back in september at 1.1 cents, and it was just slightly higher than the 0.9 cent. So thats a good thing, thats, an uptrend that you want to see in the early stages of it as well. The other chart here is koti. Now coty has been up and up and up new, all time highs and recently again, just probably in the last week putting a new all time high at around 70, just short of 70 cents, so its coming back to rest rest above the previous all time, high Good news, 50 cents lets hope that it holds above that level before it can consolidate and then start to make its way higher again, so were looking at four areas of support and resistance and thats our base here around 48.

Here is the top around that 68 stay within this zone and then start to work its way higher and break out thats the good side, the positive side for an uptrend in uh koti. Should we break down base here and then start to break down? Obviously the bad side of it but youll know that before it gets to that point, because youve got a base here at around 48 cents that you can look for support and if support is broken act on your plans and save your capital lets. Take a look at cody on the btc chart was trending up were still getting some higher lows. You can see just in this point – and this point here at around point sorry about 620 satoshis and the previous low here is around 770 odd satoshis. So, provided were going to break down from that thats looking reasonably strong, adex was another one that was pumped up really really hard 48 and a half million dollar market cap at the moment, 10x. In that gon na bring into around half a billion its, not unheard of for a decentralized exchange on uh, on a big platform, of course, and pricing looks like its getting some high lows from the previous low and just starting to base out so check those check. The lows where they come in and the btc chart its also starting just to get a little bit quiet here as well. The next crypto charlie 3 doing the same sort of thing had a little pump up to 1.

40 and then starting to base out again on the btc chart its also still on this downtrend. So the conservative play here is to wait for it to break above the previous tops being that its at around a dollar 40 and 2 270 satoshis. The aggressive play, which is much higher risk, is to enter early and then keep a stop beneath the lows. In case the market continues to fall because if it continues to fall, there theres no support underneath these low levels and they can keep going down. So youve got an aggressive for a higher risk, higher reward play or you have a conservative to enter above those levels, because you can see that the trend is up and youre entering with the movement of the trend. The last one is sunday swap and its a preview only because it is waiting to come out here, its coming soon sunday waiting to come out on this cardano platform, so fingers crossed ada kadano gets their act together and they can launch the plutos back end With the front end so that we can see all these beautiful applications launching on ada and the prices get to pump so moving forward, this is how investments work theres a lot of fun and bad news and times when people dont have any more faith in the Project and the saying is garbage, get rid of it generally, not a bad time to buy the other end of the spectrum is when everyone is extremely elated and excited.

These things can never go down were looking forward to these news announcements of smart contracts launching – and this is only good times from here on in usually the times to be looking to sell, and you can see that time and time again when we look at the Charts, just like we saw in september, leading up into the launch of smart contracts, had a small dump and markets been down ever since that point. There keep that in your in your minds on your plans, for when these markets eventually turn around and give us those 10x 50x beautiful, 100 xs, hopefully and uh. We can take that to the bank and move on with the next cryptocurrency. Thank you very much guys. Like share subscribe, if you havent already and youre finding some value from the channel, remember you can stake your ada with the investor accelerator pool links to the the staking pool are down below.