What it would take some major tips that can definitely help you get there and some interesting statistics on millionaires and billionaires that can help you out. As well so before we get started, i do want to remind you guys, im donating 25 cents to charity and 25 cents back to the community for every new subscriber on the channel until end of year or until we hit 1 million subscribers Music. So i think a very common goal in the crypto and nft space is to get your portfolio to a million dollars value or more, and i think this is very possible for everyone out there. Even if you are starting with just a little bit of capital like a few thousand dollars, ive seen this happen multiple times in the nft space this year alone, so something very unique about the crypto and nft space is the extremely high return on investment potential in Such a short period of time, this is why there has been huge fomo waves and huge market crashes all within one year. This market is extremely volatile and you do have to be aware of that before getting into crypto and nfts. So i recommend you only invest with what you can afford to lose and you should expect to lose that overall, especially if youre getting into small nft projects with anonymous teams or youre buying into very small cap all coins with road maps that just seem far fetched With some scam accusations and other stuff, but generally this is where youre going to see your highest return on investment at the same time is being at the very head of the herd and being extremely early to some of these nfts and uh crypto altcoins.

So besides, crypto and nfts youll hear about people making a ton of money very quickly in the stock market, but what is the actual average stock market return? So the average return per year for the stock market historically is just 10 uh before inflation. So, when actually considering that there is much more potential in the crypto and nft space, but getting into the stock market and playing it safe with big companies that are established and have regulations and everything the safer. Something is generally the less return on investment youre going to get per year on average, so you do have to keep that in mind with high risk. There is going to be high return on investment as well in certain situations. So if you do learn how to do proper research uh, you follow certain tips and you understand uh whats uh, going to increase your odds of actually uh, making it and becoming a millionaire in the crypto and nft space and its much more likely that its actually Going to happen to you, in my opinion, so some other asset types and their annual growth rate treasury bills is just 3.3 percent government bonds. 5.5. Large cap stocks, like we saw 10 and small cap stocks 12. So, as we can see the higher the uh, the risk, the asset type, also the higher annual growth rate uh with small cap stocks being the highest risk, because theyre smaller companies and uh theres a much higher chance that the company is going to fail.

At that point so same thing in crypto and nfts, because its such high risk and its so volatile theres, also the highest annual growth rate, as well, so with the crypto and nft space being very high risk. If you actually learn how to do your own research and actually increase your odds of picking a good project, then the amount of return on investment is just insane and youre going to pick much better projects and do much better in the long term as well. So you can do this by learning how to do your own research learning. What makes good utility for both all coins and nfts uh know what makes a good project in general and uh find these projects before anyone else and thats, where youre going to make life changing profit in this space. So something else i really like about crypto and nfts that i think, makes it the best investment out. There is the passive income opportunity, while youre holding crypto and nfts anyways, and waiting for them to appreciate in value earning great compounding interest. On top of that is huge and ive made some killer profits on this, just holding small cap all coins through the bear market. So what we have here is stakingrewboards.com top 10 crypto assets by staked value, and we can see the percent reward um on these cryptocurrencies. As well, and as you guys can see, some of these are over ten percent. Uh bnb uh avalanche is close to ten percent.

Solana is seven percent polka dot close to fourteen percent, so these percentages are subject to change. Some of these are going to be wrong. As well, but if you do your own research and dig into some of these projects, the amount of passive income you could be making here while waiting for these assets to appreciate anyways can definitely give you an upper hand in getting your portfolio value up to a Million dollars in the long term, so i do recommend you guys, put your cryptocurrency to work, whether its through staking or whether its through lending as well on a platform like block fi, which i do recommend. I am lending out. My ethereum here ive made about five thousand dollars passive income in the last few months alone, and you can get even higher percentages on stable coins here. So if you guys do want to get signed up for block fi and earn up to a 250 bitcoin bonus, just use the link in the video description to get signed up and then youll start earning interest on the crypto that you deposit as well. So how many millionaires are actually out there in the world and what are the chances of you becoming a millionaire so currently uh? There are 56.1 million millionaires worldwide, and that is growing very rapidly. I heard there was something like a couple thousand people becoming millionaires. Every single day in the united states alone, so especially with krypto and nfts blowing up the stock market, inflation kicking in uh the worse inflation, gets the more millionaires and billionaires theres going to be around the world as well, because more money theres going to be out There in general, so 88 of all millionaires are self made and 84 have a college degree.

So uh, statistically, if you do, want to increase your odds of becoming a millionaire having a college degree, 84 and uh being a self made person, so uh, meaning you are gon na – have to take high risk and uh whether youre creating companies making big investments. Its gon na take something very high risk, so the number of billionaires is very small compared to millionaires theres, only 2 755 billionaires in the world as of 2021, 100 of them living in beijing and 100 in new york. It takes a typical self made millionaire at least 32 years to get rich. That is also an important piece of information right here. So uh were seeing this happen to people in crypto and nfts in a matter of a few months, even uh, the ones that get lucky only starting with a few thousand dollars uh picking the right nfts like i said it has been life changing for certain people Out there, people buying crypto punks for a hundred bucks now worth over a hundred grand uh. Each is just insane, so the possibility is out there. The actual amount of people that do become a millionaire in a short period of time and crypto with low capital is going to be very low. So you have to keep that in mind, of course, the more money you start with and the more capital you have coming in to your portfolio on a regular basis, uh with dollar cost averaging the quicker youre going to make it there as well.

So another major tip here is youre not going to become a millionaire in crypto and nfts by investing in top market cap projects like we talked about earlier, the higher the risk, the higher reward at the same time, so the lower the risk in crypto and nfts. The lower reward theres going to be there as well uh, imagine putting a thousand dollars in bitcoin and expecting to become a millionaire off that that is never going to happen for you. You are going to have to play the smarter and pick uh newer, uh, small cap, all coins and new nft projects, not bitcoin ethereum and nft projects like crypto, punks and board apes youre not going to become a millionaire off of this. Unless you start with a very large amount of capital like over 500 grand, so we do have to keep that in mind and we are gon na go through market fluctuations, its extremely volatile, even the safest, uh crypto projects like bitcoin and ethereum. We saw bitcoin fluctuate and drop over 50 percent in a short period of time uh when we did see the market crash back here, uh mid may so. A great example of high risk and high reward is the recent massive profits people made on shiv token. Turning thousands of dollars into billions of dollars in just around a year period of time, if you invested around uh two to three thousand dollars in shibb back in august of 2020, it would now be worth multiple billions of dollars just to insane how much money that Is three thousand four hundred dollars? Someone turned into 1.

5 billion. I did see another uh post, where someone did around uh six thousand dollars, and that was around seven billion dollars worth of ship just insane. When you actually think about that of course, 99 out of 100 times, this is not going to work out for you, so you just have to be very aware of that and how many people are actually looking at these small cap all coins that no one knows About before anyone else, uh right around the time of their inception, so you really have to catch these when the markets arent too hot at the same time, because brand new projects during a peak bull market everyones, going to have their eyes on those and looking for That next project thats going to do massive profits, 100 or a thousand x like, were seeing on some of these other meme and small cap coins. So, to increase your odds of picking a good project, you should learn how to do your own research and learn what makes good token utility learn. What makes a good team as well and learn whats actually realistic in the space by looking at other projects that have made it and had huge profits in a short period of time, how they actually achieved that that is all going to help you make uh better Picks in the crypto space, so another major tip here, especially for those starting with low capital, is swing trading. The markets, knowing when to jump in and out of projects at the right time, can be vital to the long term success and reaching that final million dollar goal.

So, for instance, if you did buy uh cardano before uh the announcement of smart contracts around a dollar, and then you held it to around three dollars, you jumped out of that into solana and wrote that all the way up, you could have made massive profits in A short period of time just doing one trade there so uh you can do this throughout the year. You can even do day trading picking up small profits here and there uh. There are people that uh play at even higher risk and they do leverage trading. But i really dont recommend that, especially for those newer to crypto, so my last recommendation for this video is to actually get a real crypto or nft job theres, a lot of entry level stuff out there, and you can also do something more complex, thats much higher. Paying like coding, smart contracts, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions over the next few years by coding, smart contracts, theres going to be extremely high demand for this, and you can even use this knowledge to create your own nft project. So lots of possibilities out there if you combine as many of these as possible – and you make sure to do your own research and learn as much as possible and understand what makes a good project from the beginning and being ahead of the herd getting there before. Everyone else is going to leave you very successful in the cryptic space so thats it for todays video.

I hope you guys found it useful and i hope it helps you on your journey to becoming a millionaire in the crypto nft space. I think its possible for anyone out there as long as youre dedicated and focused, and you do proper research and make the right moves. Just keep in mind the higher the risk, the higher reward and you can lose everything so only invest with what you can afford to lose, and none of this in the video was financial advice. I do recommend following me over on twitter as well im doing a lot of big giveaways at jrny crypto. I just gave away a twenty thousand dollar mutant ape and i do have uh other big giveaways on the horizon, including uh launching my own nfp set, and i will be doing some giveaways for that. That should be launching here over the next week or two uh. Just waiting for gas to go down and getting everything finalized before that launch, so i do appreciate, if you guys comment below drop any extra tips that you can add to this video or any experiences or anything that could help anyone out there. I do want to hear some of your stories on how uh you guys made it to the crypto space.