However, you are probably asking yourself chris. Why are you talking about this year in your title? Well, let me talk about that, because, even though its very light i have to bring this video out, i have to bring this video out actually before the next morning going into the chart you can see. Something i was talking about earlier is actually happening. I was telling you i am expecting the bitcoin breakout in the coming week, most probably even on monday right now, you can see on the four hourly canvas this candle is already going outside. However, what we need is a daily candle close outside. This is the daily symmetrical triangle i was talking about earlier and, as you can see here, the price target of that one is at 73 000 us dollars actually very, very close and pretty much in confluence with his 74 000 us dollar price level. I was mentioning from the cup and handle pattern. Things are going into alignment right now and i was actually waiting for the weekend to be over right now. Let me quickly go here over into my trade, actually to tell you what i am actually banking on right now. You can see my trade over on femax 1.5 million us dollars in a profit. My chaining trade, almost 70 000 us dollars in a profit, and yes, not only that. I put my money where my mouth is. When i am telling you i am bullish, i am a position trader a swing trader.

I am not going in and out on a daily basis, so im not going in and out on an hourly basis. We are opening positions of strength with the mm crypto family. We are keeping them open unless the trend is not changing. The trend is our friend until the end. This is why we are so profitable in the mm crypto community and, of course, its not only about the bitcoin price guys i mean here we are talking about a significant price target, but i am actually looking out for completely different price targets here. Lets just take this one here, the fibonacci retracement level from the bottom to the high. Then you can see we basically already broke the previous all time high. The next price target would be dear. Ladies and gentlemen, the 86 000 u.s dollar price level, and what, if i told you that this is actually in pretty much in confluence, with our bull flick? Even here i mean this is something like almost no one is talking about. If i am pulling out this, i mean you know what let me just show you. A bull flag, has a big big ball here and then a flag to the downside, and the price target of that is actually measured from the bottom. All the way to the high, so if im taking this one over and then pulling it over from the bottom of the bull flag, let me quickly go over here.

I have some fat fingers going on, of course, fat finger, alert if i am taking this one here and then pulling it jeez and then pulling it over now its finally working. Then you can see that the price target of that is, ladies and gentlemen. 85. 000. Us dollars once again once again in confluence with the price target, with the fibonacci extension level, the golden ratio i just mentioned earlier – look at this. What a coincidence! Why are these coincidences always coming together? 86, 87. 000. Usd is actually a price target. I would quote probably not for november, but for december, going forward. This is what im looking out for bitcoin right now, but no im also having something for ethereum, because if we are going over to the ethereum chart and by the way, guys if youre, watching this video or also in the night time in the morning or whenever. Youre watching it, i truly appreciate your support. All im asking for guys it just takes a second or so go below the video. Please smash up the like button lets crush the 10 000 likes on that video, as always guys. Please smash it up. Share the video among your friends, as you know, sharing is caring, and this is what supports the youtube algorithm the most and if you are leaving a comment down below, i want to go down and answer a few of your comments, of course, as a priority here.

For the mmkrypto family, thank you so much for that and now lets talk about this one here and by the way, guys, if you want to be trading as well, buy a bit um on, buy it or on femax. I am leaving you the highest bonuses. Literally, six thousand us dollars almost here in free bonuses down below in the pin comment section make sure you take advantage of that its directly next to our telegram group link for the new codename v project. I am actually here supporting in the long term. Let me quickly go over here for ethereum, because what you can see also on ethereum, we are going higher right now, since the break out from this ascending triangle, with my price target of 5 000 usd almost 4 970 us dollars. Yes, this is still in place. This is still something i am looking out for and, as you actually can see here, im in a tent in dubai im in the desert right now, focusing a little bit on content and also meeting some other youtubers, of course, in the space. Thank you so much for watching so far and of course guys. I want to give you some more updates by the way follow me over on twitter, because i am posting everything whats going on in my mind. I was actually posting the previous break out here, and this is going crazy within like 20 minutes. A thousand likes you guys are completely mind blowing.

This is the twitter account at mmkrypto over on twitter and, of course, i want to keep you updated because man, we are posting partnerships. We are posting everything here, almost on an hourly basis. The telegram links are down below and if you dont know what im talking about, we have a new project upcoming and, as i already said, this is going to focus on getting you involved in upcoming potential decentralized, uh, decentralized, uh engine coins and so on. Xc infinities – and we want to give this out to the community for free – all you have to do – is go down below to the telegram, link and join the groups right now it is for free. This is a community effort guys, and this is something we want to stick to and we we released like so many news here too about that brilliance, ventures, partnership we announced that the team tokens are completely locked up. We announced that the free tokens for the community are completely unlocked. This is a complete community effort project. Of course, we announced also the skynet partnership. They are actually invested in um. They invested in tara luna its a top 15 project. They invested in elrond its like very, very strong partners. We are having on board here going forward as well and um yeah, just just make sure youre joining the taylormade group, its completely for free and its a requirement to be part of that community and to be eligible to get these tokens for free as well.

Thank you so much for watching until the very end. Thank you so much for smashing up the like button towards the new all time high.