Its not just word that i made up. Okay, guys, we are seeing new. All time highs for a lot of cryptocurrency assets over the last few days, weve just seen some crazy price action happening, and now old man bitcoin seems to be waking up and it could be heading towards a new all time. High later this week were breaking that down for you, as well as incredibly big cryptocurrency gaming news, massive news out of brazil and rumors that we could see a spot, bitcoin etf, coming to the usa in the not so distant future. My name is lark every day. I make videos talking about cryptocurrency, investing so thats a topic youd like to learn some more about, maybe just stay up to date with then you should definitely subscribe to the lark davis channel. Also, you can take a quick second tap on that thumbs up button for the youtube algorithm. I would massively massively appreciate that and, of course anybody who would like to receive a notification about when i put out a new video should click on the notification bell by the way. If you are a trader, then get yourself an account over on femex, you can long and short a great range of the top cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum solana, polka dot, all of your favorites and they even have a zero fee. Spot market use the link down below in the description to start your account and you are going to get 10 off of your trading fees and up to 12 hundred dollars in trading bonuses, so go ahead and check that out.

If you are a trader now lets get into the charts, so bitcoin currently experiencing a massive breakout moment now. Only this morning over on twitter, i was lamenting that, well, you know bitcoin just kind of been stuck in this range for quite a long damn, while at this point ever since mid october, bitcoin just kind of been cruising around the 62 thousand dollar area. Oh, should weve been a little bit up, weve been a little bit under, but the median price has been around 62 thousand dollars, of course, a very key area of price resistance for bitcoin. Now, what have we seen today? Well, technically, yesterdays candle at this point a major price breakout. So you see this big triangle, this beautiful beautiful triangle here that has been forming up for bitcoin for about three weeks now we are getting our break out from this candle. So we see that multiple points contact on this here – beautiful beautiful technical candle, uh technical triangle here, then yesterday we had our moment where we had this beautiful candle, just pushing up blasting beyond 62 thousand dollars, closing the daily candle above that resistance and just edging above The top line of our triangle here, thats, where the daily close happened and ever since the daily close well, it has just been up city for bitcoin bitcoin, going up from sixty three thousand dollars to sixty five thousand five hundred dollars nice candle. For me up right now on the daily, obviously wan na see some continuation on that, or at least a good strong, daily close for this candle, its a long time from the daily clothes from the time of recording this video.

But this breakout moment does look pretty good at the moment. The implied target by the way of this breakout would be around 70 to 73 000. Now, as you may remember, from the long long ago, times of mid november, our all time high for bitcoin, currently just below 67 000 right there, so that would be a new all time high. If, of course, we can crack 70 000 expect potential resistance to come in here at uh, the previous all time high around 67 000. But just for some perspective of how close we are right now to getting a new all time. High bitcoin is 2.5 away from the previous all time high and if we were to, for example, go up to 72 000, what thats only a 10 move for bitcoin its a baby pump a little baby pump, not that far away at all. So this is something for you to be watching for, as the week progresses its probably not going to go there in a straight line. It might bitcoin. Does that sometimes something like that? Hopefully we can see happening over the next few days. We have hit some major milestones as well: ethereum 4700. Today, man, oh man, thats crazy. I love it. I love it even though ethereum has been you know virtually unusable because of the insane fee situation, at least to non rich users right its uh. The main asset has been doing very very well. We see money continuing to pile in to ethereum forty seven hundred dollars today its gon na be five grand soon honestly, a five digit ethereum aetherium over ten thousand dollars its gon na happen, its just a question of when thats going to happen.

We also hit a major milestone today of a three trillion dollar market cap. What thats, crazy man thats crazy? Now i know i was talking last week how were getting close to a three trillion dollar market capital weve, officially tapped that total market cap at least on coin gecko coin market cap didnt, show a three trillion dollar cap, but coin gecko did so im taking it Im, counting it and count and weve officially hit a three trillion dollar market cap, even if it didnt come back down a little bit now, but uh still a very, very big deal because every trillion dollars of market cap we add on to the cryptocurrency space – is Another trillion dollars of how serious it has become the bigger it gets, the bigger it becomes becomes a virtuous cycle of moon town, basically so love to see that happening as well. Lets talk about the gaming news, real quick now in yesterdays weekly update, i shared some really really big gaming news with you and its just been insane how much gaming news we have been getting. I i remain of the thought that this is going to be one of the biggest areas for gains in the cryptocurrency market, so theres so many things going on in crypto, like decentralized ids and dows and tokenization of securities and all this stuff. Some of that stuffs gon na do well, and some of the tokens within those will do well, but i feel like cryptocurrency gaming is going to be freaking massive d5.

Obviously, the the addressable market for d5 is literally trillions upon trillions upon trillions of dollars. However, gaming is going to be massive and gaming is actually going to bring in a lot of people its going to be a massive gateway drug for people getting into the cryptocurrency markets. So the big big news – i got three share stories to share with you here and well just go through them relatively quickly, but uh solana, lightspeed and ftx, announced on friday, a 100 million dollar fund to invest in startups, focused on building blockchain games, its pretty big Its a lot of money – 100 million dollars, man its a lot of cheddar, its a lot of cheddar thats for damn sure and obviously considering who is behind it? What blockchain do you think theyre going to be developing all those games for 100 million dollars, basically to fund gaming on solana? Solana right now is really the only layer, one blockchain that can handle this kind of stuff uh. You know i really like using solana by the way ive been doing a lot of defy stuff over on solana. Ive been watching more the gaming space, which is why i invested in a rory and ive invested in some other upcoming games on the solana blockchain as well. I think solana and gaming – probably going to be a pretty damn good fit moving forward so thats great to see a 100 million dollar fund launching here final fantasy creator.

Square enix is getting serious about nfts and crypto gaming. Ah final fantasy man loved that game. So well, final, fantasy 7 in particular, played that gosh how many times growing up, but the whole franchise really theyve had a lot of great games. Final fantasy 6 was beautiful anyway, im happy to see them hopping on to the crypto nft game as well. Now, apparently, they recently had a set of ethereum based nfts that they sold out in japan. Now they are signaling that they are going to be increasing their block chain efforts going to bring in play to earn games and all that fun kind of stuff. Huge huge implications here again, all of these gaming studios are getting into nfts theyre, getting into play to earn games and most of these guys, almost all of them at this point, theyre not building their own blockchains theyre using existing infrastructure. They are coming to the likes of ethereum and solana and theyre. Looking at those, as you know, building on top of the internet, you dont need to build your own blockchain. You just build your application and focus on what youre good at building a game. Getting users sweet, graphics, all that kind of stuff, so very, very cool to see square enix also hopping on the train here and this one ea calling nft in blockchain games. The future of our industry, saying that play to earn games will be the future of crypto. Its still early to figure out how thats going to work but uh theyre, definitely keen on it.

They see where the future is heading and again, i just repeat its so dumb of steam to come out and do what they did by saying. No crypto games no blockchain games. None of that stuff allowed on our platform. Tell me youre gon na be the next blockbuster. Without telling me youre gon na be the next blockbuster steam come on guys anyway. Ea is massive, obviously so seeing them coming into this area. As well will be just gigantic for the entire crypto space, this is this is how we onboard tens of millions of users through the introduction of crypto gaming to people so very exciting. To see all those great news happening next up lets talk about this news. Out of brazil, brazil is considering a new law to allow all workers to be paid in bitcoin, pretty cool stuff. Now this is um, as has been mentioned before, weve seen, brazil moving increasingly towards broader cryptocurrency adoption, which is obviously very exciting. Brazil is one of the worlds biggest economies so seeing them moving in this direction, its a very, very positive and exciting thing. Obviously, weve seen them uh looking at uh bitcoin spot etfs, and then they brought them in weve, seen discussion about legalizing bitcoin for payments and cryptocurrency, more probably not just bitcoins from bitcoin magazine. So they will never mention that other cryptocurrencies might have been mentioned. In the conversation but uh, you know bitcoin as usual, the tip of the spear.

But imagine this imagine if these laws do actually get through in brazil and we now have a situation where people in brazil can get paid in bitcoin and then can legally pay for things in bitcoin. You know if you thought el salvador was exciting big news right now. Salvador was exciting and big news, but el salvadors got was 6.5 million people or something like that. How many peoples, brazil, have well well over 200 million people in brazil, probably 240 250 million people, something like that, its a pretty big story, pretty big story. If we get brazil making these kinds of laws that really give a strong legal status to cryptocurrencies within the country, now to be clear, they are not going to say by any indications from what ive seen any of the stuff going around. That bitcoin will be considered as legal tender within brazil, but it will be a legal form of payment for paying for things and also to be paid in as your salary theres, a pretty serious amount of legal status for cryptocurrencies within the country. So that is just exciting news. Obviously ill. Keep you up to date as these laws wind their way through the systems of government. So very cool stuff. Final news for today, really just a bit of rumor for you, so barry silbert, tweeted out, is going to be a big week. Barry silbert in case you dont know he is the founder and the ceo of the digital currency group.

Now, what does the digital currency group happen to own grayscale? What is greyscale doing right now? Grayscale is trying to get their grayscale bitcoin trust converted into a grayscale bitcoin etf. Now, when he tweeted this out, whether just coincidence or not, he tweeted this out. Basically, um 10 minutes later bitcoin started pumping. I think a lot of people are running the rumor around or perhaps believing that the insiders already starting to hop on board the train here that we could see grayscales, bitcoin trust, getting approved to become a bitcoin etf. This week, total rumor total rumor but uh just something to have a consideration of moving forward. Obviously, if it doesnt happen this week, well, you know say it will happen at some point. I think uh the market really really wants a bitcoin spot etf, not the futures, etf garbage that we currently see trading in the u.s markets. I mean come on man, canada, brazil, australia, everybodys, getting on the spot. Bitcoin etf, train. America is a real outlier here now. Grayscale they have years of history performing very well in the market, securely um, storing hundreds of thousands of bitcoin for the trust. If anybody would be a great candidate for a spot, bitcoin etf approval man, its got to be gray scale, its got to be gray skills. So well see, maybe barrys just excited about crypto, and it all means nothing or maybe not anyway. Thats your thats, your rumor for the week enjoy it as you will anyway.

Your question for today do you think bitcoin is going to hit a new all time high.