So today, just the thumbnail suggests this cardano decentralized exchange is about to launch and it could potentially change everything so well. Take a look at uh. The sunday swap also take a look at some data that could indicate when the bitcoin top actually is, and its just two lines and its been correct over the last 10 years. Also well take a look at an ad im talking about. As far as i need a researcher and finally well take a look at real quickly, the metaverse and the different uh land that im getting into as far as virtual so well go over all those things, but first take a look whats on the market. Today, sunday, beautiful day and the market is doing pretty good, still healthy, just bouncing around and around the 2.8 trillion market cap somewhere on there im always wondering. When are we going to hit three trillion and uh if youre just getting into crypto? Congratulations: you came at like the right time, but uh. I remember when we passed over one trillion. Everybody was ecstatic about it like wow one trillion. We went past the 2017 all time high market cap, which was like 840 billion or 860 billion somewhere around there. But then we hit 2 trillion and everybody just lost their minds and now were at 2.8, almost 2.85 trillion somewhere around there. Depending on where you look at – and people are like, 3 trillion, not a big deal, i think its a its a big deal and they can set up a lot of good little fomo, maybe a little bit of people getting into it.

So also, if we take a look at the coin, action bitcoin sitting around sixty six, two, two, its pretty good uh ethereum up uh good 4600 whens, going to break the 5000 mark. Probably soon the way things are going solana hitting into that fourth spot amazing and uh were looking at a price action of 250 dollars. So congratulations solana holders ive been holding for a little bit of time. I remember by i didnt buy salon when it was. You know pennies, but i got it in the uh, the double digits of like uh 20 somewhere around there, so not too bad and uh cardano tethers. Nobody cares, cardano slipping down, but two dollars and so on and so forth lets see what else is going on avalanche is making big moves, another layer, one solution. We take it like that eight percent for and uh ftx 7.52 other exchange token doing quite well. As long along with the binance coin so thats, what we got for the market lets just jump in todays top story, because i think this ones going to take a little bit of uh of explaining im going to try to make this as simple as possible. Im. Actually going to skip a lot of things because its really up for you, if you want to read this stuff, but this is what it comes down to sunday swap so sunday swap, is the next iteration of a decentralized exchange on cordano.

Now, hopefully they can do it because mem swap min swap whatever it was called. They had a concurrency issue, uh for user output, utxo or the unspent transactions as far as crypto goes, and what sunday swap is trying to do is solve that issue. When that came about and say you know what we looked a lot of things and heres what were doing so. This is what were talking about and again im going to link this in the description you can read the whole thing, its super long, its super long and the things that i highlight im going to skip over a bunch of them because its not something that we Need to know the meat and potatoes is right here, heres the overview. They did a non exhaustive list of the names we have internally uh to the top solutions are, and this is the things that they took a look at of what they thought about doing unit swap clone open, batching, tokenized, escrows, mixed escrows programmable order book. If you want to find all about those theyre all in the very bottom, ultimately, we decided on a solution called government governed scoopers, which is a its a hybrid of an order book and an automatic, automated market maker, automatic market maker and heres the different things that They took a look at down here, the rejected solutions again its a lot, and they explain exactly why they didnt use these solutions because of the different errors and problems theyre going to come run into if they use them now kind of like what memswap did in The very beginning, so they said, were not gon na were gon na, tell you what these are and what people are using and then were gon na talk about why we didnt use them, which they, you know, goes off in detail, and this is really what it Comes down to right here, resolving and its up at the top resolving this issue and the other issue we discussed.

This is the solution that were launching its a hybrid, automated market, making order book so heres what its called a scooper model amm order book like a pure order book in the realm of crypto and and d5 market participants can place good intel cancelled orders onto the Blockchain these dont require interacting with any pre existing entities. They dont suffer from the utxo contention, problems and other protocol designs and then swapping so im going to recall it. Unlike a pure order book, though, the liquidity pool can rely on the orderly and efficient execution of swaps enabled by the automated market maker, and also they can rely on a third party. Aggregator weve been calling these actors scoopers whats a scooper. It builds and submits a transaction which executes many swaps against the ama and in turn, collects a small aida fee. So you can have everything going on at the same time and nothings getting mixed or missed, and nothing is in in line too long and theres too much in queue and theres. A big slowdown theyre trying to solve that whole issue and it looks like they may have done it well, well see. Above all, we want to emphasize that the safety and security. This is the big thing. This is the big thing of your funds is always protected by the global consensus, ledger rules and smart contracts deployed in blockchain. The scoopers can never take the funds in your order, withdraw liquidity or execute an order other than the ones that you specified.

So again, you cant do a rug, pull type of situation here. So how do we ensure that our scoopers are honest because well, first of all, if youre going to be a scooper in this situation, theyre going to incentivize you if you screw up, if you do a thing, thats our that are dishonest theyre going to keep those Rewards ada and theyre going to boot you out of the program and on top of the fact that you couldnt even touch uh the actual crypto thats being swapped in this decks. So the first step is choosing trusted members of the community running cardinals blessed. They got a lot of good people, thus, just as we select stake pools to partner with us for our iso iso or ispo initial stake pool offering initial stake offering. This is where you stake your crypto in this case ada, and instead of paying you an ada at four to six, eight six percent, apy theyre, going to give you the rewards of this token. In this case sunday swap, we will also be selecting stake, pools to run these scoopers. I know your question right now is whens the ico hold on ill. Get to that at launch. The sunday swap will assign a 30 day scooper license to the state pool operators which can be used to construct and aggregate swap from the sunny swap community each time you do this. The aid of transaction fees are locked in a script after the period, and this is what i was talking about after the period they can either boot you or they can keep you around.

If, however, governance decides to be a vote, that one of these scoopers is a bad actor, theyre gone, and i like that part and to finish up as a point of reference, we chose the unit swap v3 protocol to compare against queering ether. Scanford transactions with unit swap v3. They used these from three different days. Those average 26 000 transactions per day are roughly 18 per minute and they said this is what happened so during their testing. Both tests executed market operations as fast as possible and stopped after reaching a thousand operations, we were able to execute all a thousand swaps in eight minutes for an average of a hundred and twenty swaps per minute. This is 107 of the 70 transactions per minute for uniswap. Now, yes, youre going to say to yourself, but i want 10 000 transactions per second and i want a hundred thousand transactions per second. What theyre telling you right here is theyre like look, even though you may want those things. If you take a look at uniswap, even though theres v3, this is the type of transaction bond that we have right now later on. Well, take a look at potentially even even higher output, because, right now there is testing iog increased the memory limits, remembering limits from 10 to 30 million units on alonso. We run the same load test here under these pessimistic conditions, all thousand operations of 43 per minute or 60 percent of the unit swap estimate comparing the computer.

The current block size, thats possible to block, could increase up to a factor of 32 times, meaning that we could reach 1300 to 300 transactions per minute, which is pretty good on a layer one as they transition over to a layer two solution. Finally, the beautiful thing about this protocol is that end users faced zero contention other than times of extreme network congestion. It should be extremely rare for the cueing of an order to fail, and this was the problem with nim swap when they did the whole thing. There was a problem with everything being in queue and there was one order and everybody had to wait for order to get executed and everybody in the back of the line just had to wait just like youre, the dmv, apparently thats not going to happen. So this is what it is, and this comes out of the crux of it: why should you care? Why should you care well, obviously, a dex would be a big thing, a working project and thats going to be great for cardinal holders like myself, and this is whats going to happen so theyre going to start the selection process for the stake pool operators by publishing A google form blah blah. This is what they did. They said. Look if youre a stake, pool operator fill out this form and youre going to be a part of the iso. On top of the iso. The initial stake offering because theyre not going to run the pools the state pool the stakeholders, like d news, is going to run those pools for them.

People are going to delegate there and theyre going to give out the sunday swap and on top of that, theyre also going to be scoopers later on. So the public test that will begin soon then well have an audit and then well launch our mainnet protocol, along with it uh the iso and the iso is coming up within a month or so correct me in the comment section but thats what ive read so Far so this is whats going on, things are moving in the right direction, and this is why i bring it up. First of all, trust is a commodity. You cant buy thats, really what it comes down to. There is a reason you see this thing that spins above my head all the time this dan teaches I made that free for a reason, because not everybody can afford a dollar or 10 or 20 bucks a month for this i made it free, so everybody could learn about crypto, but it also helps out with trust. So if you are in my dnu steak pool or if you find that you know what i like this channel, i like rob seems to be a pretty trustworthy guy. This is where im calling, in my trust, markers they are selecting these different state pool operators, and i want to be one of them me and my team want to be one of them so heres. What im asking for you to do? Go over to sunday swap at sunday swap i want you to if you have a twitter account just tweet out d news for state pool operator for sunday swap thats it or just message him or just uh.

Follow me on news asset and talk about it. That way, also, i want you to go over to again its free, and, if you see over here where it says staking on the very top right hand, corner is login theyre staking click on ada staking. This is what it looks like if youre on a desktop lets see. This is what itll look like there. It goes if youre on mobile, you just click on menu. Staking click on that ada staking its going to take you this web page its going to talk about exactly how you do all the whole staking process. So again i bring this up because id like you to reach out to sunday swap and say you know what wed like d news to be a part of that process, so thats what we have for today. Let me think about that. In the comments section lets move on to our next piece, this will go pretty quickly, the bitcoin top, so this was uh. This was pretty good, two simple lines that worked for 10 years. This is from uh tech. Dev has been quite a lot of uh critical acclaim lately because he does a lot of comparison between 2011, 13, 17 and 21. All the different bull runs that weve had. I know some people will say: why are you comparing these different bull runs? This is totally different. Yes, yes, it is, but theres always some information to be gleaned from the past.

You dont know where youre going unless you know where youve been so. This one was pretty good and he says: look theres two lines that work at work. For the last 10 years and hes talking about the rsi, and when i took a look at this im like its interesting and its just its not to say that this is exactly where its going. But it kind of gives us a clue as to where things could potentially be. So if we take a look at this, he says: look when im looking at the tops. If you look at the bottom here, see where it says, rsi 14 period see where the tops are circled in 2011, it corresponds to the rsi and the rsi. You usually want to say, like the relative strength index, which just kind of determines, if its overbought or its oversold higher it goes, is overbought lower goes oversold once it gets to a point around 90 95 for bitcoin im talking about here. This is what tech dev is talking about. Youre, looking at its usually peaked out over the 14 day, logarithmic chart same thing happened. Right here looks in 2013 again in 2013, 2017, and then also we just had another one uh not too long ago in april 2021, and what hes saying here is hes. Like look in this very top right hand corner this is where were at, and this is where i think we are going, which is right up here.

Where is that? Where could that be well, its not 300, 150 200 somewhere around there, but it just shows you that theres a lot of room to grow as far as the crypto well, its first as far as bitcoin is concerned, and then this also leads me to my next Point because i remember listening to plan b and he talked about the same thing. He goes look in normal markets, the rsi less than 30, or which is oversold and the rsi more than 70 over bot. Uh is usually a pretty good marker, but he says: look for bitcoin if that doesnt really work out – and it says uh rsi can go as high as 95, because bitcoin has a continuous upward trend and then he says hes kind of saying the same type of Thing of what tech dev is saying, then, also if we take a look at the pi cycle top indicator, people have corrected me on this. They said rob this hasnt been been right, four times they looked back in time and they predicted that the the tops correspond to when this 111 day moving average flips over with the 350 day moving average times two, and it happened in 2013. It also happened again in 2013, just like what we talked about with detective. Let me blow this out 2013s again, and then we saw the same thing happen in 2017, it flipped over the 111 day 350 day moving average, and then it came pretty close right here.

In 2019, but it didnt happen and then over here it just happened again, and this was not in retrospect. This predicted it and when this happened around april 21st at 47 000 it flipped over thats when i should have been selling a little bit of bitcoin. But i did not. I forgot to check this chart and now we can see that we took quite a dip and were going back up, but again, weve got quite a lot of room to run for these to hit so look, i still think we got a pretty good bull run, Who knows whats going to go to uh and end december or january february march? I just know that high dollar costs averaging, probably dollar cost average out, but this time ill probably take a little bit more loans on my crypto thats it. For that section. Let me know you think about it in the comments and lets move on, and this is our last couple pieces. I need a researcher and i got so many things going on. I just need someone to do some pretty solid research, mostly for the different projects that are coming in, and they want me to talk about them and also even some daily research. So if you live in puerto rico, thats the big thing if you live in puerto rico, reach out to me because id like to uh to get to hire one person for research ill, be putting out more of the criteria and how you can really uh whittle.

It down to whats whats gon na happen, but i need to have this done: uh relatively within the next month, definitely by the end of the year, so thats, the the second to last thing then. Lastly, ill talk about uh, the metaverse uh, im kind of hoarse. Today, because i did another video which i talked about, my metaverse buys and the lands that i i have purchased on between sandbox and essential land, and i can tell you right now. I know people say that, usually in real estate, we hear location, location locations like the biggest thing, but i found out in this one its not that big of a deal uh, as opposed to in the metaphor, so ill talk about the lands that i purchased. How to purchase them? How to you know things to look for things to avoid and ill release that video soon but thats it for today. So look if you, if you stuck with me to the end thanks a lot. I appreciate it a lot of things going on if you like, the video give it a like give it a thumbs up. Consider subscribing a lot. Things are happening fast and furious, so this is the time to really lock in the information but thats it. So thanks.