A great team reminds me of a winning crypto portfolio short. It may contain several crypto projects, but the backbone of the portfolio is consistent players who will always be around bitcoin ethereum cardano chain link and football. We have these players too theyre the offensive line that will help run the ball as far as they can move it slower than throwing the ball to the wide receiver, but a more reliable way to gain yards in crypto. Its a good idea to stack these key players in a bull market like the one were in now and in a bear market, where we historically see significant price drops. Why? Because, although crypto is volatile, you can trust that these players will always move toward the end zone. It can be tempting to hail mary, our whole allocation to the wide receivers, a low cost altcoin or a micro cap project that offers big risk for big rewards. Although this is a great place for smaller allocations and moon bags, betting, the whole game on the wide receiver is just too risky sure there have been some epic touchdown moments: the minneapolis miracle with stefan diggs or the dogecoin pump back in may. These winds are legendary, but catching windfall like this is unlikely thats. Why, today we dive into the top coins the gain yards for any portfolio in both bull and bear markets. Lets get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest crypto community.

In all the interwebs, my name is ben. Every day on this channel. I show you how to make money in crypto, if you like money in crypto, make sure to hit that subscribe button in this video we break down our picks for long term. Bear market holds first up cryptos one and only quarterback bitcoin, its the unreputed leader, one of the best known crypto assets and the first of its kind. The price movements that impact the rest of the crypto market. Speaking of having an impact take a minute and smash up that, like button its the best thing, you can do to help the channel and stay in the loop on the latest in crypto, but back to bitcoin its always the same crypto strategy to stack, sats or Satoshis, these are, of course, fractions of a bitcoin launched in january 2009 by a person or group under the alien satoshi nakamoto alfini bitcoin is a peer to peer digital currency. According to the white paper, bitcoin was created to allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another. Without going through a financial institution, the biggest value driver with bitcoin is scarcity, there will only ever be 21 million bitcoin and about 80 percent of those are already in circulation. What does the future hold for bitcoin? Well, there are a few price models that have been pretty accurate so far and they give us clues as to where the price might be going.

Plan b stock flow model forecasts one bitcoin being valued at a million dollars in 2025. in july, forbes released an average bitcoin price prediction from a group of crypto analysts and researchers. They had a more bearish outlook for 2025 with a price. Only a few thousand above todays bitcoin price and a lava was 71 000 for 2030. The prediction average takes up to 5.2 million per bitcoin, while we dont know exactly how the price will play out for the next few years. The scarcity of this asset, coupled with its first mover advantage, makes it a winning bet for increasing in value over time in center position. Ethereum center is one of the most challenging positions in the game of football. Is the leader of the offensive line. This player needs to think quickly on their feet with the end goal of being useful in adding value to the play like football center. Ethereum is just as useful a decentralized blockchain system that is home to numerous crypto assets, projects and dapps. It will soon run using smart contracts either. Tokens were first released in 2014 for 31 cents per eth. The blockchain was then launched on july 30th, 2015 under the frontier prototype and had a total of eight co founders, including the best known vitalik buterin, notoriously useful and with more issues than sports illustrated. Ethereum has been praised and flooded into and out of oblivion. Ethereum has weathered many storms with its steadfast development, the vasas network issues head on and creates new use case for ethereum.

Recently ethereum introduced the london hard fork, an upgrade to the network that addressed high transaction bees and burned over one billion dollars worth of ether. Setting the stage for the asset to become deflationary over time. Currently there are around 117 million eath in circulation and the burn rate is climbing higher and higher. Each issuance rate is adjusted by consensus, which the eat developers say, maintains a balance between the amount of each issued and adequate security for the network. Future price predictions for ethereum average about twenty five thousand dollars per each by twenty twenty five, with some analysts, seeing it climbing much higher by then no matter where the price sits, there will always be benefits to stacking way. The tackle cardano proof of stake, blockchain ecosystem – that is, the teams best pass blocker. It has the fundamentals to stand strong against any project that wants to compete with it and its consistent development allows the ecosystem to evolve and become increasingly useful, founded by charles hoskinson in 2017, cardano or ada, named after the mathematician in the worlds. First computer programmer ada lovelace is a proof of stake, blockchain platform with a foundation of peer, reviewed research and development through evidence based methods. Thats. A mouthful cardano recently saw the release of the alonzo upgrade, which allowed the network to support numerous crypto applications, including nfts and smart contracts, alonso allows the network to be programmable founder charles hoskinson, compared the update to when javascript was introduced to web browsers, allowing the internet To move from static web pages to interactive sites like facebook and youtube cardanos roadmap includes even more development to support, updates and improved functionality on the coronado network.

His development takes time and is a notoriously slow burn, rather than release, incomplete updates and fixing them later. The cardano team takes its time to make sure something works before it gets released. This is why cardano is a great project to stack whether were in a bull market like the one were in now or a bear market that we historically see at the end of a bull cycle. The guard chain link critical to the offensive line. The guard needs to be big and strong, but also keep his eye on the situation. The guard is there to support and protect just like chain link. Is there to support blockchain networks by providing information to complete a transaction chain link in its linked token function? Exactly like the name would suggest it links real world data to the blockchain founded in 2017 chain link is a blockchain abstraction layer that enables smart contracts to be connected to outside information. This is achieved through a decentralized oracle network that allows blockchains to gather information from external data feeds and then bring that data back onto the blockchain. The smart contracts are becoming more useful and complex. Oracles are needed to provide the information to execute smart contract agreements. Smart contracts have many real world applications that need external data like insurance policies, weather data, voting results, lending agreements and investing founded by sergey nazarov and steve ellis in 2017. Chain link is one of the first networks that allows integration of blockchain networks with off chain data.

Lean tokens have a max supply of 1 billion about 45 percent of the total supplies are in circulation, price of link at ico is 11 cents, and it is sends 200 x. Link is a utility token that every blockchain needs like the guard is a brute force that allows the team to function and when it functions well, it limits threats to the teams chances of victory. This is another great one to stack during the bull market bear market and beyond, especially as many of the major block chains like ethereum and cardano start moving towards smart contracts. Dont forget to keep your stack safe by storing your best players in a ledger: cold wallet with ledger your hard earned, bitcoin, ethereum, cardano and chain link can be stacked and stored offline for the long term. Check out. Bitboycrypto.Com deals for an exclusive price on the ledger. Hardware wallet and get a good deal on your great gains. It pays to be a member of the bid squad, so dont throw a long pass with your whole stacked, wide receivers in hopes of a whirlwind touchdown. If you stay in crypto long enough, a significant altcoin or micro cap win is bound to happen, but patiently stacking, these solid projects and a cold storage wallet is your portfolios best chance at a super bowl victory thats.