Some of these recently announced in the private discord, but gaming industry and crypto is a very, very new space. Still the overall market cap for play to earn nft games is 24.9 billion dollars. If we put this into perspective, roblox, which is a publicly traded company, currently has a 44 billion dollar market cap. That is just one gaming platform, so one gaming platform, that is a publicly traded stock, has a larger market cap than the entire cryptocurrency nft play to earn um gaming space. So these coins have a lot of potential, definitely think youre going to want to stick around for this, and if you guys enjoy these sort of more laid back videos. Let me know in the comments down below happy to do more of these, and, if you want to see buying sellers, make sure to check out our patreon using the link down below anyways. First thing is going to be with overall gaming market so, like we said overall gaming cryptocurrency market cap is at a 24.9 billion dollar market cap way to go about figuring out new altcoins in the gaming space. Is you just go to coin market cap and they have these categories on the top crypto currencies? D5 nft played earn, you click on play to earn, and it shows you the highest ranked and to lowest ranked nft gaming play to earn cryptocurrencies, and this is very cool, its an easy way to get exposure to.

Maybe coins that you have never seen you could scroll all the way at the bottom see some of the brand new ones that are extremely small. You can look at the top see one of the ones that are a little bit higher way to you know, judge how much risk youre willing to take on, but the couple of things that im looking at right now are first, is that we have seen that Solana recently partnered with um light speed venture an ftx to have a hundred million dollar gaming fund. This is gon na help propel this entire space higher over the next couple of months, and the first coin that i have been looking at personally invested in is going to be sandbox. Sandbox is a crypto that i just recently invested in the one thing that i like about them is that they have a huge following on twitter. They have a lot of users on their platform. Their community is very strong. Discord is very strong, and its price has reflected this because, as of recently, the price for sandbox has absolutely skyrocketed. We can see right now its at a 2.3 billion dollar market cap, so its by no means small anymore, but just in the last couple of days really it has gone from 89 cents per coin, all the way up to two dollars and sixty cents per coin. Still, where theyre currently at has a lot of potential, i like that the game has a very strong community behind it, a lot of users and it actually looks like a very interesting game.

I dont want to invest in any sort of nft game where the game doesnt look attractive to me, like a game that i wouldnt play. If i wouldnt play the game not going to invest in it, i think you should do the same thing. Second coin is going to be: u o s? U, o s is ultra. It is a cryptocurrency that has been making major moves lately as well. It is ranked number 195 in terms of overall um cryptocurrencies out of market cap at about a dollar and five cents per coin over the last couple of weeks done extremely well also, but ultra is the next generation pc game distribution platform powered by the blockchain. So its not just going to be one game, or one thing: this is going to be an entire game distribution platform that is going to be able to distribute multiple games to people. So this is going to be like a hub for gaming in the future. Right now, you could go ahead, download it if you wanted to sites pretty cool as well. This is a new era for gamers entertainment platform, providing a variety of games, industry services under a single roof. So if you like gaming, this is like an overarching umbrella cryptocurrency that can benefit not just from one game succeeding, but multiple in the future. Last coin, that ive been looking at and a lot of people in the private member discord have been talking about, is actually gon na, be with alice alice.

My neighbor alice is a cryptocurrency um symbol is alice, a l i c e ranked number 168 in terms of market cap currently at about a 370 380 million dollar market cap. Interesting thing here is just like the rest of crypto gaming coins right now done extremely well as of recently, but again what sets alice apart first of all, obviously their graphics. The overall game that is important for me looks like a very interactive game for not for really the younger audience much younger than some of these other games we talked about, but the exciting thing here is that their community is over 130 000 people on twitter. They have a very large discord as well, and all of this is helping to build out a community and huge. This is really huge moving forward. So when i look for an nft game, i usually look for how many people are using it. Are there a lot of people in the community if they have a lot of followers on twitter on discord? Yes? Well then, thats first sign second thing i look for is: does the game personally interest me if it does thats good ill, invest? I you know thats another check that i have to have before personally. Investing it third thing is: is gon na be, have they received any sort of big investments who are backing them? Do they have any big partners thats important as well, and if all of those things line up well then ill? Look a little bit more into the coin and maybe make an investment so right now, crypto gaming has a lot of potential.

Like we previously mentioned. The overall market cap for play to earn games is at 24.9 billion dollars. If we look at roblox, which is a publicly traded stock, this one company alone has a 44.8 billion dollar market cap. So if that doesnt show you the potential of nft play to earn games, i dont know what will because right now it is half the size of one gaming company. That doesnt even include all the other games out there from call of duty to um fortnite to all of these pc games. Xbox playstation doesnt include any of these other games. This is just roblox. So if this doesnt show you the massive potential that crypto gaming has, i dont know it will these are coins? You definitely want to be in at least in this space, maybe not the coins im picking, but let me know other nft gaming coins that you have personally looked at. I love to hear about them and ill.