Today we have a video about the central land or mana and were going to talk about the next price targets for the price of this coin, as well as my decentraland or mana price prediction. So nothing basically has happened since yesterday that we um did the last video on this coin. We still trading inside this box that we have anything from 2.90 to 2.70 is a resistance target that we had on mana, because it was previously supported back here. Then it was support and after breaking below it, it was resistance. We see that we broke above it here. If we go to the one hour chart, we see that we close some candles above this level, but right now were retesting it as support okay. So if we can find support inside this area, where we also have the 50 moving average of the two hours chart, um acting as support, but if we go to the four hour start, we see that the 50 moving average we draw below it and it is Acting as some resistance right now, so we got to see what mana does if we end up breaking below this area, that we have right now or going to the upside okay in case that we go to the offside. Your next target for mana to find resistance. Will be anything between three dollars and ten cents and three dollars and twenty cents, which was the previous resistance for mana in here.

It was also resistance in here resistance support when we was trading above it um resistance when we was trading below it. Resistance in here and support back here – okay, so now that were trading below this will be your next resistance area for this coin and after this level, anything from 3.29 to 3.45 cents will be a resistance area. We see that it was resistance back. Here was then resistance in here resistance supporting here resistance back here. Okay, if we can get above this target, then we have this huge resistance area for mana. Anything from 3.85 cents to around five dollars would be resistance for mana. Because look at this, we came up here, found resistance and have a little bit of a correction and, in the last, the last price that we found on mana before having a correction was 4.99. So anything from this area right here to around five dollars, will be your resistance for mana. Maybe we can come up here and start trading inside this area, but this will be a resistance if we can close full candles above five dollars, then your next target for mana and here comes my price prediction, and this will happen if we trade above five dollars. If we break above five dollars um, your first target is going to be eight dollars and 34 cents. The second one is going to be 10 and 87 cents and the third one is going to be 16 for mana.

Okay, now lets talk about what will happen if we go to the downside. The first target that we have a support right now to the downside. Downside will be two dollars and seventy cents, of course, is still in this box. Okay, but if we break below two dollars and seventy cents, your next support target can be anything at around two dollars and fifty nine cents. And after that, your next report will be two dollars and forty cents. Okay – and this level we see was resistance in here – was some supporting here and was a lot of support by right here: okay and the next one that we have at two dollars and forty cents was support, support twice in here and also support back here. Okay and this level is the six one eight of the fibonacci tools, so this can be a great buying zone for mana. Okay. Last time that we came down to the 618, which was um at around here um, i was doing a live stream and i called this coin in the live stream right here, and you could have made that around 30 in use a couple hours guys and we Called it on the live stream, so if you want to pass by my live stream, i am going to be live in around one hour, so you can pass by we. We have been calling a lot of coins and you can also check some coins.

If you want okay, so thats, basically it for mana guys, it is just having a consolidation right now. The only bad part that i see on mana is like the volume look at this volume, guys its looking flat and if we get back to the bowling that we had here man, i would not be that good, okay um, if we can get some volume, like The volume that we had back here it will be very bullish and maybe we can have a continuation even to 16. But as long as we stay like with this volume that we have right now, then i do think that the price um can still go up. Um but its going to be slower, okay, so thats. Basically it guys. Thank you so much for watching the video. If you like, the video please subscribe, leave a like and put in the comments. Any coins that you guys want me to check.