So what are these four cryptocurrencies that were going to talk about make sure to watch all the way to the end, to find out why november 11th right? So one of them has a big big event coming up in november 11th and it could be kind of a buy. The rumor sell the news so thats like very scarce, very important that we talk about that first right, im going to talk about that first and then the other three. We have a situation where theres a world event thats happening thats happening on november 11, so were going to talk about that as well. If youre interested to subscribe to the channel, i really appreciate it. We talk about cryptocurrencies and stocks on this channel. Also, if you do so ring the bell, so you get notifications when a new video drops and dont forget to smash the like button because remember likes are for free. So you see this crypto bubbles website. I have here in the background, is the stocks or cryptocurrencies that we talk about here on the channel? Are they uh going to be here on the list? Well, see well see so the first one that i want to talk about is and, like i said before, theres something thats happening. Uh for this right in the next few days is dot polka dot right. It sounds kind of funny, but polka dot has is a very interesting cryptocurrency, its one of the top cryptocurrencies in the world and theyre going to have a event coming up in the next few days.

Exactly on november 11th, you can see here that the price has run up from 10, all the way to 55 in a very short period of time, from june all the way to august its 10x right. Was it sorry it was it 5xed, it was 10. It moved up to 55 at a whole time, high pulled back a little bit, but today its up 6.73, so whats happening with polka dot, and why is it such important a deal that we get it before november 11th? Well polkadot announced earlier this month that it set november 11th as a day for the upcoming paratrain auction process. This auction process is a key milestone for the blockchain network to gain true, interconnected status in the crypto world. So were not going to go over exactly how this uh oc power chain is going to work right uh. This is like thats for another video. You could do like a 30 minute video just on that and remember that this video is for educational entertainment purposes only, and this is only my opinion, uh and this video is more like to get out those four cryptocurrencies that i think that are its important, that We get before november 11, so were not going to get too into it and its always important that you go and after you watch a video like this, you go do extra due diligence on these four cryptocurrencies that were going to talk about uh because its a Hard earned money and i dont want you losing any money, because you saw on tick tock you saw on twitter, you saw on youtube, somebody that said go and get into that cryptocurrencies you do and then you lose all your hard earned money, especially in cryptocurrency uh Realm theres these a lot of pump and dump schemes that it goes up thousands of percent and then it crashes.

We saw that with the squid games coin just recently, so its very, very important that you do your due diligence. So the auction process is key milestone for the blockchain network to gain true, interconnected status in the crypto world. Essentially, this auction help give developers slots to build their projects on polka dot network. So whats happening is youre having these smaller cryptocurrencies coming in and joining the network, its kind of like an initial coin offering but its its different. They they stake their coin. Basically on the network, and then they can be part of the network, its a little bit more complex like that, but im seeing this as something that in the future could have big potential. But on the short term i think its a buy. The rumor sell the news kind of type of situation and so thats, why its very important to maybe get into this get in for three four five days swing it to the november 11th date right november, 11th. Im just checking out what what day of the week is its thursday so by thursday get in get out fast right, buy the rumor, sell the news, make a nice profit and then see how it reacts after november 11th and then think about maybe getting back in Again, just my tactic here for uh polka, dot, right and so its going to be very interesting to see how it is going to react in the next few days.

Next, one on the list is solana, so solana has had this great great great run. Also in the past few weeks, hitting all time highs great great great momentum, and so what do you need to know about solana before you get into it its up 17 000 on the year, and basically people are saying that its the ethereum competitor, if you dont Know, uh solana has basically the same things that ethereum has but faster and cheaper its like the younger version. The younger and prettier version of ethereum, so ethereum uh, is the most used blockchain network in the world for nfts, for smart contracts and and but it has a lot of issues right. Gas fees, uh its its slow right compared to what solana is giving us. So um, i think that you know solana has um, it has its issues right. It has issues like every single cryptocurrency in the world. Theyre gon na have some issues but um. You know they do have the smart uh contract capabilities and they do have everything that you want for deafy and, for you know, nfts and nfts is getting huge, huge huge if were going to see a movement of uh nfts to solana. I think this could even more bring up its price, so i think this is going to be uh very, very important for solana and uh well see how its going to react in the next few days after hitting all time high.

Here i think the graph looks really really nice here for solana, and this could just be a momentum play right, a momentum play get in before november 11th, and so you ask yourself why november 11th ill tell you in in a second for these other coins. You see here im using the weeble platform if youre interested, i do have an affiliate link in the description down below once you deposit one cent, just one cent youre gon na get two free stocks up to two thousand three hundred dollars with a minimum of eleven Dollars so thats worst case scenario right, but you could be one of those lucky guys that are girls that gets that 200. 300. 2. 300. Uh. Also, once you do a crypto transaction, you can do crypto transactions on weeble, youre, gon na get five free dollars of shiba inu coin, and so theres free stocks and free money, its a limited time, uh promotion so get it before it ends. I really appreciate if you do use my link so why november 11th well uh ill, tell you the the third third one here and then ill uh and then ill uh ill get ill. Tell you the the secret right. Where is it technical difficulty time so shiba? You know i just i just uh, you know mentioned it with the weibo platform. I think that uh shiba inu is the third one on the list and ill tell you why guys uh shiba inu has, you know gone up significantly in the past few weeks.

Its been, you know, crazy uh hype, its become the most popular one, and so its pulled back uh. You know it pulled back from a high. Around 50 percent got back to 30 percent up, and then we had the weekend and on the weekend it kind of consolidated here pull back a little bit. I think that this week, uh leading into november 11th uh theres going to be a big momentum. So why november 11th well november 11th is in china is singles day and around the world. This is a big big event, uh the us, its kind of not known yet like people talk about it, but its not the same thing as it is in asia and europe, and this is a huge huge day, theres huge sales, its like the black friday of China and uh here in israel, where i live its a huge thing right people, you know, dont, go to work and they sit on the computers and buy stuff uh and so its going to be huge, and i think that a lot of people right are going To be buying this week before the the date and after that, theres going to be a little bit drop. Why? Because people are going to spend a lot of money on singles day, especially in asia and europe and theyre not going to have money left over to buy cryptocurrencies. So i think there might be a little bit of a run here might be an opportunity and then theres going to be a little bit of dip.

So, actually, thinking about that saying that maybe uh there will, it will be an opportunity to sell like this, buy the room of selling to sell on november 11th if youre swing trading, if youre, if youre um you know in it for the long run, then a Little bit of a dip here after november 11th wouldnt really hurt you, but i think that november 11th were gon na have a dip again. So maybe that will be another buying opportunity right, get it before november 11th, sell get the dip and then have the dip, and then you know um get in a second time after the dip is finished. We dont know when the dip is going to end, but it could be an opportunity to get again those assets at a cheaper price and so shiba inu has these great catalysts that came out for it in the past few weeks, uh they are listed now in New york um, you know momentum, um, potentially listing on robinhood soon, so theres a lot of things that are happening for shiba inu that i think that are are pluses, and so i think that this is a very, very uh. You know great opportunity to get into shiba inu now lets talk about the last one on the list, and this is a smaller, a smaller one that weve talked about right, its not in the top 20.. This is like more of a risky kind of play, but i i ive gotten more and more into uh uh nft based games and uh crypto currency coins that come from the gaming uh uh realm, and so i really like the axi infinity.

Why? Um? Because its a combination between nfts right nfts, which is huge that are huge in the past a few months, especially in the last two months with the whole uh open c, you know the what are they called the punks right that are huge, huge money and p Thats, bringing people in right, the crypto punks, and so this game here is basically the top game. If you go to the uh top play to earn tokens right its the top game here, its number 23 in the world on cryptocurrencies with a market cap of 10 billion, so its not very very small, 10 billion – is very, very uh. You know nice its more than the central land which had a huge run here when facebook came out and said they were going to the uh metaverse, but uh axe. Infinity is the number one game here, and so, if youre going to get into a game here, this is the one that im choosing now uh and well see in the next week or so, if its going to continue its momentum. If you go – and you see here its also hitting all time highs here at 159, if we go like to to the one year its kind of in a consolidation period, and so after consolidation period, you usually see a breakout. So it will be interesting to see here in in the next few days, if its going to be able to break out of this kind of consolidation period, uh that it that it has been.

Oh sorry, i moved out. Okay, it already break the technical difficulty time it broke out of the consolidation period, thats what i thats what i said in the beginning, that was weird for a second, my brain kind of had a moment, and you can see here its at the 159 area. Almost breaking 160 and having these highs here, so i think its a great opportunity to ride the momentum for a few days and then see what happens right this these are. This is one of the guys that could have these big big jumps here, uh, especially with these games, and i think that these games are going to get hotter and hotter and hotter the game tokens as soon as people understand the the possibility here for gains right. Once you know the at the beginning, theres these small, you know theres huge gains, but not a lot of people know when more and more money starts rolling in you see a certain time that theres another jump in huge gains and then theres a pullback, because when Theres too many people when theres too many you know like uh average joes getting in thats when you maybe wan na, get your money out. So its going to be very interesting to see how this coin is going to be reacting in the next few days, guys dont forget to smash the like button subscribe ring the bell smash the like button check out weeble in the description down below.

Thank you for that. Thank you for watching.