One of which is potter, inu, full disclaimer. I am not invested in any of the cryptocurrencies. I talk about in this video. I do not own any of these micro cap all coins. I simply just think they check off all the boxes of being the next potential shiba inu and serve as good examples to cover in this video, which represent the perfect recipe for a hundred x, mean coin anyways. I did a video the other day on shiba inu and i cant believe im making this video today. But i ran a poll asking everyone. Would you like me to do a video talking about what to look for in meme coins in general potential 100x meme coins and the overwhelming response was yes, so here we go. First thing is what i look for in a meme coin. Is a security or audit report because there are a lot of scams out there. People lose a lot of money by getting into projects that are not approved, that have no audit report. People pour money in they get burned like what we saw with squid coin. Second thing i look for is some sort of use case. A lot of these maybe have a dex, maybe have some sort of nft game, something in that realm. There needs to be some sort of use case, and the third thing is a rapid, growing community, because meme coins in the sole sense of them they need to have a strong growing community, because that is what really makes a meme coin.

A meme coin is all of the people behind it. Second thing is when to get in verse when to sell. So when youre, looking at a meme coin, youre only going to want to buy into meme coins during a bull run if youre not in a bull run, meme coins dont typically perform well. So right now is a perfect time to get into some of these 100x meme coins that were talking about second thing is: is these coins will rise very very quickly? You know, have 50x returns, 100x returns, potentially in the bull run, but theyre also going to fall. The hardest during bear markets, so you got to make sure that you dont hold on to these coins for years and years. These are meant to be fun. Coins get involved now be a part of the project and not put your whole entire life savings into them, which you shouldnt do with any cryptocurrency youre invested in so thats. The basic guide for what to look for when to buy versus when to sell last thing is well how to actually buy these coins. Well, today were going to talk about potter enu, but i want to show you guys how to buy or how to sell a coin like a potential meme point. So what you do is you just go to coin gecko or coin market cap. You search up any coin. You want to look for lets, say potter enu and when you look it up, you see okay.

Well, this coins up 146 percent over the last 24 hours and then what you do is you click on markets on markets? You look, and it says, okay here is where you can buy potter, enu uni swap perfect example happens with every single meme coin. You just go to coin gecko, search up like potter, enu or any meme coin, or dogecoin or floki. You search up any coin. You scroll down hit on markets, and it shows you exactly where you buy, because the key thing with meme coins is that new projects are not always listed on the biggest exchanges, even like shiba inu isnt, even listed on robinhood. It took them forever to get listed on coinbase. It takes a while for these projects to get listed, so you have to know where to go about buying them and its very simple to do so. The project i want to talk about today is going to be potter, enu, because potter inu is checks a lot of the boxes i dont own, any potter. He knew. I just came across the other day on twitter and i thought you know what well lets talk about this in the video, because it does check all of the boxes of being a potential 100x meme coin, and everyone in the discord was asking me about whats. The next potential 100x coin – i was very hesitant to make this video, but everyone wanted to see how to find mean coins in a potential 100x coin.

So first is potter, enu checks. All of the boxes like we said what i look for in a meme point is first thing is a security and audit report and if we look at potter enu, they have this security audit report by techrate, which is an audit company, and it was just recently Done you can see all the details, potter enu, you can see its on the ethereum blockchain and it goes over all of the details of ownership of the coin. If the smart contracts actually work properly. It goes over a number of other details as well, which prove that potter, inu or any cryptocurrency for that matter that youre looking for is a legitimate project, because you dont want to be scammed out of a lot of money. So that is why, with potter enu, i specifically looked for this audit report. Remember this just came across my screen. I was like lets. Do this in the video potter enu, it shows you contract interaction, details. It shows you the top 10 holders. It shows you um how many of the like insiders potentially hold it. Everything is in this report and this is great for any meme coin. It is absolutely essential because it shows that the coins not going anywhere anytime soon, its not going to be a rug pull. This is essential. Second thing like we talked about is some sort of use case and with potter inu. The important thing here is that they are developing their own nft and nft game.

So, like i said, any sort of meme coin needs to have a use case to actually start to grow that community and potter. Enu definitely has that. So if we look at well whats the use case, they have an nft game, called wizpot verse, uh its a wizpot battle game founded on their twitter theyre. Talking about how its going to be releasing very soon and theyre, currently working on it, its a its a battle, nft game, so very exciting, to have some sort of use case, whether its an nft game like a play to earn game, whether its a dex. You need some sort of use case, so it checks off that box as well. Third thing is that does it have a rapidly growing community? Well, yes, this coin just started recently, and it already has almost 10 000 followers on twitter. If you look at the number of holders, it has currently over 2 000 holders, not a lot of people, but remember this is a brand new project and all these meme coins start in the same place. So this is in the audit report. You can see exactly how many holders, how much each holder has its all in the audit report, so it checks off all the boxes for what im potentially looking for in a meme coin. The second thing is well when to get inverse when to sell. For a coin like this, the interesting thing you have to look at is well.

Obviously this is a very high risk. Very high reward investment like a small amount, could make you a millionaire. You could lose your money thats with any meme coin, but with potter enu. The interesting thing that theyre doing is that they are only on phase two of their of their roadmap. They have three different phases and if we look at the different phases well, the first one was like pre launch calls, locking liquidity, which is huge, um renouncing ownership. They did sort of a stealth launch all of that already done, but the big thing now is that were still very early on because they are just starting to do their marketing theyre. Just starting to i saw on twitter. They were giving out thousands of dollars every single day looks like upwards of ten thousand dollars every single day in giveaways. They have this two hundred dollar giveaway for potter enu on november 3rd. They had a couple of other giveaways in their telegram. That shows me. Okay, that look community is growing very rapidly that checks off that box. Of being you know, the rapid growing community so now lets talk about the price, in particular when youre. Looking at a meme coin. All of these coins have ridiculous prices like zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, four, whatever it is. But the key thing here is that the psychology behind that is that many people like to own millions or billions of a certain coin and with potter inu with shiba inu with floki.

You could do that. You could own it so thats. Another thing i look for: can you own millions, because if you cant own millions or billions of the coin, in my opinion, its not going to allow it for its not going to make it grow in the future, because people want to be be able to own Millions or billions of a particular coin, and then lastly, the last thing i want to talk about is this coin in particular, because were just sticking with this example is looking at um volume, 24 hour trading volume for this coin is 306 000. This is not a lot of money, not a lot of money at all, but when you look at it relative to how long its been around how fast people are liking, this post uh, you know favoriting this coin on coin gecko. Well then, it makes you rethink, because just a couple days ago, when i came across this coin, it had like a hundred thousand in 24 hour trading volume. So, seeing that consistent growth and 24 hour trading volume is huge and makes me not only know that the communitys growing, but also proves that this is a meme coin, that checks all of the boxes of being a next potential, 100x meme coin right now, it only Has a market cap about three to four million dollars at one point, when i checked on it, it had a market cap of 10 million dollars, but three to four million dollar market cap.

Meme coin is not a coin where you should put your life savings into, but the key thing here is that if everyone in their community continues to push, this coin continues to talk about it. Well, then that makes it so. This coin could easily 100x being a 300 million dollar altcoin its not that hard, so 100x potential is very legitimate in a case like this last thing i want to talk about is going to be with floki. Many people were talking about floki recently floki inu, and there are a number of videos on it. It has over you know: 30 million dollars in a 24 hour trading volume. This is a much bigger coin, but if someone says this is the next sheep eu, this is gon na 100x, very, very unlikely that this will ever 100x, especially from where it is because it already has a market cap of over a billion dollars. So its almost impossible for a coin like floki enu, 200x, a coin like potter, enu its more possible but again floki inu checks all of the boxes. It has a fast growing community. They currently have over 290 000 um followers on uh holders, 209 000 holders. They have over 160 000 followers on twitter. They have a lot of those aspects of community. They also have an nft game that theyre developing. It checks off all the boxes as well, but the key thing is: if youre looking for 100x memecoin, its going to be very high risk, its going to be very high reward.

You cant forget that, but you cant be looking at the 200 million dollar market cap. All coins you cant be looking at 300, like a billion dollar in market cap meme coin snacking 100x coin. Thats 510 million high high risk, but it definitely could 100x.