Today we have a video about smooth loaf, potion or slp, and were going to talk about the next price targets for the price of this coin, as well as my slp price prediction. So this coin right now is trading at around 0.0768 and the support target that we see in here that we have is at around 0.0759 okay, which is also the 236 of the fibonacci. So anything from 0.0759 to around 0.0750 will be your support target. For this coin, we see that this was previously resistance, support and resistance back here, okay and also support in here when we came down here um. The concerning thing is that we see that we, when we came down here, we found support at around the 200 moving average of the one hour chart, which is the red line, and right now we are um dropping below it. So this is concerning for this coin and we also found huge resistance at around the 50 moving average of the one hours charge so now that were trading below these levels, um it is concerning for this coin, plus the volume is looking flat once again, like the Volume that we had in here – okay – and we dont – have nothing close to this volume that we had um a few days ago, and we see that this can maybe be a pump and dump. This looks like a pump and dump guys to me um, but if youre in this coin, your next target for support will be anything at around 0.

0732. If we end up dropping below the target that we have right now, a support. Okay and in this area, we have found resistance twice in here: resistance and resistance in here resistance and resistance back here and below this level. Your next support target is going to be at around 0.0710, which was a huge resistance in here. Resistance in here supporting heres um resistance in here and resistance back here and as well as in here, okay, so this will be now that were trading above it. Your next support target um now to the upside in case that we can still go up in case that we start going up to the to the upside and re testing some resistance areas. Your first one is going to be first of all, breaking above the 200 moving average of the one hour short and second of all this one. This leveling here looks like a big resistance for this coin and im gon na tell you why 0.0780a and we was a previously support level, and it was then resistance in here was supporting here, but the only part, the other bad part that we have about this Resistance is that we also have the 50 moving average coming close to this area, and we see that the 50 moving average was a huge resistance for this coin. Um, a few days ago, like maybe yesterday, yeah november, the 6th so yesterday and today the um, the 50 moving average of the one hour short, has been a huge resistance, and now it is trading um close to this line that we have in here.

So this will be a very huge resistance area for this coin. Plus we have the 200 moving average im trading close to this area too, which now that were trading below it, it will be a resistance area, but in case that we can break above it. Your next resistance target is going to be anything at around 0.0833 to 0.08′ um, which was the previous resistance resistance and support, and after that we have anything inside this box located between 0.08 87 and 0.0967. Okay, which was the previous support target that we had in here resistance in here, and we also have the 0.5 of the fibonacci tool in here in this area: okay, um. If we, if we drop below the 236, then these targets for slp will get invalidated and right now, as i say, guys, um were still having a consolidation in here, but in the one hour chart is looking, is looking bad, especially because we drop below the 200 Moving average and the volume is flat, okay, so its looking bad. So this coin just looks like a pump and dump okay, so be careful if you are buying this coin. The rsi on the one hour chart is close to the oversold level, which is a it. Can be a good sign, but if we go to the two hours start, we are not even close to the oversold level in the rsi. In the four hour start, we are not, and the daily were not even close to the oversold and were aiming to the downside, okay, so right now, i do think that we can that this will be a pump and dump okay.

This was actually a pump and dump okay, so thats. Basically it guys. Thank you so much for watching the video. If you like it, please subscribe, leave a like and put in the comments. Any coins that you guys want me to check and i will be more than happy to check them out. I also do live streams every day from 8, 30 to 10, 30 p.m. East time, if you want to pass by and check some coins. Thank you.