On this channel, i show you how to make money in crypto, if you like money in crypto, make sure to hit that subscribe. Button coins am i right, thats gon na be a topic of todays. Video were gon na, be looking at the top three altcoins that you need to be looking at. The video is gon na be a little bit different um, because these coins are its not gon na, be what you expect, but what i want to tell you is: all coins are pumping right now: solana, crushing it again buying its coin, like 30, overnight up over 660 dollars gon na be a great example of one of the categories of coins were going to show you to look at today. We are heading towards an altcoin parabolic cycle and by the way somebody asked me at our meetup what parabolic means uh parabolic, if you think of a parabola right, its kind of like a bell curve. It goes up like this and the higher up. It goes. The straighter the line becomes so when you look at a chart – and you see an altcoin that goes like that – that means its going parabolic. It means its um. You know, hitting hyperdrive is a good way to look at it. Uh but weve seen many coins over the last 24 hours absolutely crush it, which, by the way, i am in las vegas im playing in the world series of poker main event today see if i can make it further than one day.

I hope i hope i can, unless i play kind of crazy, which i made uh but anyways well, keep you guys updated on on that on socials and and frank our vlogger is here to vlog all that stuff. Well, have more on that um on the hit network channel, but heres the thing there are three types of altcoins that you really cant afford not to buy during this bull run. So what are these coins well im, not going to be giving you specific coins. Today, i might give you guys some examples as we go along the way, but what i want to do is give you three categories of all coins that you have to look at right now: um, of course, im not a financial advisor. I do have to say that uh everything is only my opinion now here is the thing. Actually i dont think i technically have to say that, but i do because its a habit so so sue me um, but which kind of feeds. The purpose of me saying that so, okay, so here we go the number one coin that you have to look at. Buying are coins that have had momentum, but are stagnant. Now were looking at coins, theyve had massive run ups in the past and then thats subsided. A little bit um and theyre going sideways at the current moment. Let me remind you guys of a coin that was just in this category.

Quite recently that would have been um uh by nance coin. Binance coin was stagnant. It was under, i think it went under 300. It was definitely under 400 for a long time. It was lacking momentum. It had a lot of momentum earlier in this boron, but it had been so stagnant for so long. Weve seen v chain weve seen polygon go through times like this, where it crushes it and then all of a sudden it subsides, and then at that point it seems like its going to go sideways forever coins. I would be looking at here, obviously cardano and xrp. I mean these are the main two coins that have been stagnant, xrp has been moving a little bit recently. Cardano is still kind of struggling to stay above two dollars uh. These are two coins that you have to look at. These have been in long term accumulation zones uh. I have told you guys about cardano that the suppression should be over soon from the institutional manipulators uh with xrp. We know whats going on with that with that case, but theres just two examples: there are others out there for sure uh, but in these projects youre showing over time that these are just normal patterns and cycles that they go through uh. The next coin that you absolutely cannot afford to lose our coins that have continued to have momentum and crush it. This entire bull run uh coins, i would be looking at here – would be um a tara, luna avalanche solana.

I mean solana hit a new all time. High in the last 24 hours um, you think, look at axia infinity is another one. The gains just havent seemed to stop for these coins. I know that we did look at uh a video a while back a while ago, by using the cointellive vortex score. They predicted that you know the the safest coins to invest in according to them were ones that had average gains that were very high for every leg of this bull run. We know tara, luna and avalanche were in that also uh, teller, polygon and um. I dont know i cant remember the fifth one off at the top of my head, but but the point here is is that these are coins that have consistently crushed it. They have not slowed down, they do have small accumulation zones that cause that peaks and valleys um other coins and look im, certainly not telling you to to buy a meme coin. By any stretch of the imagination. We dont really suggest that on this channel um, but when you look at dogecoin, you know that kind of actually fits uh. The first category that absolutely crushed it earlier in the bull run and has been kind of stagnant and then, of course, sheba is one that has shown consistent momentum through this bull run, meme coin or not from a price perspective, it has shown that it has a Large dip, we will not be accumulating any of those two coins, but those are two other coins that fit those two categories: uh, if you will uh so so.

Moving on the third coin that you absolutely cannot afford to miss during this bull run are the hottest coins in different niches and um. These are cyclical this. This one takes a little more research, a little more brain power, trying to figure out how to position yourself with these coins. But i want to use the metaverse as an example, you guys know we started talking heavily about the metaverse uh last week were going to continue well be doing a video per week on the metaverse. Coming up soon were going to try to bring on. Maybe people for interviews were going to talk about on the nft update, show which spoiler will be getting its own channel soon, um, and also we will be uh um, uh new money gang with justin and brian. They will also be talking about metaverse coming up here. Uh were gon na, be covering it heavily. Like i said on on this channel here, uh and i know we may have eventually its own channel where we talk about metaverse stuff. But but the point here is last week: metaverse kind of came out of nowhere when facebook made this announcement. We had actually talked to you about it a few days earlier and then facebook came out and talked about how they were rebranding. The meta and i was like man – this is exactly what weve been saying is coming now, ive told you many times when you look at the metaverse im, looking at better ways to make money than just investing in coins, but look at what happened with the metaverse Coins last week, these things crushed that sandbox went up like 300 percent.

In a week uh you have two other uh. You know decent land, uh blocktopia. That weve said we like both of those coins. There are other metaverse projects out there eververse i mean theres. So many cdr theyre so hard for me to really name here, but that entire category moved at one time. So when you see a coin start spiking higher than anything else figure out what category its in, what niches is an nft project. This is a smart contract project. Is it a gaming project? Is it a staking coin? Um, you know. Is it uh? You know digital currency or privacy coin whatever it is. When you see big moves coming for for a coin start looking at coins that are also in that niche, that could be moving if its based off of something like the facebook to meta news, where all of a sudden people are taking metaverse seriously, try to front Run that find news that can match a pump and then say: can this apply to other coins? In this niche i mean thats how weve absolutely crushed the smart contract uh space, all almost all of our top projects outside of xrp, which you know is smart contracts on the x, rp, ledger and flair network and stuff, like that. But smart contract platforms are almost all of our biggest holdings in binance coin. Those are the only two out of our you know. Out of our top five alt coins, i believe, or top four all coins theyre, not smart contracts, uh platforms.

So we look at categories at a time. Exchange tokens have had a lot of different times where theyve kind of rotated and been the hottest coin uh in their niche. So definitely something to watch out, for i would check out niches and look how you can take advantage of momentum and those niches. So those are three coins you cant afford to lose. You cant afford not to invest in not financial advice. Number one coins that have done well but are stagnant, now, number two coins that have crushed the entire bull run and number three leading coins in different niches. Youll, probably miss the first mover in the niche. You got to find the next ones that are going to move all right guys. That is all i got for today. We are going to be live streaming.