I really appreciate you stopping by my channel today to all my viewers watching my video right now. Can i please ask you guys to smash that like button and hit the red subscribe button, if you havent already, this does help with the channel tremendously and also keeps me motivated on making videos for you guys, but with that being said, lets jump right in todays Content all right guys before i begin, i would like to see the disclaimer anything on this channel should not be taken as financial advice, because i am not a financial advisor cryptocurrencies are super volatile, so please do your own due diligence and research before investing in these Markets looking at the overall crypto market cap today guys we have hit another milestone once again today, the overall crypto market cap, as of november 7th hit 3 trillion dollars. We are up 2.9 in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, btc dominance is currently sitting at 41.4. First off, i would just like to say congrats to the entire crypto community, especially if you have been in the markets over the past five to six years. What a major milestone this really is – and you know cryptocurrency, is definitely here to stay and lets celebrate this achievement together. So i would like to say congratulate to each and every one of you guys and i believe this market is just getting started. Looking at the overall markets, guys, you guys can see in the last one hour, we are seeing some mild red across the board, but overall market is still looking quite bullish.

Momentum is still there and you know i believe this momentum is going to continue uh within this q4 and boy has this q4 lived up to the hype, but today guys i want to talk about none other than one coin, and that is a v chain. All right, my v chain family – if we are looking at the v chain price for right now, you guys can see. We are down 3.9 in the last 24 hours in usd comparative were also down 8.2 percent in bitcoin comparative over the last 24 hours market cap. Right now is still above the 10 billion dollar mark, but the 24 hour trading volume has pulled down a little bit and were currently sitting at 571.7 million dollars. The rank is still holding very strong at this top 22 spot on coin market cap and on coin, get go if you are a v chain holder guys, please guys you guys want to watch this video till the absolute end. Im sure you guys will take away something important from this video you know, but if we are zooming out and looking at the bigger picture, guys in just the last year alone, lets not forget. V chain is up thirteen hundred and ninety percent uh. So you know lets not forget that when we are looking at the prices of each but now lets get right into the exciting part, the price whats going on – and i want to make some comments for you guys.

So you know lets get right into it. Right off the bat you guys can see, we are seeing v chain trading at 15.4 cents right now, and one thing to point out, for you guys is that we are once again below this level of support uh that im sorry not now its playing as a Level of support, but we are below it right now, which was a major level of resistance that i was talking about for quite a while. We were able to push above it. We saw some price levels that we did not see since uh. This initial uh price um, you know, correction, where we saw consolidation pace for over two two to three months. That happened after china flood along with elon fund. You know where he came out and said: tesla will no longer be accepting bitcoin, which really did uh shake the markets um in earlier may, but one thing that you know its really disappointing. Once again is you know, ive been hearing comments left and right, crypto zx. You know price has pushed above this level of resistance, but nothing is happening, but nothing is happening, but nothing is happening again guys. This is cryptozx channel over here im not going to be coming here to you guys and spreading. You know false hope telling you guys. The moon is tomorrow, absolutely not, we look at you, know the short term uh price percent. We look at all the uh, you know case scenarios, and you know we come up with the most likelihood occurrence of you know what possibly is going to happen, and i was talking about this range for quite a while, and you guys know we smash past it.

But we do need to keep some. You know factors into mind. Uh. One thing is that you know this market runs right off. Bitcoin bitcoin is the king of the markets and when bitcoin starts having moves, especially, you know a parabolic type of moves. Where its you know, seeing all time highs occurring that can really cause all coins to lag behind. I know there is a lot of made of metaverse along with you know, the dogecoin and all these meme coins that are going crazy and you know we are left in the dust people think you know v chain is uh, not mooning whats going on. We should be um, you know, flying through the roof, but again guys. Every coin has its. You know time. Every coin will have its time, especially guys, especially the ones with the real use case. What vechain is developing is you know crazy, its absolutely crazy, and you know the masses are going to find out once again just couple days back. I have mentioned this before to you guys we were seeing reaching trending on twitter and you guys would be surprised as to how many people have their eyes on v chain and when the time really does come in guys and the time in my opinion is already Here we just need to have patience guys. Patience is very much needed. If you cant have patience, then im sorry to say to you guys, then you cannot win in this market right now.

One thing to keep in mind in mind is that its not only v chain that has seen a small retracement occur its the entire altcoin market right now, because we are seeing bitcoin making a rebound once again and going towards all time highs, which i even mentioned In my previous video just yesterday, you guys can go feel free to go. Look at that because bitcoin has created a very, very nice support above the 60k mark, and that itself is a very bullish indicator and you know around this level. This is all time high territory for the price of bitcoin, and now, if we are bringing out the measuring tool, bitcoin is literally guys three percent away from all time, high 3.1 away from all time high and when things really start rolling. When the momentum and the heat is there for bitcoin, you know this really is going to impact all coins in the immediate short term and look at whats happening with the btc dominance index guys we are seeing btc dominance pick up once again, and i could see This number go even higher, which could cause all coins to trade sideways or even bleed for the immediate short term, because money does tend to flow more into bitcoin rather than altcoins, especially when bitcoin is on a rise uh, especially when its hitting all time highs. But this does not mean guys v chain is you know a crappy coin has uh, you know its, not mooning or its not doing this its not doing that.

Obviously, we all want instant gains. We all want to see us moon driving lambos, but thats, not how it works. Guys lets not forget. Please lets not forget, you know just from september 30th, just for september 30th, which is literally just a month ago, month and month and a couple days ago. Since then, v chin has come up about ninety point: six percent. Ninety point: six percent, obviously its not a thousand x hundred x but again its up. Ninety point: six percent, so we tend to forget these kind of moves guys so lets not forget that have patience projects like vechain um, you know with real use case. Real utility. Strong fundamentals are the projects that are here to stay and will shape the entire cryptocurrency space market. You know in the upcoming future, and projects like vechain are bringing the mass adoption to the space that i have been talking about for quite a while and vechain has been making strides. You know under the radar and this project you know, gets me very, very bullish. Im a strong believer in it and i do see the future to be very, very bright, but in order for you to um, you know see we change succeed, especially price wise. The you know, reaching time is definitely going to come. I do see you hitting all time highs this year alone, but again long term perspective, guys you need to have patience when it comes down to cryptocurrencies um.

You know you will not make it overnight, im, sorry to say um. If you guys are you know in it, for the you know, if you guys are in the markets for a long time, you guys know exactly what im talking about, but i know theres new money coming into the markets and you know we want to see instant Gains right off the bat but again im, sorry to say: thats, not how it works, uh, but um. You know a couple months down the road i you know. I know for a fact myself im not sure about anyone else, but i know for myself. I will be wishing that i bought v chain around these price levels were back into this point: 50 fibonacci retracement level. Once you get into this 38.2, then you know things will really start rolling up very very fast, but things are looking very, very nice. The support is playing out right now for the price of v chain uh, but we do need to keep very, very close eyes on bitcoin, because if bitcoin starts hitting all time highs, then we could expect guys for us to see more downward momentum. For the immediate short term uh, that might be a good time for you to dollar cost average and if you did not want to pick up some at 16 cents, but again this is just my own personal opinion. Only time is going to tell let me know in the comment section below what are you guys doing? Where could you see vision price go at the end of this year? I would love to know your thoughts down below.

Please guys. If i can ask you guys to do me, one favor, and that is like comment and subscribe thats all i ask for and i will continue bringing you guys these updates. I know a lot of you guys enjoyed especially my day, one supporters. I love you all and your support does not go unnoticed. Stay safe out there, safety, health and family comes first and everything else absolutely comes later.